Thursday, August 27, 2015

Kevin Vickers - the Mountie and the Head Shot

Kevin Vickers - R.C.M.P. career officer

Ambassador Kevin Michael Vickers is receiving visitors in Dublin.  This week it was the dubious duo from CTV - Craig Oliver and Lloyd Robertson - checking out the lush back pasture Mr. Vickers is grazing.   Vickers' wall is covered with plastic plaques, Maritime universities now invite him to give inspirational speeches, and many feckless Canadians even call him a "hero".   (He's the Mountie who performed the coup-de-grace on that well-riddled mental defective on Parliament Hill.)  You can check out the list of his honours and ribbon bars here, but I think Mr. Vickers is richly deserving of at least one more distinction - the Flying Fickle Finger of Fate.  This was a trophy first awarded to the U.S. Congress for failing to pass much needed Gun Control Legislation -   That golden moment, a clip from Rowan and Martin's Laugh-in,  is on Youtube  - FICKLE FINGER OF FATE.

By now you may not even remember Michael Zehaf-Bibeau.  He was an angry Canadian drifter who used to "crash" at night in a mosque just a few blocks from my home. It was an anger fuelled by his twisted perception of an alleged Muslim cultural marginalization.  His story can be instructive, if told with calm and a pinch of honesty. But we don't get that much these days. Here is why I'm tossing in my two cents:

There were two men shot to death in Ottawa on October 22, 2014.  One death was a tragedy, and the other death a complete farce.  We were all outraged when an unarmed Canadian soldier was shot in the back at the National War Memorial.  But Canadians should have been apoplectic with outrage by the ensuing events.  Video surveillance, and bystander cell-video documented the breakneck dash by car to Parliament Hill, where the murderer...  a totally untrained man, penetrated the RCMP defensive perimeter - and then (armed with an antique saddle gun) burst past the House of Commons Security Detail... and came within killing distance of our National Leader.  

But there was no outrage at all - not on the Hill, nor anywhere across this "Fair Land". We were fed a shovel full of murky disinformation and then witnessed "Sergeant at Arms" Vickers (who was just one of six trained men who threw lead at Zehaf-Bibeau) - anointed a national "Hero" for doing the job he was very well paid to perform these past 30 years. More odious still, he was elevated to an ambassadorship!  This to provide a smokescreen for the fact that Parliament Hill Security was a slack-ass joke, and in fact so bad that the government had just quietly disbanded the whole outfit. And what about those bozos in the LPC and NDP... they who want to govern this country?  Did they demand an inquiry into how and why Parliament Hill has been successfully penetrated, again and again? No. 

There is a very lengthy and detailed wiki page on the shooting incident, if you have time to read it.

The Winchester Model 94  rifle (M1894),  was popularly known as a
"saddle gun" because cowboys and ranchers carried it in a leather scabbard.

Almost a year later, the RCMP have not discovered where the shooter acquired the antique rifle. (An "antique" is any artifact over 100 years old.)  The official report does not say how the fore-stock came to be shattered.  There were 56 spent 9mm cartridge casings collected from the scene, and we should trust that nobody pocketed any casings.  The target was hit 31 times, with 8 pistol slugs remaining lodged in his body.  These gory details may impress the casual reader, but the report neglects to offer us a tally of bullet strikes - on walls, pillars and the floor around and underneath the deceased. There is no doubt in my mind that such evidence was collected. But in whose interest is it to bury that evidence?

Constable Samearn Son - wounded by .30-30 round

There is no Wiki-page for Constable Samearn Son.  The Laotion-Canadian
had ten years of service on the Hill on the day that Mr.  Zehaf-Bibeau
burst through the entrance doors.  Son grabbed at the Winchester rifle and
alerted his colleagues: "Gun, gun, gun!"  He took a .30-30 bullet in the
foot.  I don't know if he was awarded a medal, but he did receive a round
of applause from M.P.s  in the Federal Parliament on December 14, 2014.

Coup de Grace
At the time of the shooting inside the Center Block on Parliament, both sides were lacking crucial information.  Hill Security did not know that a serious shooting incident was underway at the National War Memorial, and the shooter himself was equally confused.  He was now INSIDE, but he didn't know the layout of the building.  All that was left to him was death.  It has always been alleged that  Chief Superintendent Vickers fired the fatal shot that finished off the intruder, but the official report makes no such claim.  What it does say, under "Fatal Wounds" : "The penetrating wound to the back of the neck that perforated the brain would have been immediately incapacitating and rapidly fatal." Media accounts make the claim that Vickers, using a stone pillar as a barrier, stretched around and fired two shots upward into his target.   Kevin Vickers collected all the rewards and public acclaim for making the kill shot.  The fatal shot was to the back of the head.   Two men were fatally shot in the back on that black day. One unlawfully, and the other quite lawfully.

Official Report - Investigation Into the Death of Michael Zehaf-Bibeau

Mr. Vickers has now had plenty of time to sort out his thoughts.  I would like to see him make a definitive statement under oath, and stick to it.  The most ridiculous of his statements that I have read is an extract from a speech he gave in May of 2015, when his birthplace honoured him with a dinner.  "I was on one side of the wall and the gunman was on the other side of the wall  and I remember thinking, and this is the truth, about being with my friend from Eel Ground Hubert Barnaby, hiding on the bank of the river as the [game] warden was coming and his feet were so close to us we could almost reach out and touch them." ???   No,  I'm not naive. I know that Vickers' claim, "This is the truth" is a sure tip off that he was bullshitting.  The legal issue at stake here, is that Vickers has never been required to swear to what actually transpired.  The Wikipedia page reports that Vickers told members of the federal cabinet, "I put him down." 

Notice how quickly the Tories whisked him out of town?  Notice how fast they threw the Canadian public a hero-bone to chew on?  Arf Arf!  The irony of course is that many, many more Canadians will hate me for pricking their hero-balloon, than would ever turn on those who constantly manipulate their feelings and make a habit of deceiving them.  

Kevin Vickers = Poster Boy for the Salvation Army
This is nothing short of obnoxious: Kevin Vickers chosen Poster Boy
for the Salvation Army ?!  For shooting a man in the back of the head?
Michael Zihaf-Bibeau (though a criminal)  was exactly the
type of troubled misfit, (a drifter with probable mental deficits) who
was living in an Ottawa homeless shelter at the time he snapped. 
The very profile of indigents that the Sally Ann has a history of helping.  
How confused was Zehaf-Bibeau's mind?
After spewing hate in a recorded video, he ended with "Thank you."
Vickers was not in ceremonial Sarge-At-Arms getup, when he joined 
in pursuit of the suspect,  with his service pistol drawn. 

PTSD -  Pass it Around
If we are to believe news report, virtually ever Canadian soldier who served in Afghanistan is suffering, or will eventually suffer, from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.  If we add to their ranks the hundreds of mounties and municipal cops who volunteered as Afghan police trainers, (to goose their pension portfolios?), and who will also be claiming PTSD, then appreciative Canadian taxpayers are saddled with a billion dollar problem over the next 50-60 years.  Call it a  - Post-Taxation Stress Disorder.

Now we learn that a band of brothers have "Declared War" on the Harper Tories this election season - all in the name of getting "veterans" the treatment and compensation they deserve.  The subject of "Veteran's Rights" is just as frightening to the average Canadian politician as an honest chat about abortion, religion, worker productivity - or anything else that gets folks on their feet punching and screaming.  It's never a fair fight.  So just pay up Stevie. It's only money.

The alternative to letting men with mental health issues go untreated or ignored, is to risk having a trained man storm Parliament.  A man well-armed and experienced in battle tactics and simple countermeasures. And did I mention, ANGRY.   Don't say it can't happen, because it certainly will happen. If not in Ottawa, in one of the provincial legislatures, which are also equipped for live television broadcast.  I'm old enough to remember Corporal Lortie, the disturbed serviceman  from C.F.S. Carp, (Ottawa) who murdered three people when he stormed the Quebec Legislature back in 1984.  If there is another Lortie lurking out there, the boys-in-black-balaclavas will certainly be in for some traumatic stress. Our world gets nuttier by the minute.

Major Jalbert vs. Corporal Lortie -  May 8, 1984

Corporal Lortie - Quebec Legislature 1984

It is interesting to recall that earlier, and far more interesting assault on a Canadian legislative chamber, because heroism doesn't have to trigger a deceitful response from government.  Major Jalbert was a veteran of WW2 and Korea.  He was a modest man possessed of an iron nerve.  He could hear Cpl. Lortie ranting and firing indiscriminately inside the chamber of government, yet he stepped inside (unarmed) and faced the gunman.  Even as Lortie continued to fire rounds  3-4 feet in front of his chest, Jalbert stood his ground.  After four hours of reasoning and pleading with him, the deranged soldier surrendered.

Major Jalbert was a awarded a medal, and he had a street named after him.

Lortie fires his submachinegun in Quebec Legislature - May 8, 1984

Mr. Vickers was coasting toward retirement when fate chose to cast him for a National television broadcast.  Television networks cut into their scheduled broadcasts to give the Ottawa incident saturation coverage. It went on for the better part of the week, when the show was moved inside the House of Commons, so that Canadian M.P.s could share the spotlight.  A Big Show requires a kick-ass finish.  Hello Mr. Ambassador!


Because the "Official Opposition" was out to lunch.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Everybody was a liar in Garland, Texas - but mostly the Law Enforcement Agencies

Garland, Texas - SWAT shootout with two wanna-be jihadis. Just another sickening story of American gun violence triggering a cascade of lying by Police, FBI and ATF officials.  

Gunman at Garland - New York Times headline

The first words I read on the Garland, Texas shooting were from the New York Times, picked up by the Google News aggregator. The N.Y.T. headline was "Police in Texas Kill Gunman at Exhibit Defying Islam".  As we all know, the "defiance" of Islam's militancy is a modern blood sport that takes great courage to play.   I never forget what film maker Theo Van Gogh got for "defying Islam". He was gutted and had his throat cut, on a public street in Amsterdam.  I decided to follow the Garland incident on the Net:

Garland Texas SWAT meets Muhammad

Dateline: Garland Texas, May 3, 2015 -   American and Dutch Free Speech advocates held a cartoon drawing contest, to make a point about FREE SPEECH.  A $10,000 prize was awarded for the best cartoon to caricature Muhammad (aka "the prophet"..."the messenger"..."the blessed and merciful"  yadda yadda).  The local Police expected trouble and established a security perimeter,  comprised of both uniformed cops and off-duty officers hired out for security. They were not going to allow a CHARLIE HEBDO type massacre on their watch. No sir!

On a death-defying mission from Muhammad, two lunatics drove into the kill zone, and opened fire on the exhibition building.  They were dead in seconds.  Minutes later, heavily armed Garland SWAT team members took to the stage, and informed the audience that there had been an incident outside. They also posed with the winning Muhammad cartoons.  The American media is obsessed with Baltimore at the moment, so the Garland shootout got short shrift. Given the firepower deployed at the cartoon Expo, it's clear that the Juhadis went into action blind. No recon at all. Did I hear somebody say,  "Don't mess with Texas!"    The SWAT officer (above) staring down the Muhammad snakehead painting is the craziest photo I saw all weekend.  I just had to share.

Event Poster - Muhammad Cartoon Contest - Garland, Texas
This is the poster advertising the cartoon contest at Garland, Texas.
It references the JYLLANDS POSTEN Muhammad cartoons Furor,
the CHARLIE HEBDO  massacre in Paris, and Muslim child brides. 

Twitter posting from Terrorist in Garland, Texas
Getting some revenge for U.S. Drone Strikes and the killing of U.S. citizen
Anwar Al-Alwaki.  If you don't know who he WAS, watch the documentary
DIRTY WARS on Netflix. The Muhammad Art Expo was just a convenient place 
for a slaughter.  Fortunately nobody got slaughtered except the Jihadists.

Mocking Muslim No. 1

Winning Muhammad cartoon, Garland, Texas
Winner of the People's Choice Award, and the $10,000 prize:
Comic Book artist and fellow blogger,  Bosch Fawstin.
It really is ludicrous that techno-Muslims, those who Twitter
and Youtube their hate and butchery, are so obsessed with
this nonsense of banning any depiction of Muslim No. 1.

The Morning After:
And how will the Media report  the crazy attempt to murder people at a FREE SPEECH event?  Badly. Here is another photo - from the webpage of THE DAILY MAIL, London.  What a crude insult to citizens who still turn to daily newspapers for information. I'm insulted, and so should you be.

Censored photo of Garland Texas SWAT officers
THE DAILY MAIL crudely censored a photo taken at the site of the
May 3, 2015 attack in Garland, Texas.  

We live in a culture where most people are taking their information and political messages visually.  That is why I.S.I.S. militants do not issue manifestos, they publish videos.  And that is why newspapers are filled with colour photos these days.  Readers have turned into lookers.  Publishing a mutilated news photo like the DAILY MAIL has done this morning, is  the equivalent to using the silly phrase "the N-Word" or "the F-Word" in your conversation.  In seeking not to offend the self-righteous, we betray whatever integrity we think we possess.

Geert Wilders, Dutch M.P. posing with Garland, Texas SWAT Team
The Garland, Texas SWAT Team posed with
visiting Dutch M.P. Geert Wilders, May 3, 2015.

Early morning reports tell us that security for the Muhammad Cartoon Expo was months in preparation. The event co-ordinators paid $10,000 to the City of Garland for extra police protection.  They got the entire Garland, Texas SWAT Team, and before the event got underway, the keynote speaker (Geert Wilders, Dutch M.P.) posed with the SWAT Team.  This is a scrape from A.F.P. - Agence France Press which says Wilders released the photo to them.   The irony is that these SWAT dudes, dressed for war, didn't get the kills.  An off duty Texas cop faced off with the two gunmen, and shot them dead with his pistol.  They were armed with assault rifles.


"They crossed the line" is usually just a metaphorical expression.
But in Garland, Texas the Jihadis literally tried to cross the line.
The entire venue was demarcated with yellow police tape, and the entrance
to the building was closed off with barriers. Even with assault rifles
there was no way in hell the TWO HOMEGROWN JIHADIS were getting inside. 

UPDATE:  As of noon May 7th, no photos have been released of the weapons used by the Juihadis in Garland Texas. They have their reasons.  But at least one fully loaded magazine is visible in a crime-scene photo. The officer is holding a South Korean manufactured KCI 100-round  dual-drum mag. Note that it is fully charged with .223 rounds.  Elton Simpson had enough ammunition in that one magazine to kill everyone in the audience at the Garland Free Speech event ...without reloading.  He was planning a massacre of colossal proportions,  but instead he stepped into a buzz saw.  No doubt there are a few Jihadi whackos in the U.S. who are smart enough to learn from Simpson's stupidity.  The next target will be oh, so very soft.

Garland Texas Shooting - 100 round drum for assault rifle

And for a YOUTUBE test firing of the ultra-high capacity  KCI dual-drum magazine, jump to  BANG.

KCI 100-round dual drum magazine, Garland, Texas crime scene

Such things are illegal in Canada. And for good reason. We don't want our home-grown Jihadis being able to put the implements of murder on their credit cards.

FINAL UPDATE :   The story just gets too obnoxious.  The police stuck to the "off duty traffic cop" lie for days. Then the coroner's report was released.  The bodies of the two toasted jihadis had been riddled by several pistols and at least three separate Colt M4 assault rifles ... just like those carried by all Garland Texas SWAT team members.

What happened to the story about a Cartoon contest?  Two dead Jihadis?  Garland morphed into yet another example of lying law enforcement flaks and third-rate media coverage.  

Friday, February 6, 2015

I.S.I.S. Snuff Films - that "GITMO-Orange" metaphor goes over many heads

Jihadi John - I.S.I.S. video star
Jihadi John - the I.S.I.S. video star of 2014

Week-by-week the fanatics who call themselves the "Islamic State" struggle with the same problem facing Hollywood celebrities, Rock bands, and politicians of every stripe.  How do we hold our audience?  With I.S.I.S. it's all about brutality and sadistic forms of execution. To listen to CNN meat puppets talking about the "slick production values" used in I.S.I.S. videos, is to realize that they are acknowledging a competitor for American  'eyes and ears'.... because 'hearts and minds' are completely out of the question.

I.S.I.S.  - the so-called "Jihadeos"

Recently though, I was startled to learn that Canadians don't "get" many of the metaphors common to political theatre as practiced by Muslim militants.  They certainly don't understand the orange-jumpsuit metaphor which is common to all I.S.I.S. snuff videos directed toward a Western audience.  Following the recent murder of the two Japanese captives I asked several students their best guess why the videos were always staged the same way.  Not a clue! Then I moved on to adults. Nobody knew!   That's very, very odd because evidence suggests that millions of news viewers in the U.S. and Europe are savvy to "Gitmo-orange", but why not Canadians?

In short, the I.S.I.S. executioners are reminding us all of the Muslims imprisoned and indoctrinated at the American military base on Cuba.  The whole sordid freak-show of the United States handling high risk enemy militants -  with offshore military prisons, C.I.A. torture centers, rendition flights, etc., gets thrown back into American faces when I.S.I.S. puts its own prisoners on display and administers its own own sadistic and perverted form of "justice". 

Muslim detainees 2002 - Camp X-Ray, Guantanamo Bay

It's January 11, 2002 - and the first twenty "detainees" arrive at Camp X-Ray in the American Zone on Cuba.  The prisoners, shackled and wearing orange jumpsuits, kneel with their heads bowed during "in-processing".   [U.S. D.O.D. handout photo - click to enlarge]  Twelve years later I.S.I.S. would storm out of Syria into Iraq and carve out a sinuous territory they call the "Islamic State"  The Black banner and kneeling prisoners garbed in "Gitmo-orange" was evidence of a new form of militant threat and the Americans took several months to recover from the shock.

Protestors in England wear distinctive GITMO orange

All over Europe and in many American cities, the display of political prisoners in orange jumpsuits, bound and often hooded, became the new shock-metaphor for those publicly rejecting American foreign policy, U.S. global surveillance, and Washington's continued illegal occupation of a corner of Cuba.

Mass beheadings of Syrian Soldiers by ISIS
Click on photos if you need enlargement.

The Islamic State has captured thousands of Syrian soldiers and officers. Most have been executed by rifle fire, but a number have been beheaded on camera. None were garbed in "Gitmo-orange".  The colour orange is reserved for "high value detainees", a term invented by the Americans and now whole-heartedly adopted by I.S.I.S.  The use of video is common to both sides.  For example, the Americans have given hundreds of T.O.W. missile launchers to an A.B.C. of crackpot Syrian guerrilla groups.  The stipulation is that every missile launch MUST be videotaped.  Not for publication on YOUTUBE (although many TOW shots have appeared) but because the Americans want to count every missile firing. After Syrian President Assad is dragged out and killed like Gaddafi, the U.S. will probably bomb the guerrilla arms depots, in attempt to destroy the borrowed launchers and unexpended missiles.  Likewise every American assassination by Predator drone is video recorded, and I would suggest that atomizing a Toyota sedan and its passengers with a Hellfire missile is no less cowardly that taking the head of a bound captive.

CLOSE GUANTANAMO BAY, an Amnesty International poster

I close with this Amnesty International poster (above) which is simple yet eloquent.  I think you would agree that it is clever and definitely ironic.   Three symbols - the dove of peace, the Amnesty International motif of barbed wire, and the bright orange of Guantanamo, combined into one.  What I find especially ironic is that those first photographs taken of the kneeling terrorists at Camp X-Ray were not the work of some intrepid journalist using a long lens. They were taken by a U.S. Navy petty officer and released to the media by the D.O.D.   Fast forward to 2015.   I.S.I.S. captives are now posed on their knees as  Muslim "detainees" were posed on their knees in 2002.  Both sides kill, and kill often, but I.S.I.S.  is much more clever at satisfying the worldwide thirst for menacing images and vicarious thrills.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

I.S.I.S. takes Japanese Head Trophies - when will it be a Canadian's turn?

Kenji Goto displays the photo of beheaded ISIS hostage Haruna Yukawa

Japanese hostage Kenji Goto displays photo of fellow prisoner Haruna Yukawa,
who was beheaded by an I.S.I.S. guerrilla on January 25, 2015.  The latest
instalment of Islamic vengeance killings designed to weaken our resolve.

Or, if you prefer,  the tremulous media version... pixilated:

pixilated  I.S.I.S. Japanese hostages - Yukaw3a and Goto

It's really rather amazing how quickly the iconic image of 
kneeling I.S.I.S. hostages has burned into our subconscious.
It's been less than a year, and we easily recognize the black and
bright-orange hostage photos  pixilated AND miniaturized:

Yukawa Haruna - Japan's wannabe mercenary

There have been very few Japanese mercenaries in the modern era. I can think of perhaps two who made a name for themselves.  Yukawa Haruna was not made of the "right stuff".  Like millions of his fellow Japanese, he enjoyed dressing up in costumes and posing for the camera, but he was not a killer. He should not have journeyed into the most dangerous war zone in the world unless he was very prepared to die. Now he is dead, and Kenji Goto may soon join him.

Yukawa Haruna - tank boy, a childhood pose in front of Japanese tank

Yukawa Haruna - as tank boy. Nobody could fault the lad, or his dad, for this playful childhood pose. We've all done it with our kids.  Here he stands in front of a Japanese Self-Defence Force  M.B.T. 

Yukawa Haruna - posing in tactical gear - Japan
Just cosplay, or was he serious?  Yukawa Haruna poses in
tactical gear, somewhere in Japan, before leaving for Syria.

One is struck by the feminine appearance of the Yukawa face in the passport photo, (above)  in comparison to the matured face of the I.S.I.S. hostage.  I guess certain knowledge of your impending death by decapitation will do that to a fellow.

Yukawa Haruna posing with RPG launcher, Aleppo, Syria 2014

Professional mercenaries do not Blog from the battlefield.  Yukawa Haruna posed for and posted war-zone portraits constantly to the Internet, and he had a small fan following among members of Japan's para-military sub-culture.  It is quite obvious why I.S.I.S. chose to execute him first.   On his quirky FACEBOOK page he listed among his favorite music - Justin Bieber ! Another sure indication, as we Canadians might phrase it...   that Yukawa "wasn't all there!" 

It's interesting that I.S.I.S. executioners have now beheaded two Japanese, with a third condemned man soon to die.  This ferocious head trophy fetish was the big atrocity story of 2014, and may not burn itself out for a few years.  My generation was raised on history which emphasized Bushido and Japanese war crimes of civilian massacres and the beheading of Allied prisoners.  And now Japanese society is said to be severely shaken by recent events. Are they really?

For my earlier introduction to the history of head trophies, jump to BLACK JUNE - ISIS "Selfies" of head trophies shouldn't surprise anyone.

An Australian P.O.W. shown the instant before he was beheaded
by a Japanese with a sword. Thousands of civilians were so murdered.

I can't help speculating on how well the Canadian people will take it should I.S.I.S. get ahold of one of our CF18 pilots,  or one of our Special Forces soldiers who are currently "painting" targets with lasers in assistance of the bombing campaign.  I don't think our people can stomach that level of bestiality directed at one of our own, but they may have to. Worse, I already shudder at the paroxysms of  faux-suffering and genuine political theatrics that will ensue. 

CANSOFCOM - Canadian elite soldier deployed to Iraq

In 2014 CANSOFCOM deployed to Iraq and un-named countries in that region.  This is one of Canada's elite warriors -  who are authorized to engage I.S.I.S. and exterminate as many possible.  This past week our Prime Minister altered an unimportant speech to include a few words about Canadian operations in Iraq and Syria.  I quote Mr. Harper:
"Let me be clear. This is a robust mission. We're there to make those guys [Special Forces] effective so they can take on the Islamic State and deal with them. And if those guys fire at us, we're going to fire back and we're going to kill them, just like our guys did, and we're very proud of what they're doing in Iraq."
To my knowledge, that is the first time a Canadian prime minister has uttered the words "we're going to kill them" or anything even close to that phrase. I am proud of him for showing some balls at the appropriate moment. I haven't voted Tory in decades but with that genuine response to ISIS terror he just earned my vote, and a donation at election time.

Feb. 2, 2015 Update - And now the Japanese Prime MInister shows us he too has a pair of testicles.  Kenji Goto was beheaded on the weekend, and the Japanese are naturally feeling outrage and even a little vengeful.  Haruna Yakuna was an adventurer who needlessly exposed himself to I.S.I.S. killers, but the Kenji Goto was a harmless reporter of the news, with no connection to the Western intelligence agencies. The Japanese Prime Minister said his country "will cooperate with the international community and make the terrorists pay the price."  Hopefully he means providing additional  funding for the Japanese military, and not simply letting the NSA bug the toilets in every mosque in Japan.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

G. Gordon Liddy - in 1988 he described how terrorists could cripple the U.S. with a few cheap tricks

G. Gordon Liddy - former FBI agent discussed terror scenario in 1988

G. Gordon Liddy is now 84 years old and he's enjoyed a very full life.  A former FBI agent and lawyer,  he served 4 and 1/2 years in prison for his part in the Watergate Scandal during the Nixon administration.  His life after prison was even more interesting.  He wrote books, performed in movies and television, and was host of a nationally syndicated Talk-Radio program. He must be content with all of that.

In 1988 OMNI magazine commissioned him to write a fictional projection of what happen to America if it were hit by a team of well trained and motivated terrorists. (It was published in their January 1989 edition.)  By coincidence, Mr. Liddy was writing his piece just about the time Osama bin Laden was founding "The Base" or Al-Qaeda, and it would be years before the young Saudi would appear on anyone's radar. Liddy's tale has the Soviets assisting in the attack, and at the time Liddy shared in America's total preoccupation with the Sandinista revolution in Nicaragua. This background dates the story, and as a result it will likely never be reprinted. That is a shame because on my recent second reading I found that it still holds up.  As a public service I thought I would take the time to extract the text from amid the vintage ads and other clutter.

It takes only fifteen minutes to read. I will meet you at the bottom.  (click on photos to enlarge)

"Liquid Metal Embrittlement (LME) agent"

G. Gordon Liddy - THE RULES OF THE GAME, pub. Jan. 1989

"EHV  transformers"
G. Gordon Liddy - THE RULES OF THE GAME, pub Jan. 1989

Gordon Liddy - Stacked & Packed, 2001 girls and guns Calendar
Many Americans love putting up Girls and Guns type calendars.
Gordon Liddy was a master of self-promotion, and having served both 
in the FBI and in prison, he was a natural fit for the genre.

"The EMPG, cruder and more bulky than our own classified device..."

G. Gordon Liddy - THE RULES OF THE GAME, pub. Jan. 1989

"the prayer of public officials has always been..."

G. Gordon Liddy,  THE RULES OF THE GAME, pub. Jan. 1989

"The Capital Hill Riot"
G. Gordon Liddy, THE RULES OF THE GAME, pub. Jan. 1989

There you have it.  What is unique in this fiction is that the author resisted the temptation to describe the American retaliation, which is inevitable and is which is always disproportionally greater than the original offence against the Stars and Stripes. Of course we now know that it would be a cunning band of Saudi Arabians which would execute the most effective surprise attack on the Americans since Pearl Harbour. But there was no way at all for Liddy to know, in mid-1988, what the geo-political fallout would be to United States pro-insurgency in Afghanistan. 

And finally, the one thing in the story which seemed bogus, turns out to be true.  Liquid Metal Embrittlement or LME.  I had never heard of it, but there is a Wikipedia page and much more on the Internet.   In a few minutes I found plenty to catch up on, including a recent U.S. Army study on LME which might further improve the lethality of U.S. munitions by "making a round with selectable fragment distribution".  Just what the word needs. Improved lethality.

Liquid Metal Embrittlement LME for improving U.S. explosive ordnance
Liquid Metal Embrittlement (LME) for improving
the fragmentation properties of U.S. explosive ordnance.


Thursday, January 8, 2015

Exercising Free Speech - CHARLIE HEBDO and symbols of sadistic expressionism

John O'Brien (American cartoonist) - Exercising Free Speech
Yesterday's grim massacre at CHARLIE HEBDO in Paris put me in
 mind of this cartoon by the American, John O'Brien.  The metaphor 
seems appropriate as the guillotine was a French invention.


CHARLIE HEBDO or Charlie Weekly, is a satirical publication with a weekly circulation of approximately 50,000 copies. It is described as "left-wing", not because it advocates the overthrow of the Western democracies but because its targets are typically religion, politicians and corporations. It does so with crudely drawn cartoons and biting sarcasm. All very low-brow, which explains the limited circulation. Its managing editor, Stephane Charbonnier, was one of those murdered yesterday. He sometimes took his leftist credentials rather literally, such as when he promoted his publication with the clenched fist of defiance - a traditional gesture of the Communists. It was gutsy of him, because he was courting death. Paris is polluted with Muslim fanatics, and it was inevitable that one of them would go after Charbonnier with a knife on the sidewalk outside of his office.  Had I been Charbonnier,  I would have kept a shotgun within reach behind my desk.  Not a funny image, but a more effective gesture than a clenched fist.

Stephane Charbonnier, editor of CHARLIE HEBDO - clenched fist in 2012

Many will be outraged, for a few days at least, over the massacre perpetrated inside the editorial offices of CHARLIE HEBDO, but the media will turn away and illuminate the next tragedy. They will blather about "free Speech"  but in fact there is not one working journalist in Canada who would subscribe to  CHARLIE.  Not one, and I need not list the reasons.  Mercifully, this time the jihadist assassins had no time to videotape themselves cutting off heads of their victims. We had enough of those gory political theatrics in 2014.  

Still, it is instructive to witness the interplay of crude symbolism. Recall that after decades of wars and atrocities in post-colonial Africa, Asia and the Middle East, the world had grown weary of the bloody images and simply tuned out the carnage.  So ISIS, the new terrorist on the block,  turned up the volume by making a fetish of performing ritualistic beheading ceremonies - filming and uploading the decapitations of captured soldiers and foreigners. Ghastly. Serious.

And then we have the French cartoonists who lampooned the vicious ISIS ritual, even making it the feature gag for the cover of CHARLIE HEBDO on October 1, 2014. (below) The cartoonists in Europe are just as comfortable as the skinheads with the head-lopping motif as the Muslim murderers.  I'm not being prissy in pointing that out. I have written about my Celtic ancestors who were enjoyed taking head trophies and my point remains - millions of moderns are getting too comfortable with ancient forms of barbarism.

CHARLIE HEBDO cover page - ISIS headhunter slays the ptophet
In this CHARLIE HEBDO cover page, an ISIS guerrilla
takes the head of the prophet.  The "Charlie" brand of
humour is so primitive that a Neanderthal would "get" it.
For Canadian-style cartoon humour try an earlier
 article Pissing on the Taliban - for a classic Donato cartoon.

And should anyone think for an instant that I am forcing the point, here is a cartoon just published by Dutch cartoonist Joep Bertrams.  It is entitled "Onsterfelijk" with the weekly personified by a staffer in T-shirt, and rendered "Immortal" by a Muslim scimitar. It is clever and effective - the cartoon, not the killing.   In fact the senior staff at CHARLIE HEBDO were lined up and shot in the head with Kalashnikov assault rifles. The Muslim killers were garbed in black fatigues and balaclavas, the well known uniform ISIS guerrillas, (or French anti-terrorist police for that matter), and one gave the raised finger ISIS salute to those filming him with cellphones. So the Dutch cartoonist simplifies matters by returning to the more shocking image of head-chopping. We get it. We get it instantly.

Dutch cartoomn in support of CHARLIE HEBDO

The Canadian media response to the Paris Massacre have been tepid and tame - oh, so safe.  The most honest was of course Christie Blatchford in today's NATIONAL POST [JAN 8/15]  Ms. Blatchford began with these trenchant paragraphs:

Christie Blatchford - Terrorists Have Cowed Us All - Jan. 8, 2014

I'm hoping the POST with archive her article for a year or more.  Most of the media-rash on murderous events will disappear from websites in a few months, if not weeks, but I'm hoping Blatchford's article will have legs. Jump to the NATIONAL POST and read her piece while it is still topical.


Of course many flaks rushed in to remind us, ad nauseam, that the Muslim fanatics in Western Europe are few,  while their massive immigrant populations are placid and peace loving. Of course the professional talkers have never read CHARLIE HEBDO or they would know that the weekly often lampooned the prejudices of majority-Muslims.  Here is a sloppy taste of HEBDO humour:

CHARLIE HEBDO cover mocks Muslim homophobia - editor takes sloppy kiss
CHARLIE HEBDO mocks Muslim homophobia,
which is very widespread.  Here the CHARLIE
 editor takes a sloppy kiss from the Faithful.

Of course CHARLIE HEBDO was an enemy of all established religions - but especially Christianity, Judaism and Islam. And as we know, cartoonists need only fear the wrath of Muslims. The Hebdo office was guarded by a policeman, and he was the first to be cut down. Unfortunately for expectant readers,  "Left-Wing" satirists  have yet to discover the burgeoning cult of environmentalism, with its many associated fetishes.  That's too bad. I'd like to see what they could do with it.

CHARLIE HEBO cover mocking religion - Rabbi, Pope and Imam
CHARLIE HEBDO taunted all of the traditional
religions.  Here are a crudely caricatured 
Rabbi, Bishop and Muslim Imam.

"FREE SPEECH"? Now that's funny!

Obligatory Update - January 10, 2015
Wikipedia pages always grow from spectacles that the public seems to be following, so I thought I would consult the Wiki-page for the "Charlie Hebdo shooting".  "Free Speech" on wikipedia? Pardon me while I puke... 
At Noon today the wiki-page for  the massacre of the Parisian cartoonists contains NOT A SINGLE EXAMPLE OF THEIR WORK, with the exception of a photo of a protestor holding up an old copy of the weekly.  Note the careful wording of the caption (below).

Wikipedia promotes political correctness - Charlie Hebdo shooting in Paris
WIKIPEDIA is a owned by Jimmy Wales, an American businessman who self-describes as an "atheist".  He currently enjoys living in London, England and according to the most recent update of his own Wiki page, "In December 2014, Wales shared the inaugural $1-million Mohammed bin Rashid Knowledge Award with World Wide Web inventor Sir Tim Berniers-Lee."