Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Obama TIME warp - the Ministry of Propaganda has a shiny new shovel

Talk about your 'Blast from the Past': all of a sudden we are witnessing American nostalgia for 1930s style propaganda! Here's a taste.
TIME magazine this week is offering a neat piece of 'photo foolery' (see bottom cover) which portrays Barack Hussein Obama as a clone of F.D.R. Nobody knows yet what B.H.O. has up his sleeve in terms of "CHANGE". We lesser mortals just hope B.H.O. knows how to deal an honest hand.

This is Reich Minister of Propaganda, Joseph Goebbels, on the cover of TIME magazine in 1933. Goebbels was a master of photo foolery and would have gotten a great chuckle out of this week's B.H.O cover.

A slight pause for the TIME magazine cover published April 24, 2008. "How his mother made him who he is." The highly resourceful American woman registered a "live birth" in Honolulu, but no one has yet found a record of any doctor in Hawaii who attended her or any hospital which admitted her. Once upon a time (no pun intended) the TIME-LIFE crew had the investigative resources to crack such minor mysteries. Today they just shovel the shit like everybody else.

The TIME magazine cover for November 24, 2008 - A neat distortion. Recall that the paraplegic Franklin Roosevelt was frequently shown at the wheel of an auto, on horseback, etc, - part of the propaganda used to conceal the fact that he couldn't walk. We can expect TIME to offer the Obama crew equal and obedient service. Isn't this all very exciting?

Second thoughts - December 3:
When you fool us twice Barak, shame on us! They can't Photo Shop your entire administration.

Guess whose back in charge? The lying lawyer from the Arkansas State House. [This is an unaltered digital image.] So this is what B.H.O. meant by CHANGE WE CAN TRUST. Nothing you can ever say or do will redeem you for this Mr. President. Well, maybe if hell freezes over Hillary will slink into the White House library one cold night and stash another well weeded box of Whitewater billing records. Thanks for pissing on Vince Foster's grave Bro!
NO ONE LEFT TO LIE TO. The irony of the next four years may strangle American Democracy in its rocking chair. Of course the the fundamental flaw of democracy is that the criminal and the willfully stupid also get to vote. The results are a valid snapshot of current societal values.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

WALMART Vancouver, B.C. Supercenter - a bigger story here than Obama ascendancy

Yes, yes Vancouverites went ape over the Obama ascendancy. They babbled and they burbled. Great stuff! As for me, I'm just content that my man B.H.O. slew the great dragon. Where's that Replay button? I would pull off B.H.O.'s runners and kiss his sweaty toes anytime, anywhere, for knocking Hillary on her ass. He's my hero, "bright and true".
Now, on to more important matters. It's a given that any election victory anywhere, which weakens U.S. corporate power is applauded here on the Left Coast. How they perceive an Obama victory as a shot-across-the-bow of Corporate America is beyond me, but they do. If Obama is to survive for more than one term he needs to forge an open and meaningful partnership with America brightest corporate leaders in order to establish this "Change" thing he has been on about.

A prime example of what America needs badly is WALMART. That one company creates more reliable jobs for unskilled workers than any other firm you can name. More than that, WALMART is where the working poor, and the suburban mortgage slaves, flock to shop for the bargains they need to sustain their families. It's no different here, although you wouldn't know if from the vicious campaign waged for years to keep WALMART out of Vancouver. While I'm at it, I might as well throw the NDP controlled civic regime in Burnaby into that hobo stewpot.

The former COSTCO site at 3585 Grandview Highway, one block in from Burnaby, is now mid-way through a $4.4 million renovation. The new WALMART Supercenter opens in May of 2009 and its coming has driven wooden stakes through the chests of some of Vancouver's notorious zombie politicians.

Does anyone remember the Great Walmart Debate at City Hall back in June of 2005? The green posturing was ludicrous - especially as WALMART had spent a $$bundle employing a top flight Vancouver architectural firm to design a low signature, sustainable building for its commercial development site in South Vancouver. The haters called the design "Greenwashing". WALMART was taught a humiliating lesson in etiquette by civic politicians - hereabouts kissing on both fleshy cheeks must be followed immediately by tongue work in the groove. Vancouver Councillor Peter Ladner briefly attempted to bring the truth into the open by pointing up COPE ideology, an "undercurrent," lurking beneath council's debate: "About Wal-Mart's labour practices, it's sourcing practices, the satanic nature of giant multinational corporations."

The retort from COPE councilman and ankle-biting lawyer Tim Louis said it all: "The largest contributor to the Bush regime in his re-election campaign was Wal-Mart." Vancouver civic politicians were determined to strike a blow against corporate America and U.S. Republicans, on behalf of Socialists everywhere.

And so remains the reason why WALMART finally has a foot in the door in the "People's Republic" of East Vancouver, as it is sometimes termed. Why must they now refurbish an old building rather than build the "World Class" environmental showpiece they originally envisaged? It's simple enough. The zoning of the COSTCO site on Grandview Highway was upgraded in 2006 before the owners offered the property to WALMART. The new owner does not require Vancouver City Council's blessing or its political lectures in order to trade with the citizens of East Vancouver and Burnaby, who are poised to make the site the most profitable WALMART in B.C. And should WALMART ever offer a similar GREEN project to Vancouver, the company will be torpedoed by the same crowd of Pygmies who ate their emissaries in 2005. The 2008 civic election will change nothing.

An artists rendering of the "super-green" WALMART proposal for South Marine Drive, blown up by COPE saboteurs in 2005.

Tim Louie, one of Vancouver's zaniest Zombie politicians. A stalwart among the WALMART haters, Louie was trained in agitprop and deep cover op's by the Rankin cell of the Loyal Order of Leftist Lawyer's. Somebody send this guy a WALMART gift card for Christmas!

Well here is one more hopeful sign of a turnaround in local thinking... one politically influential group understands the need to welcome business to Vancouver. S.U.C.C.E.S.S., the immigrant services society is sponsoring a WALMART employment workshop in East Vancouver, which will do much to help new immigrants find gainful employment. You can read about the workshop here.