Thursday, October 10, 2019

THE ART OF PROTEST - Defenders of Hong Kong. 2019

Tear Gas defender - Hong Kong Protest Art 2019
Hong Kong protest-art. This is a character I like to call
"TEAR GAS DEFENDER".  He is equipped to combat
police tear gas volleys. With his badminton racket he can
return some CS rounds, and for those already burning on
the asphalt, he covers with a warming lid from a restaurant.

The young people of Hong Kong are truly amazing.  They are are passionate about life and truly committed to defending the remaining freedoms that have made life tolerable since the Chinese occupation force arrived.  Hong Kong people are well-educated, creative, hard working and fiercely proud of the city and their Cantonese Culture.  What began as a protest months ago is now morphing into a revolution.  It is extremely impressive to witness their bravery and also their inexhaustible capability to innovate protest.  Western sheeple are easily bored, and in Hong Kong art  has become a tool in the competition for attention on the world stage.

Guardians of Hong Kong - protest poster, 2019
Two-colour poster - GUARDIANS OF HONG KONG. Manga style.

"Fight for Freedom - Stand With Hong Kong" -  Hong Kong Protest art 2019
A pyramid of hero figures - and at its apex the Black flag of
Hong Kong' 2019 Revolution.  The battle colours of the
Hong Kong Revolution - Yellow and Black, are a superb
choice and a brilliant contrast to the sickening blood-colour
of the Chinese Communist Revolution.  Each hero figure depicted
is carefully crafted, and has something to the whole image.

Flag of the 2019 Hong Kong Revolution - atop Mount Fuji, Japan
The 8-character flag of the Hong Kong revolution.
It reads (in English) "LIBERATE HONG KONG; 

The students are using distributed-Network system of organization, with no identifiable leaders. Not so much to outfox the Hong Kong Police but to confuse China's secret services. The Chinese fascists are adept at snatching political opponents and taking them into China for interrogation and imprisonment.  Recently the Revolutionary movement issued a Manifesto and declared a "Provisional Government" in Hong Kong. Of course they were not taken seriously because they do not possess a single firearm. As MAO so famously declared in 1968, "Political power grows out of barrel of a gun."  Nevertheless, the banner of the Hong Kong Revolutionary Front does fly all over the city, and one proud Hong Konger recently carried the Freedom Flag to the summit of Mount Fuji in Japan. This is his photograph. (above)

"Global Anti-Totalitarianism Rally".  Protest grafitti in Hong Kong 2019
This photograph of protest posters, inspirational messages,
symbols and graffiti, was taken recently in Hong Kong.
If the PLA is unleashed and Hong Kong falls, the history
of protest will be totally erased.  If you care about Freedom
and you have a heart for these brave people, please search for,
collect and spread the glorious record of their Revolution. 

A subversive Graphic - the Hong Kong "MTR TEAR GAS MAP"

And finally, something very clever, made from the weapons used by police to suppress the will of the Hong Kong people.  James Pomfret shared this photo on his social media page. A creative protester has gathered the base cups of dozens of spent tear gas cartridges, and used them  to outline the open-umbrella symbol of the "2014 Umbrella Revolution".  The handle of the umbrella is fashioned from four larger Federal-type gas cartridges.  A rather excellent sidewalk statement.

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Monday, October 7, 2019

Hong Kong's LADY LIBERTY - She symbolizes a new People's Revolution

(H.K.) Lady Liberty

She wears a  豬嘴 Juu Jui ("Snout") and goggles, to protect her from the riot chemicals fired by Hong Kong's police.  A helmet protects her head from their blows, and a folded umbrella symbolizes the first-stage of Hong Kong's courageous resistance - the so-called "Umbrella Revolution". In her left hand is a banner promoting a call to revolution.  The shape and form of that revolution is unknown, but we should not doubt that the people of Hong Kong are resolved to fight for what remains of their freedoms.

Lady Liberty is the new symbol of Hong Kong's defiance of the C.C.P. , the former "Chinese Communist Party"  which has morphed into the world's most dangerous fascist state.

Statue of the Hong Kong - LADY LIBERTY, 2019

The helmeted rebel has been left unpainted for an excellent reason.  When Hong Kong residents witness LADY LIBERTY carried through their streets, she is an instantaneous reminder of the GODDESS OF DEMOCRACY, evidence of a surviving hunger for freedom in China. The statue, crushed by tyrants, had been hurriedly sculpted of white plaster on a light skeletal frame.   The Goddess of Freedom was erected on Tienanmen Square in Beijing in 1989, a simple act of peaceful protest that succeeded in thrilling the entire world. I was just one among millions of television viewers who watched in horror, as an entire regiment of PLA tanks and several columns of motorized infantry, moved into the square and proceeded to massacre thousands of unarmed Beijing citizens.  Taking the example, and accepting the fallen torch of freedom, the good people of Hong Kong have commemorated the Beijing Massacre each and every summer, for thirty years.

The Goddess of Democracy, Tienanmen, China. 1989

Goddess of Democracy faces Mao on Tienanmen Square, 1989

  The 豬嘴 Juu Jui of open defiance

The protests in Hong Kong are the most sophisticated we have seen, and they are an unexpected but truly welcome indication of many clever stratagems and improvisations to come.  The fascist regime in Beijing is nearing completion of a truly Orwellian nightmare - a society where surveillance is constant, and resistance will be rewarded with torture and extermination.  Resistance in Hong Kong, which must certainly evolve into an underground revolutionary struggle, will ultimately infect other Chinese cities with the contagious germ of freedom. 

The protesters  have necessarily developed a rich slang vocabulary, and one has actually become a symbol  of the rebellion.

豬嘴 Juu Jui - Cantonese for "snout".  The name given to the industrial-grade gas masks that protesters have adopted in the streets of Hong Kong.

And a few have even crafted improvised masks, such as these which appeared on Facebook on September 30.

The photograph below is rather clever, and it is a great example of the creativity that is common to Hong Kong's well-educated and hard working people.   Hong Kong's LADY LIBERTY is modular and is often moved about the city to create a rally point for the highly-mobile legions of protesters.  We see here some of the team members who move her about. The five young people are each wearing the disposable type surgical masks that have been used to deny intelligence to the tens of thousands surveillance cameras deployed in the city. Worse, undercover spies don black T-Shirts and try to infiltrate the movement.  They take photos of all who take a swig of water or need to wipe itchy perspiration from their face. 

The photograph simulates a diorama kit, the type of toy or souvenir that is popular throughout Asia.


I have not encountered any merchandise supporting Hong Kong freedom, and it is even scarce on the Internet. China maintains an army of goblins to fuck with any online merchandiser who dares to stand up to their naked aggression. Ask Jeff Bezos, the Amazon billionaire.  Here is  a news scrape of two protest T-shirts that were spotted, and apologies demanded.  When I locate any good "HK Lady Liberty" merchandise I will add information and links to this article.

Hong Kong protest T-shirts that were briefly available on Amazon.

UPDATE - October 13, 2019

Lady Liberty guards Hong Kong - October 2019

UPDATE -  9AM  Oct. 14, 2019

That didn't take long. Lady Liberty has already been assaulted and symbolically killed. 
A can of red spray-paint was used to inflict symbolic gashes,  including a slower, heavier 'cut' to her crotch. But at least she wasn't beheaded.  The was the work of a red "Ripper" and not a Muslim head-chopper.   Note also that the destruction was not thorough.  This guy was in a rage but he was also unsure of his footing and afraid of falling off Lion Rock.

Lady Liberty already vandalized in Hong Kong

Sunday, October 6, 2019

HONG KONG RESISTANCE - student heroism has been unprecedented.

HK Cops arrest a pair of students disobeying the "No Mask" Ordinance
HK police wear balaclavas for the same reason Canadian police 
snipers and SWAT team members conceal identity. If they murder
or maim innocent civilians, it makes it harder to prosecute them.

This morning  I encountered this incredible photograph. (above) I was searching for news about the imposition, on October 6, 2019,  of the no-mask ordinance in Hong Kong and BAM! ... I found this shot of two bare-legged Hong Kong students being taken down by a trio of Hong Kong cops.  

The cops are wearing full-facial balaclavas, helmets and armour. They deploy with pistols, batons, and chemical agents in spray canisters. The students wear T-shirts and shorts, and they offend law enforcement by wearing surgical masks with elastic bands around the ears.  In a totalitarian jurisdiction it doesn't take much to piss off the demons!

I enlarged the arrest photo to full-screen and let it impress me all day.  My wife, who is Taiwan-Chinese, got upset and insisted on showing me "the other side of the story", video clips of HK policemen who were bloodied in one-on-one combat with rioters.  The news videos don't impress me as much as still photographs of kids standing their ground against oppression.  Some of the images of Hong Kong kids organizing themselves, and demonstrating for basic freedoms, are so damn humbling that I am embarrassed to be a mere bystander.

HK police constantly conceal their identity with "panty-masks"
In this photo we see Hong Kong police in "panty-masks".
This is to hide their identity. Masks are used to disrupt the 
efforts of citizen journalists and public evidence gathering.

Hong Kong schoolgirls defy Lam's anti-mask law

I clipped this a few hours ago.
In defiance of the H.K. government ban on demonstrators wearing any kind of masks, high school students formed human chains around their schools, and every student wore a light, disposable mask.
These kids have been witness to terrifying violence for weeks, and yet they are prepared to make this gutsy stand in front of their schools. And their teachers are being coerced into informing on them, no doubt under threat of losing their government employment. (See the clipping that follows.) 

Hong Kong highschool students form human-chain around their school

 And here are a couple of student spokesmen in Hong Kong today. 
"We must protect our home despite our limited strength."  Their parents will be frightened for them, but also extremely proud. No doubt of that.

RTHK interviews masked students who defy  "no mask" ordinance in Hong Kong
The Fascists in Beijing are "mad-as-bastards" that a million or more unarmed civilians in Hong Kong continue to defy them.   Most Canadians don't know that when China was still Communist it fomented revolutions and insurrections all over the globe. In Hong Kong, back in 1967, Red provocateurs  orchestrated a far more violent uprising than we have been witnessing in 2019. Reds terrorized the old British colony by planting thousands of bombs, most of which police and army sappers managed to defuse.  Still, 51 people were killed between May - August 1967.  The rulers of China remember what they did, but they demand we "foreigners" feign amnesia.

Extremely mouthy Beijing propagandists label the 2019 protesters "terrorists" and demand that foreign news media also use their mush-mouth jargon.  Let me instead quote directly from the PEKING REVIEW of  July 28, 1967.  The PEKING REVIEW was an official organ of the Chinese Communist Party.

"An old Chinese saying goes, it is discourteous not to give tit-for-tat. The Chinese people must reply with fitting counter-blows to British imperialist provocations."  It sounds 'made-up' to me, but lets play along and believe the Communist functionary.  Might I then suggest, that if HK Police or even PLA infantrymen beat on these wonderful kids, many tens of thousands of Dads and Uncles are sure to demand "tit-for-tat".  Just as a 'courtesy', mind you.

Hong Kong Protest - Anti-Mask law won't work
The face of a young Freedom-fighter in
Hong Kong, October 2019.  This is the level
of tenacity we saw at Tiennmen Square in 1989.

Monday, January 16, 2017

No such thing as "Fake News" in a World of Lies

During periods of political tension or our own personal stress, we should turn to humour. 
Laughter is, as they say, "the best medicine".
Given that the Canadian media refuses to SHUT UP about the Trump Presidency, and are determined to drive us all crazy with their carping and sniping...
I recommend a brash new Blog called  COMICALLY  INCORRECT, published by cartoonist A.F. BRANCO.
Here is one of Branco's latest digs at the media elites.

Trump fingers Buzzed and CNN - cartoon by A.F. Branco

Robert Fisk, a British journalist whom I respect and trust, recently discussed the rabid response of the media elites to President Trump's personality and achievements. Specifically he addressed the use of the term "Fake News" and another equally smelly meme - "post-truth". Fisk's verdict:

"We do not live in a "post truth" world, neither in the Middle East nor in the West - nor in Russia, for that matter. We live in a world of lies.  And we always have lived in a world of lies."

Exactly. Last night I was immersed in a text used in the Communications Studies program here at Simon Fraser University in Burnaby, B.C. In an essay on the influence of newspapers (written, ironically, in 1984) I paused over one sentence in particular. "Today's news stories cover predictable themes,  with place of occurrence a  fill-in-the blank exercise."  That is something we have all observed. Television news operates on the same principle. Doesn't it? Fill-in-the blanks and fill their heads with worthless crap. Do they ever cover events and stories you would wish them to? Rarely.

That is the core problem, and millions of thinking people are sick of it.  Media elites, especially those who insist on being referred to as "journalists"... that is "Licensed Information Practitioners", have been marching in lockstep with the political elites for decades, and that too, we are sick of.  

I don't use Twitter or Facebook, so I don't witness firsthand what President Trump has to say.  I only get the the ferocious media response.  

I have bookmarked COMICALLY INCORRECT.   I need a good laugh now and then.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016


Hillary Clinton's Defeat - Ding, Dong the Witch is Dead !

This is no time to attempt to be wise or witty. Happy tastes real good.

I feel like singing... but I'll let the Munchkins do it for me.
DING, DONG THE WITCH IS DEAD !!,  from that classic musical, The Wizard of Oz.

I used to tell my kids that I wanted to live just long enough to witness human beings walking on MARS.
Recently I came to realize that I could take equal satisfaction from watching Mrs. Hillary Clinton getting her ass kicked in a general election.  Her ruin is just..that... significant.

I have been watching the Clinton duo with distaste since they were Mr. and Mrs. Governor of Arkansas. It is hard to believe but Hillary has been prancing and posing since 1969, when LIFE magazine sent a photographer to do a shoot at her home.

Hillary Rodham Clinton - posing for a LIFE magazine photographer in 1969

Hillary Rodham Clinton learning to pose for the camera - 1969
She also took the glasses off for a few poses.
But this is enough Hillary for today.

LIFE magazine - June 1969.  I was an eleven year old boy. Some of you were not yet alive!   This was here first fawning photo-shoot, and my, my, my didn't she enjoy posing. Of course years later she benefited from professional training by acting coaches -  those who taught her the political Vaudeville routine (her Shtick) - the perfected lies, the constant eye-popping, the finger pointing to fawning acolytes, and that phony southern drawl she could turn to like a radio channel.

Well there were two monsters slain tonight.
One dangerous witch and one arrogant, bloated dragon -  the News Media suffered a crippling blow.  Not fatal, but the editors and the meat puppets will never fully recover this humiliation.His was the first time in my life when I ignored broadcast media during an election campaign. Today I monitored unfolding events through my iMac, and only turned on TV to watch the Trump family accept the verdict of the American people.

Wikileaks - journalists outed as Clinton stooges

President-elect Trump was gracious in his speech tonight.  It was nearly  3AM in New York and his family was exhausted. He forgot to thank someone really essential to his victory - Matt Drudge.  Bravo Mr. Drudge.  Bravo!!

CNN POLITICS and Google Ads

Google, CNN and assorted media swine just don't know when to turn it off.

There's got to be a Morning After
This morning the NEW YORK TIMES, bastion of snot and the cheap shot, dismissed the Trump achievement as the equivalent of scurvy haters pouring out of the garrets of Paris - yes, they used the French Revolution metaphor!  In the graphics department they were equally tart:"Areas with many white voters without a college degree formed the core of Mr. Trump's support."

TRUMP TRIUMPHS- New York Times graphic Nov. 9, 2016

Look what Trump just handed the Republican Party, and the bastards did everything they could to destroy his chances of winning.

Trump - less than $5 per vote

TRUMP - 57 million votes - less than $5 each


Trump and Obama - The Whole Picture - Jonathan Ernst - REUTERS

From here on in,  this is the kind of journalism we demand.  THE WHOLE PICTURE !!

Saturday, September 3, 2016

THE BELLEVILLE SECRET - the Mackenzie-King funeral train stops for ice (July 27, 1950)

Ronald J. Jack
Blog Author and Publisher

"You can fool all the people some of the time and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time." - often attributed to Abraham Lincoln.

Canada's tenth Prime Minister, William Lyon Mackenzie King, (the man on our $50 dollar bill), managed to outsmart his rivals and fool Canadian voters almost all of the time.   His three terms in office were from 1921-1926,  1926-1930, and 1935-1948.  With an M.A. and PhD. awarded by Harvard University, he remains Canada's most educated, and literary Prime Minister.  For twenty two years King was in control of this nation, and yet those millions he enjoyed governing knew very little about him. A man who died a virgin at age 75, King did not waste his energies on personal relationships.  His only project was his personal ambition and political career, and the thousands of days he saved by avoiding women, he invested in self promotion and in endless secret consultations with ghosts and spirits.  He was also careful to plan his own State Funeral, and when he died in July of 1950, his written  instructions were followed to the the letter.

The Mackenzie King State Funeral - Parliament Hill, July 1950
The body of W.L. Mackenzie King on Parliament Hill, Ottawa.
It was July 25, 1950 and air conditioning was not yet installed.
Temperatures were seasonal,  and consistently warm.

King did not want to be embalmed, but he had the misfortune of
dying in July.  The OTTAWA CITIZEN was certainly tactful,
but one header was a bit awkward:  "Odor of Flowers Fills the Commons
When Mourners Set Out in Sunshine."  Say what?

Ottawa - Toronto temperature forecast for July 25, 1950
The temperature forecast for Ottawa during the historic 
Mackenzie King "Laying in State" was a balmy  81 Fahrenheit.

The Liberal politician Mackenzie King on our $50 since 1975
The Liberal politician has been on our $50 banknote since 1975.
The Conservative, Robert Borden, will soon be bounced from
the $100., but Justin will keep Mackenzie on the red bill.

The Overnight Train to Toronto

Mackenzie King's funeral train leaving Ottawa Station, July 26, 1950
The Mackenzie King funeral train, a C.N.R. Special,  is here seen just
leaving Ottawa Station.  It was about 6:15 P.M.,  July 26, 1950 and on the platform, 
crowded with onlookers, were an R.C.A.F.  and R.C.M.P. band playing dirges.

Mackenzie King Funeral Train, July 26 - 27, 1950 (Schedule)

Cart load of ice at Belleville Station, the Mackenzie King funeral train, 1950

When the train pulled in, some time after Midnight, the train station at Belleville was very quiet. There were very few passengers waiting for the first train of the day - the 2:53 A.M. into Toronto. The train remained buttoned up, and as a crew opened the rooftop and belly hatches on "BONAVENTURE", the King funeral car, the only men who stepped off onto the platform were a Black porter, a uniformed C.N.R. conductor and (I believe) one plain-clothes security officer. He is the man (above) in the fedora.  In a 12-photo sequence, the photographer was careful not to show his face.  All in all, it was an eerie scene.

Secret stop at Belleville Station for ice - Mackenzie King funeral train, July 27, 1950
The station at Belleville, Ontario  - midway between
Ottawa and Toronto.  Even though it was past midnight
the ice was was melting fast.  The station still exists.

A full dozen men were involved in loading the blocks of ice into the funeral car, likely a mix of C.N.R. employees and a Belleville ice company. The servicing was done in secret, and the Press who were travelling with the body kept the experience to themselves.  Yet, if we are to believe news reports - that the funeral train was carrying most of the St. Laurent Cabinet, and historians - that an impromptu Cabinet meeting took place onboard,  in which they discussed committing Canadian troops to the war in Korea -  this sequence is all the more bizarre. Is it not?

St. Laurent Cabinet decides on Korean War - Mackenzie King funeral train 1950

In this passage from his recent book. David Bercuson tells us that, "In a somewhat macabre twist of events, [Lester] Pearson informed cabinet members of Acheson's request [for Commonwealth ground forces] on 27 July while all were aboard William Lyon Mackenzie King's funeral train enroute to Toronto from Ottawa; King had died five days earlier."  Quite a club-car gathering was it not? A dead Liberal P.M., the sitting Liberal P.M. and a future Liberal P.M.  While those working men were stowing Mackenzie King's ice, powerful politicians were sitting behind closed blinds discussing taking Canada into an Asian ground war.

Late night passengers, Belleville Train Station, July 26, 1950

The photographer who took these fascinating images was composing a visual essay that was never published.  (Undoubtedly his editor realized it would be deemed offensive, and alienate many Canadian readers.) Though I do not use the entire photo-sequence in this blog, you can see how thorough the lensman was. For example, the C.N.R. sign board shows the schedule of East - West  bound trains for July 27, 1950.  Belleville, Ontario was the mid-way point the Mackenzie King funeral train, which was scheduled to arrive at Toronto at 10 A.M. on July 27.   It was past midnight and one of these women, probably the girl wearing pearls, is waiting for the first train of the day - the 2.53 A.M. to Toronto.

Crew quickly stow ice under the Mackenzie King funeral train, July 27, 1950

You, the viewer, will form impressions of your own, but I have had these images for several years. My mind keeps coming back to the security aspect. Only hours before, in Ottawa, military personnel in their thousands and R.C.M.P. troopers were involved in the grand ceremonial, including an RCAF flypast - and yet not a single R.C.M.P. officer stepped off the funeral train at Belleville Station. The security detail do not even peep out from behind the drawn blinds. Even the Canadian Press (C.P.) and CBC  staffers accompanying King's corpse, remained hidden or perhaps asleep.  The man who stayed awake and took these photos was an American, and not at all beholden to the Ottawa power structure which shaped and preserved the image W.L. Mackenzie King insisted upon.  The photographer got the story, but it was never published.  As an American, he probably didn't care one way or another.  As Canadians, we should care.

CNR crew quickly load ice into the Mackenzie King funeral train, July 27, 1950


Mackenzie King funeral train, July 1950 - empty ice cart


The Ottawa newspaper  ran with saturation coverage of the State Funeral, as one would expect. Much of the prose was grossly overwrought, and would have readers believe that Canadians virtually worshipped Mackenzie King. Yet a few factual fragments slipped through the hagiography, including the names of the C.N.R. crew on the funeral train.  They were all from the town of Belleville, Ontario. My suspicion is that one of them made a telephone call when government officials ordered the train halted in their town. While the "BONAVENTURE" funeral coach was loaded with ice, there was time for a few Belleville residents to dress and rush over to the station.

C.N. crew members of Mackenzie King funeral train, July 25, 1950
C.N.R. - Belleville crewmen mentioned by name: 
McIlmoyle, Marshall, Burrows, and Secker.

This small clipping tells us that on the funeral train, as on Parliament Hill, flowers were used to mask the stink of death.  "The back portion of the coach, divided by a black mantle, was filled to capacity with baskets, sprays and wreaths of flowers in an overwhelming burst of colour and scent."  The curtains were drawn tight on the funeral car, and the gorgeous interior display was never photographed. The sweet flowers were for the benefit of ranking officials, including Liberal Cabinet Ministers, who accompanied the body on the long ride from Ottawa to Toronto.

The Mackenzie King funeral train, July 27, 1950 - disappointment at Belleville

William Lyon Mackenzie King was a master at self-promotion and he was polishing his own apple long before the Liberal Party helped him secure the role of Canadian Prime Minister. Too much of what history tells us is varnished or redacted, and to leave matters as they stand is to indict us all for having a lack of passion for the truth.  An obvious example was King's meetings with Hitler, Goering, Hess and other Nazi Party leaders.  It is true that we now have faint acknowledgement of King's German episode in high school text,  but we are also now a visual culture, and modern Canadians do not read books.  The Third Reich prepared a set of souvenir photographs for King, so that he might remember Hitler with fondness.  When war came, he briefly overcame his vanity, and burned them.  

Mackenzie King meets Adolph Hitler - Berlin 1937

The point is not to portray King in a bad light, but to get us a little closer to who he really was. Should we have let Mackenzie King get away with such subterfuge?  Should not Canadian historians (especially teaching historians who are taxpayer funded) have left no German stone unturned, and located duplicate copies?   I am rather convinced that such evidence of King's graphic image still waits for discovery.  With today's photo-essay I hope to persuade you that digging into the soil of history may profit us more than reading books written by doting admirers of Canada's political elite.

Canada's Prime Minister Mackenzie King visiting Nazi Germany, 1937
One of four surviving Press photos of Mackenzie King's tour to Nazi Germany in 1937.
This one has appeared  in COUNTER POINTS, a Social Studies text published by Prentice Hall .

The production of history articles and books in Canada is largely a voluntary effort, (few can earn a living at it) and for that reason the field is thickly sewn with ideologues.  As someone who has been reading our history for fifty years I can attest that the Socialist mindset won the battle for hearts and minds decades ago, and yet they refuse to stand down.  They still patrol the perimeters of our cemeteries, to ensure that the spirits of those they detest can never rise through the sod. A typical example was an attack article published by,  on the subject of Prime Minister R.B. Bennett, our P.M. from 1930-1935 who is flippantly dismissed as "Canada's millionaire prime minister".  R.B. Bennett Doesn't Deserve a Spot on Parliament Hill  In fact it is rather easy to take a hatchet to most of Canada's Prime Ministers, including the current fellow, but it is more fun to simply sleuth the hidden truth that they struggled to conceal.

W.L.M. "Rex" King and the real King, Ottawa 1939

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