Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Hoodie Politics 2 - Trayvon Martin auto portrait is more revealing than over-wrought CNN journalism

Trayvon Martin - twit on TwitterAUTO portrait, Trayvon Martin, from Twitter. CNN says Trayvon died with a bag of candy and a can of iced tea in his hands. Trayvon's momma says he was murdered because he was a black kid trespassing in a gated White community. Somebody is dysfunctional in all this. Maybe it was Trayvon? Maybe it's the media?

Damn! I'm starting to think Michael Moore's production company owns shares in CNN. Cable News coverage of the TRAYVON MARTIN STORY plays just like one of Big Mike's precious info-tainments, and today the voices are becoming more shrill. In spite of the evidence being unearthed by harder-working journalists, which effectively tarnish the temporary halo of the Florida youth (and Presidential adoptee) Trayvon Martin, the CNN "Situation Room" continues to carry water for the Democratic Party. This afternoon a CNN meat-puppette (all teeth and hair, and zero integrity) simply scoffed at the idea that lighter Black youth (Trayvon Martin) had enough man in him to sucker punch the older and heavier Hispanic George Zimmerman. (George's mother is Peruvian.) Ms. Media then delivered the demands of the mob... people "want that man arrested!"

Trayvon Martin - "No Limit Nigga"
" NO LIMIT NIGGA " - Unfortunately for Trayvon's momma, whom you'll soon witness tearing up and clasping hands with OPRAH, her son was not the "All American kid" the media have portrayed him to be. The man who shot Trayvon is not perfect either... which of us is? But George Zimmerman deserves the benefit of the doubt, and thankfully Spike Lee's criminal attempt to get him lynched failed. Trayvon called himself "NO LIMIT NIGGA" and his posturing at school and on Twitter, say much about where his head was. If you wish to read a collection of his Twitter ranting they are archived here - @NO_LIMIT_NIGGA Reading his nasties you soon realize that yes, he was spoiling for confrontation or simply to build "cred". You would not have wanted to encounter Trayvon in the middle of a dark night. All you would register is is tall unknown male in a hoodie, and he isn't whistling Broadway show-tunes!

Trayvon - shoes
Trayvon Martin posted to Twitpic a photograph of his sports shoes. He also posted photos of a girl he liked, a tray of food from his school cafeteria (humour perhaps) and one of the football team.

Actually the BLACK PANTHER Party has a $$$Bounty on Mr. Zimmerman, which is why the police have told him to remain in hiding for the time being. Many Black vigilantes are calling for blood and no doubt, this time around, there will be urban rioting associated with the U.S. Presidential election. The American news media is panting for it, and TV News usually has its way. Horrible as it sounds, Hollywood movie Director "Spike" Lee last week went so far as to Twitter (the mistaken) address of George Zimmerman, hoping to trigger a modern day lynching. I deem Lee's cowardly act [read details] an inter-state felony and the uber-mouthy "Spike" should be under arrest. Now THAT would be justice. I would like to see "Spike" served a dose of his own vicious medicine, but that will never happen.

Trayvon Martin - artistic talent
Trayvon Martin's sketch of his own name "Tray", posted to Twitpic Jan. 18, 2012.

For a thorough account of the whole sordid mess you can read the Shooting of Trayvon Martin wiki. It is one of several thousand U.S. crimes which have their own article now on Wikipedia.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Hoodie politics - more tribal symbolism, more Madison Avenue branding

The Presidential Hoodie on display. This woman displays Obama on a protest stick. Nice! The fellow in front of her doesn't even know how to wear his hoodie. It's supposed to cover the face, not the ears. I can still identify him in a lineup.

Trayvon's parents, Ms. Sabrina Fulton and Mr. Tracy Martin plan to lead all the hoodie's they can muster in New York City. American political theatre at its finest.

The Florida boy who posed in a HOODIE. In an era when people photograph themselves on a daily basis, it's not surprising that Trayvon Martin took the photo he will be remembered by. What is culturally significant is that millions of Americans now choose to identify with a garment and are making it symbol of the coming Black on White Presidential Election. I thought hoods went out of fashion with the notorious Ku Klux Klan?! When social equality is just NOT GOOD ENOUGH, revert to totems, costumes and other cheap symbolism. It's all so damned sad and so manipulative. "Let's march, then march some more, and then... let's march again!" For more on the famous garment read HOODIE on Wikipedia.

This is so sickening it beggars belief. Sabrina Fulton has applied for copyright on her dead son's name. "I AM TRAYVON" and "JUSTICE FOR TRAYVON". Is she going to spend the rest of her life feeding off this sad and senseless killing? Is that all she is capable of? Isn't it enough she's helping save a failed Presidency? Isn't that enough history to satisfy an ego?

Friday, March 23, 2012

OBAMA - "If he had a son..." Two killings in Florida

Damn... the trash in the news today is so painful. The media, especially the American broadcast media, is shovelling shit like there is no tomorrow. I couldn't begin to pick the creepiest, slimiest chunk of info-tainment oozing from from my computer this morning... but I guess it is a tossup between "The Hunger Games" becoming the latest box office smash (shades of TWILIGHT vampire dross!!!) or the news that schools in England are now banning elementary school students from declaring each other "best friends". SCHOOLS BAN CHILDREN MAKING BEST FRIENDS Being best-buds is now deemed elitist and marginalizing. Ouch! England is after all the country which invented the perfected dystopian future... BRAVE NEW WORLD and NINETEENEIGHTY-FOUR. The Brits are rapidly achieving double-plus newness, but the Yanks are only just behind them.

Likewise I thought we had already seen the label sewn to the bottom of the bag we know as media-sycophancy ... but this guy Barack Obama can do and say virtually anything he pleases and the media kiss his ass on both cheeks. It's astounding to witness. Worse, the Americans claim to reject the concept of Monarchy and yet the Presidential family has become nothing else but a Royal Family. All monarchs have Praetorian guards... our Queen does, and her successor surely must, because it is inevitable that one day a Muslim party will seize control of Britain's Parliament...

The Americans understand the concept of a dystopian future because THEY are creating one for themselves ... it's a highly militarized future... a shoot first - explain later future, when every killing will have a clearly defined purpose and also be as legal as a Presidential Decree. So the White House, which once made do with a Praetorian guard at Battalion strength, has now been reinforced to Regimental strength. Obama's security detail is now more than capable of defending his excellency from even a rogue U.S. military unit or the deranged pilot of a U.S. military aircraft. Nobody outguns the Presidency. Sad and sick.
Just last week one of Obama's daughters went off on an urban-safari to Mexico City... did the media carp about the White House dispatching a full platoon of Secret Service to provide defensive cover? Not a bit of it. (Nor did they carp with the Obama's recently took a full Battalion of Secret Service as escort on their Hawaiian vacation.) A sickening, Gucci wallet spectacle indeed. To my tired eyes the metaphor was a troop of U.S. cavalry heading out from Fort Apache for a sortie deep into hostile territory.

I always check out Drudge in the morning and the headline today is a direct quote from His Royal Highness Barack the First, the Lion of Chicago... who declared yesterday "If I had a son, he's look like Trayvon." He was talking skin colour... he was talking about good looks, talent and aspiration. But he also knows full well, that is NOT how it is going to play out.

This is politics, not parenting. Obama's staff has urged him to wade into the latest Florida killing of .... (to quote Michael Moore (Bowling for Columbine) "a young black male... a young Afro-American...". If you are an American you already know every itty-bitty detail about Trayvon's life, or at least as much as you are ever going to know. So now the White House, in the run-up to the November national election, has embraced the Michael Moore image of the victimized young black male as its poster boy. Bad move slick! Trying to turn this into a race-thing is not something the Democratic Party is capable of handling with finesse and it's guaranteed to deep-six all those Republican cross-over voters who were willing to give a demo-crat a chance. The Demo-thugs are hogging the camera already and it makes butt-ugly politics.

I see something of interest in an outburst yesterday by Geraldo Rivera, who like everyone else, is seeking to explain the sad Trayvon Martin shooting . He pegged Trayvon Martin as a 'posture boy' NOT a political 'poster boy' as the Democrats will spin him. Millions of young people, including Canadian youth, choose to use fashion as a statement - too often the hoodie. Trayvon used a hoodie to frame his baby face, and it worked. He WAS perceived as threatening. Listen to what Geraldo had to say... LEAVE THE HOODIE AT HOME. Bear in mind that Rivera has already been FORCED to disavow his comments, or risk putting his own career in the crosshairs.

Now for a little juxtaposition - another story of a black youth in Florida. This is also from today's news, but it's unlikely you will encounter the tale, because Mr. Obama has NOT embraced Shawn Martin. If you are a Canadian Snowbird you may have read a little of the story of Shawn Tyson, the good looking 16 year old who executed two British tourists, but not before humiliating them them a little before pulling the trigger. Read the original story for yourself HERE. It takes just two minutes.

Friday, March 2, 2012

The Big Bang, Fred Hoyle and Homicidal Maniacs

I have more interests than I can count on my fingers and toes. Read my Blog profile and you will find a sampling of the distractions which take up my time.

Today I encountered a Blog Writer who is a master of the genre. I spell his name out in Bold Face, Italic type - arterial blood coloured letters... ADAM CURTIS He calls his Blog "The Medium and the Message". Its HERE.

"A MILE OR TWO OFF YARMOUTH" is the most recent article he has posted. Enjoy it here.

In the article, an essay really, Curtis pulls together diverse strands of 20th Century culture into a rope with which to hang his ideas on the gallery wall. It's quite an exhibit. He delves into British contributions to astronomy, including how the term "BIG BANG" was popularized by the Brit media. Would you believe that an obscure British movie about a group of people telling each other ghost stories, had a hand in it? Later he deals with the discoveries contributed by the (then) emerging field of Radio Astronomy.
Curtis delves into the life and public campaigns of Fred Hoyle, scientist and popularizer of science, who preceded Carl Sagan on the television screen by two decades. Hoyle believed that pure mathematics is the only true expression of God and that those scientists who clung to the "Big Bang" theory did so because of the influence of the Book of Genesis. The Big Bang was Genesis on a cosmic scale.

The Blog article discusses a great deal more, and has links to very unique video archives, including impossible to find British television. How about a film which "begins with an economist called Bill Phillips who built a giant computing machine run by water to demonstrate how to make an economy expand, yet not run out of control." Why? Because the article reminds us that the public are suckers for pseudo-science and alternating explanations for phenomena which baffle the common folk. When "Nuclear Winter" doesn't work anymore, try "Global Warming".

All popular culture exists to be cannibalized by even more popular culture. DEAD OF NIGHT (Ealing Studio 1945) was a prescient film with dramatic elements which may have inspired Rod Serling's thinking as he prepared TWILIGHT ZONE for production. It certainly impressed a group of astronomers who had been arguing the merits of the Big Bang theory even as Europe tore its guts out, from 1939-1945. The audience experiences a circular composition with no satisfactory explanation of behaviour - the scariest story involves a murderous stage performer who is possessed by the 'mind' of the puppet on his lap. Fred Hoyle, who walked with Britain's most brilliant thinkers, believed that man's brain is insufficient to ever understand and explain how and why the universe exists. Perhaps that is why I find his biography so interesting.

Curtis has much to say about movies and television and our instinctive need to sentimentalize everything. We crave simplistic explanations for everything, and black and white certainties are preferable to the rich potential of experimentation. (For example our Big Box schools and monolithic public education systems don't work, but we refuse to consider alternative models.) Curtis himself has made a study of modern experiments in which mathematical models are applied to real world scenarios. As we know the Holy Grail which all governments and corporations are seeking is a constant rate of expansion with reliable stability. I was primed for the Curtis message this afternoon after having a brief argument about the real estate market in Vancouver. I don't consider myself a "dissenting voice" but clearly there is something dark and very unpredictable going on here and it has nothing to with the "law" of supply and demand. I'm not waiting for the property market to collapse or even hoping for it to collapse, but I have a sense of a market driven by psychological factors which cannot be trusted, and of a price structure which will not endure.

Jump to Curtis' The Medium and the Message and read back through his archived articles. Use the links to videos which he provides. You will be glad you did.