Monday, May 4, 2015

Everybody was a liar in Garland, Texas - but mostly the Law Enforcement Agencies

Garland, Texas - SWAT shootout with two wanna-be jihadis. Just another sickening story of American gun violence triggering a cascade of lying by Police, FBI and ATF officials.  

Gunman at Garland - New York Times headline

The first words I read on the Garland, Texas shooting were from the New York Times, picked up by the Google News aggregator. The N.Y.T. headline was "Police in Texas Kill Gunman at Exhibit Defying Islam".  As we all know, the "defiance" of Islam's militancy is a modern blood sport that takes great courage to play.   I never forget what film maker Theo Van Gogh got for "defying Islam". He was gutted and had his throat cut, on a public street in Amsterdam.  I decided to follow the Garland incident on the Net:

Garland Texas SWAT meets Muhammad

Dateline: Garland Texas, May 3, 2015 -   American and Dutch Free Speech advocates held a cartoon drawing contest, to make a point about FREE SPEECH.  A $10,000 prize was awarded for the best cartoon to caricature Muhammad (aka "the prophet"..."the messenger"..."the blessed and merciful"  yadda yadda).  The local Police expected trouble and established a security perimeter,  comprised of both uniformed cops and off-duty officers hired out for security. They were not going to allow a CHARLIE HEBDO type massacre on their watch. No sir!

On a death-defying mission from Muhammad, two lunatics drove into the kill zone, and opened fire on the exhibition building.  They were dead in seconds.  Minutes later, heavily armed Garland SWAT team members took to the stage, and informed the audience that there had been an incident outside. They also posed with the winning Muhammad cartoons.  The American media is obsessed with Baltimore at the moment, so the Garland shootout got short shrift. Given the firepower deployed at the cartoon Expo, it's clear that the Juhadis went into action blind. No recon at all. Did I hear somebody say,  "Don't mess with Texas!"    The SWAT officer (above) staring down the Muhammad snakehead painting is the craziest photo I saw all weekend.  I just had to share.

Event Poster - Muhammad Cartoon Contest - Garland, Texas
This is the poster advertising the cartoon contest at Garland, Texas.
It references the JYLLANDS POSTEN Muhammad cartoons Furor,
the CHARLIE HEBDO  massacre in Paris, and Muslim child brides. 

Twitter posting from Terrorist in Garland, Texas
Getting some revenge for U.S. Drone Strikes and the killing of U.S. citizen
Anwar Al-Alwaki.  If you don't know who he WAS, watch the documentary
DIRTY WARS on Netflix. The Muhammad Art Expo was just a convenient place 
for a slaughter.  Fortunately nobody got slaughtered except the Jihadists.

Texas Attack - Twitter traffic

Mocking Muslim No. 1

Winning Muhammad cartoon, Garland, Texas
Winner of the People's Choice Award, and the $10,000 prize:
Comic Book artist and fellow blogger,  Bosch Fawstin.
It really is ludicrous that techno-Muslims, those who Twitter
and Youtube their hate and butchery, are so obsessed with
this nonsense of banning any depiction of Muslim No. 1.

The Morning After:
And how will the Media report  the crazy attempt to murder people at a FREE SPEECH event?  Badly. Here is another photo - from the webpage of THE DAILY MAIL, London.  What a crude insult to citizens who still turn to daily newspapers for information. I'm insulted, and so should you be.

Censored photo of Garland Texas SWAT officers
THE DAILY MAIL crudely censored a photo taken at the site of the
May 3, 2015 attack in Garland, Texas.  

We live in a culture where most people are taking their information and political messages visually.  That is why I.S.I.S. militants do not issue manifestos, they publish videos.  And that is why newspapers are filled with colour photos these days.  Readers have turned into lookers.  Publishing a mutilated news photo like the DAILY MAIL has done this morning, is  the equivalent to using the silly phrase "the N-Word" or "the F-Word" in your conversation.  In seeking not to offend the self-righteous, we betray whatever integrity we think we possess.

Geert Wilders, Dutch M.P. posing with Garland, Texas SWAT Team
The Garland, Texas SWAT Team posed with
visiting Dutch M.P. Geert Wilders, May 3, 2015.

Early morning reports tell us that security for the Muhammad Cartoon Expo was months in preparation. The event co-ordinators paid $10,000 to the City of Garland for extra police protection.  They got the entire Garland, Texas SWAT Team, and before the event got underway, the keynote speaker (Geert Wilders, Dutch M.P.) posed with the SWAT Team.  This is a scrape from A.F.P. - Agence France Press which says Wilders released the photo to them.   The irony is that these SWAT dudes, dressed for war, didn't get the kills.  An off duty Texas cop faced off with the two gunmen, and shot them dead with his pistol.  They were armed with assault rifles.


"They crossed the line" is usually just a metaphorical expression.
But in Garland, Texas the Jihadis literally tried to cross the line.
The entire venue was demarcated with yellow police tape, and the entrance
to the building was closed off with barriers. Even with assault rifles
there was no way in hell the TWO HOMEGROWN JIHADIS were getting inside. 

UPDATE:  As of noon May 7th, no photos have been released of the weapons used by the Juihadis in Garland Texas. They have their reasons.  But at least one fully loaded magazine is visible in a crime-scene photo. The officer is holding a South Korean manufactured KCI 100-round  dual-drum mag. Note that it is fully charged with .223 rounds.  Elton Simpson had enough ammunition in that one magazine to kill everyone in the audience at the Garland Free Speech event ...without reloading.  He was planning a massacre of colossal proportions,  but instead he stepped into a buzz saw.  No doubt there are a few Jihadi whackos in the U.S. who are smart enough to learn from Simpson's stupidity.  The next target will be oh, so very soft.

Garland Texas Shooting - 100 round drum for assault rifle

And for a YOUTUBE test firing of the ultra-high capacity  KCI dual-drum magazine, jump to  BANG.

KCI 100-round dual drum magazine, Garland, Texas crime scene

Such things are illegal in Canada. And for good reason. We don't want our home-grown Jihadis being able to put the implements of murder on their credit cards.

FINAL UPDATE :   The story just gets too obnoxious.  The police stuck to the "off duty traffic cop" lie for days. Then the coroner's report was released.  The bodies of the two toasted jihadis had been riddled by several pistols and at least three separate Colt M4 assault rifles ... just like those carried by all Garland Texas SWAT team members.

What happened to the story about a Cartoon contest?  Two dead Jihadis?  Garland morphed into yet another example of lying law enforcement flaks and third-rate media coverage.