Monday, November 19, 2012

Maria Santos Gorrostetia Salazar - Mexican hero butchered by Demons from HELL

Maria Santos Gorrostetia Salazar

Shock, horror, revulsion.  These are just words I know, but they were my feelings when, on Sunday, I learned that my cherished Mexican Hero - Maria Salazar, had been executed by a Narco hit-squad and her body dumped in a field. Think of it... To contribute so much of yourself, to give all of your energy and spirit to your people, only to end up as an abandoned corpse in a grainy Youtube video! It is the ultimate indignity.

It's a rotten feeling to be left alone with your thoughts after learning such news. Quite frankly I would enjoy the assignment of joining a posse to lynch the perpetrators of this fiendish crime. I am a peaceful man but I've never flinched from touching shit, if shit had to be cleaned up.  Shakespeare would describe them as "the legions of horrid hell," for in MACBETH one murder begat two, and suddenly the devil has fostered massacre upon massacre, until all of the major characters have learned that their wives and children have been slaughtered. The only medicine for it is "our great revenge".  I believe that the demons who murdered this wonderful woman are human filth, and Mexico has become a cesspool of evil that sorely needs cleansing. The scant solace we might take from this murder, is that her killers will ultimately be butchered by their own kind, because narcotics traffickers ultimately turn on each other.

I have written about Maria in an earlier Blog article.  Having just passed our national Remembrance Day, I am mindful that I come from a country which contributed to Victory in two World Wars - a nation from which soldiers wounded in battle received their return-ticket, back to the safety of Canada's shores. Such men had earned the right to stand down. And what of Maria? She was ambushed and very, very grievously wounded.  Skilled medical professionals saved her from certain death.  What did she do?  She suffered through therapy, got her strength back, and returned to her duties -  courageously working to provide a little security and progress to the people of her community.  Ultimately she stepped down from office, but that did not satisfy the demons of the drug trade.  Like Mao Tse Tung, who couldn't enjoy his bloody victory in 1949, but just had to corner and crush every "class enemy" in China no matter how defenceless, the  Narco-thugs of Mexico cannot rest until they have eliminated every decent person who has spoken out against them.  Why then does the United States media ignore this War on the border?  Why did the Obama government not extend a hand and offer this gallant woman a measure of protection?  The White House crows its electoral victory... it scooped up millions of Latino votes with scarcely an effort.  Mr. Obama, don't repay that massive electoral support in token food stamps and and forgivable federal loans. Help Mexicans still at home, living under constant threat from the Drug menace.  Choose to save the lives of innocent Latinas like Maria Salazar. Be a man, not a lawyer.

I realize that Obama's psychological profile doesn't position him in opposition to drug use, but at least he's a husband and a father, so he should accept our common stake in protecting women and children.  He values his "Michelle." Good for him. Well I valued Maria Salazar, and I could give a god-damn about America's political interests in the Middle East.    Maria was a casualty of a new flavour of genocide - the destruction of a free people by Narco-terrorists who seize territory and operate on a military scale. Mexico's war is a North American war and of far greater significance to those of us who share this continent, than the evils of distant continents. My sneaking suspicion is that because the Yanquis are incapable of suppressing illegal immigration from the South,  that many of them take secret pleasure in watching the Mexicans rip each others guts out.  What else could possibly explain the lack of will to unite American combat forces with Mexican troops, and quickly eradicate the drug enclaves?  

This is what the Demons did to her a few years ago, and what they did to Maria Salazar on Saturday.  Remember it.  And below is how she looked in death. A good woman dumped like a piece of garbage. 

And lest the judgemental among you decide that I am some sort of "Christian crank" spouting off about "demons, I hasten to add that I have no religious convictions whatever.  But what I do believe in, is the presence of evil in this world.  Their are criminal offenders, and their are hardened outlaws, and there are certainly DEMONS.  These are the monsters who will cut off a dozen heads and arrange them for a photograph... men who would hang a dozen people from a city overpass... men who would saunter into hospitals and execute patients... men who machine-gun coffee bars ... these are DEMONS.  You don't  arrest Demons. You don't offer them one last cigarette. You take them to the gutter and you bleed them out.  

This photograph shows Maria Salazar working to make her community a little bit safer... here handing out gear to a volunteer policeman.   

It should not be left unsaid that the President of Mexico and the Mexican General staff did make an attempt to protect Maria's small town.  An Army base was built and a garrison established. It was not enough to save Maria, but it is a start.  (Go to Youtube to see the Presidential ceremony)

And below I offer a graphic which attests to the fact that there are other WOMEN WARRIORS in Mexico. They are unnoticed by the New York media, or the Toronto media establishment for that matter, but they exist nonetheless.  (I scraped this graphic from the Internet about two years ago, and I regret not crediting the source. My apologies to the graphic artist.)

Heroines in Mexico's defence against the Narco Gangs

A MURDER TOTALLY IGNORED BY NORTH AMERICAN MEDIA - she was abducted Nov 14, her body found Nov. 15, and identified Nov. 16.  I just did a Google News search (English only) and this is what I find. Nine stories.  What an indictment of criminal neglect.  Oh please tell me what Michelle Obama is wearing today!!   Fracking morons of the media establishment!

And one final thought, if I might.  Here is a clipping from one of my research files.  It is yet one more example of the heroism of Mexican women.... this story from 110 years ago.  What an incredible example such women set for us all.

What this world needs is more heroes and heroines and far fewer celebrities.  History is far more inspiring than Hollywood.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Breivik Report Released - July 22 Commission is brutal in its treatment of Norwegian Security Apparatus

The Norwegian Prime Minister released the Report of the  22 July Commission today - in Norwegian of course.  Within minutes electronic editions of newspapers worldwide were displaying the same wire story written by  Bjoern H. Amland of the Associated Press, whom we must assume reads Norwegian and read the entire 500 page report. Among Canadian newspapers which ran the story, the TORONTO SUN headline was very typical - "Norway massacre could have been prevented, says commission".  The New York Times was,  as usual, very careful. The full report hasn't been published yet in English translation, so the paper chose to avoid claiming what the English version will contain. Instead the NYT ran a report on the Commission's press conference, but with the same basic headline as everyone else  "Norway Panel on Massacre Funds Litany of Government Failures".  What is available, for those who bother to look,  is a 26 page summary of the Commissions findings, translated to English.  You can download it here - SUMMARY.
The primary conclusions of the Commission: "The attack on the Government Complex on 22 July could have been prevented through effective implementation of already adopted security measures." More important, and this is something the Americans fail to understand - "The Commission realizes, among other things, that the democratic costs related to systems intended to eliminate every risk of terrorist attacks are too high. We have to live with a certain level of risk."

Only our local rag, the Vancouver SUN, chose to monkey with the AP story and attach a ludicrous headline -  "Norwegian commission criticizes police response to far-right fanatic's bomb and gun massacre".
As usual THE SUN simply cannot pass on any opportunity to turn up the volume on examples of "far-right"or  "extreme right" political violence, even if their sloppy headline hijacks another journalists story. If the SUN had even bothered to read the Summary of the 22  July Commissions Report (as NYT staff must have) they would have realized that the commission panel in Oslo  did not trouble itself with the motives of Anders Behring Breivik.  Page 9 - "We have foregone issues related to the perpetrators motive, childhood and state of health, and we have not explored the measures society puts in place for the early prevention of radicalisation."  (Thankfully the panel also disdained reference to the meaningless "Left-Right political spectrum" - something which Canadian journalism is incapable of doing.)   Fanatical Mr. Breivik certainly is, but his modus was not that of some beer swilling, racist skinhead of the "Far Right".  He did not target immigrants, but rather the ruling party of his country who initiated and administered Norway's immigration program. That is why his crimes are so remarkable and worthy of analysis.  Breivik chose to attack the apparatus of Norwegian State Power at its vulnerable core - the private island camp where Party Youth frolic and plan for future electoral victories.  Breivik's was the most significant terrorist attack in the Western democracies since 9/11 in New York because it spread terror among the ruling elite, as much as it did the general population. For that reason it will likely be the template for militant attacks in Western Europe all through this century.

I happen to live in the murder capital of Canada - In Vancouver we hold the record for every category of murder for which records are kept, with the exception of murders within the health care system. The gruesome list begins with terrorist murders - the AIR INDIA Flight 182 Bombing,  the serial killing of women, the serial killing of children, the serial murder of drug dealers, and on down to lesser known sprees, like the demon barber case (killing of native women by forced drinking of alcohol).  All murder involves hate of one form or another, and yet the SUN is extremely selective when it pins "hate crime" labels on its political targets.  The worst example are of course the Sikh butchers who blew an Air India Boeing jumbo jet out of the sky.  Racist the Sikh murderers certainly were.  Political they certainly were.  Fanatical they certainly were.  Untouchable they certainly were ... and still are, because they got away with it.    Were the Vancouver Sikh terrorists  "Far Right"  or "Far Left"?   Or is their hatred more racial than political?  Perhaps their hatred is religious inspired and their politics cynical?  Where should we turn for the answers?  In a multicultural Vancouver such discussions do not take place because they are taboo. Who constantly reminds us of what is taboo? The media.

Political Theatre - ridiculous posing with firearm's is common within the para-military subculture, but Breivik took it up a notch by wearing fanciful insignia like this "Marxist Hunter" shoulder flash.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Keeping Obama (and Mitt Romney) out of the Kill Zone

Pity poor America.  All over the nation brooding men (and a few women) are pondering their limited options and a few will decide to do the unthinkable... commit mass murder. The most dangerous of them have been trained by the United States military and need but a few readily available tools to wreak havoc. Some covet the brass ring of notoriety and others just want to die with an Olympic sized audience watching.  
The recent mass killing in Aurora, Colorado earned a large audience share because it tapped into existing and successful corporate advertising campaigns (owned by Warner Brothers, D.C. Comics, etc).  But I find the fallout from last's weeks Sikh temple shooting a tad more interesting, because while the White House did its damage control with the Indian government (some of the victims were Indian nationals) the Obama re-election campaign did not send their man to Wisconsin, as they did following the mass shooting in Aurora, Colorado.  Undoubtedly the U.S. Secret Service would not allow it, because a troubling pattern has emerged in American politics -  office holders rush  to crime scenes. They do it because that's where the  cameras are, and it is where large blocks of votes may be scooped up.  The bad guys know this, and they may well set a trap for a candidate and his security detail.  There will be further mass shootings in the U.S. before the November 2012 election, and it is entirely possible that one of them will be bait for a later more deadly ambush. During this federal campaign season, President Obama and GOP Candidate Mitt Romney must be kept out of the Kill Zone no matter how much their campaigns hunger to exploit human grief or respond to media baiting. 

Proud Parent of a U.S. Marine Sniper

"Your rifle is only a tool.  It is a hard heart that kills.  If your killer instincts are not clean and strong you will hesitate at the moment of truth." - Gunnery Sergeant Hartman FULL METAL JACKET, 1987

It should never be forgotten that among the worst cases of murder in the U.S. are those which are politically motivated, and too frequently the crimes are pulled off by men who got their training in the military. The military is also the source of the only systematic indoctrination these men have ever undergone.  

Lee Harvey Oswald, U.S. Marine Corps photo
Much is made of, as it should be, Lee Harvey Oswald's  service in the U.S. Marines.  The USMC gave him small arms training, but more, it gave him the confidence that he could go up against a Presidential security detail, kill a president, and walk away from the scene.

John Allen Muhammad, Beltway Sniper

John Allen Williams (AKA John Muhammad)  also received his small arms training in the U.S. military.  Sometimes known as the "Beltway Sniper" he came up with an innovation which the FBI call the "rolling sniper's nest", a car trunk modified with apertures for use as a shooter's blind.  It is far more adaptable than Oswald's single elevated position along a motorcade route.

Timothy McVey, Arrest photo

Even more dangerous potential bushwhackers are ex-servicemen like Timothy McVeigh, the Oklahoma City bomber.  Such men prefer explosives and in their delusional reality think infamy is an honour.  (In his arrest photo Mr. McVeigh chose to use his trigger finger to give his government "the finger".) One could easily imagine a scenario in which another McVeigh type prepositioned a bomb near a target (say a mosque or temple), have an accomplice commit an atrocity, and then patiently wait for the real target to show up.

Obama visits JOKER victims in Aurora
President Obama could only go to Aurora for a photo-op because his security people were certain that James Holmes (aka The Joker) was a loner.  In the case of the the shooting of Sikhs in Wisconsin,  Wade Michael Page (who also received his weapons training and indoctrination in the U.S. Army) was part of a network of of ex-military personnel and of an angry subculture.  The S.S. could not be certain that his crime was not bait for a an attempt on the President... and are still not certain. So Obama stays away.   Prudence would dictate that both Obama and Romney stay away from all crime scenes until after the election is concluded.

Security Plan for 2012 Democatic National Convention
This press release just went out - and it announces that the upcoming DEMOCRATIC NATIONAL CONVENTION has been declared a "National Special Security Event".   ie. this a blank cheque event as far the security aspects are concerned.  What the authorities most fear is not foreign terrorists making a rush on the convention, but rather an American ex-serviceman (or a group) who might be convinced that they could pull off an Anders Behring Breivik type raid.  Breivik is the fellow in Norway who set off bombs in the capital city to draw the attention of the security forces, and then proceeded to hit his primary target - the summer training facility of the political party that rules his country.  North Carolina is teeming with heavily armed ex-military types, some possibly annoyed with their world, and more than a few who match the description of previous offenders. N.C. is  probably a good state to stay away from,  all of next month.

Romney and Secret Service detail, July 29, 2012
Romney and Ryan now receive a level of close-in protection that can only be described as the "smother treatment"and I strongly doubt anyone in the crowd can lay a finger on any of the candidates during the 2012 Campaign.  (Romney for example, has stood virtually nipple to nipple with Secret Secret agents on several occasions this summer.) The danger will come from attackers who don't need to eyeball their target.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

How Crazy are Americans? Start with the "Liberals" and work your way to the Conservative "Hawks" - remember "LET'S CREATE KOREAN NO MAN'S LAND - USING ATOMIC WASTE PRODUCTS"

In case you believe that the wackiest thing that ever happened in Tennessee was the 1925 Scopes Monkey Trial, I'm here to challenge that thought.  When I think Tennessee, I think "Gore"... as in Albert Gore, senior and "Al" Gore junior...  stalwarts of the U.S. Democratic Party... "big thinkers".  

At this very minute U.S. forces are deployed in attack positions bracketing Iran. U.S. Special Forces and spies are on the ground inside Iran and will assist the strike, when and if Obama signs off on the mission. Whenever I listen to politicians pondering U.S. "options" in Iran  I am reminded of crackpots like Albert Gore, Sr.   Read below his "big idea" for ending the stalemate in the Korean War.  Gore wanted to protect Korea by by creating a modern version of HADRIAN'S WALL,  using tons of atomic waste products.

Korea Atom Poison Zone Urged - Al Gore Sr., 1951
In 1951 the Democrats had the White House.  Rep. Albert Gore of Tennessee wrote to President Harry Truman with an urgent plea. Use "cataclysmic" radiation to "dehumanize" a belt across the Korean Peninsula,  and repeat the process periodically so that the enemy (Communists) can never again harm Americans.

Urges U.S. Dehumanize Koean Belt - Al Gore Sr.,  1951
"Something cataclysmic, it seems to me, is called for. We have it.  ... Please consider using it." And here we are again. The U.S. is supremely frustrated by the antics and maneuverings of the Iranian regime.  Israel says it will strike if Obama has no stomach to deal with the Persians.  And don't forget the super deep penetrating bunker busters are already deployed and ready for dropping by B2s.  Wait... it's time to call Al Gore, Jr for some sage advice. 

Radiological Warfare for Koea, FBI,  Al Gore 1951

President Harry Truman did not heed General Douglas MacArthur. He did not "Nuke" the Red Chinese as he was advised.  Truman also ignored Albert Gore, Sr  in 1951.  He did not order the deliberate contamination of Korean soil, and though North Koreans live in extreme poverty, at least its farmers are not producing hideously deformed children. That would have been the Gore legacy if Truman was weak minded.

Albert Gore Sr., wife and Al Gore Jr., - an American Nuclear family

The Gore's - a typical American nuclear family. [sorry, an irresistible pun]  Al Gore junior was a baby boomer, destined to invent exploit the Internet.

The Gore's... one of America's governing families. A sad by-product of a mutant Democracy where only two political parties are allowed to live, and where all other parties are euthanized at birth. The Gore's are a "Mad Bad Line" but they're  also just what the American people have grown accustomed to.  
According to all credible sources - the U.S. will strike Iran in a matter of day, not months. ... "Last week alone, two intelligence insiders, Major-General Danny Yatom and Efraim Halevy, both former Directors of the Mossad, Israel’s main external intelligence agency, said a military attack on Iran was imminent." [news from Israel Aug. 6/12]  USAF B2 bombers will strike at Iran's deepest bunkers and the USN will salvo  launch hundreds of Tomahawk cruise missiles at Iranian military assets.     Let's hope that President Obama is not listening to the most rabid war-nuts in Washington.  Busting open Iran's nuclear storage facilities is a great way to spread radioactive contaminants, and some of the Iranians are just crazy enough to store dangerous nuclear waste products inside the known target areas. That will ensure that explosions and fires loft contaminants into the atmosphere and the White House will be forced to deal with the international political fallout certain to result from unnecessary attacks which irradiate the Iranian countryside. 

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Gore Vidal's America - Neo paganism vs Orwellian Nightmare. Take your Pick

I haven't had to attend a funeral for several years, but I am aware of the fact that people do die, and some are very notable deaths.  I feel a loss when cultural icons pass on, and one of the more remarkable voices of our time, Gore Vidal, died just a few days ago.  In Vidal's case I do mean "voice" because my first exposure was not to his books, but rather his late night appearances on the TONIGHT SHOW (Johnny Carson) in the 1970s. For a kid attending a Catholic junior highschool in a decaying Tory enclave - Saint John, N.B., staying up late to watch Carson was a desperate attempt to absorb some sophistication.  At election time Vidal would share the guest couch with a bimbo plugging a movie and a stand-up comedian, merely to get in a few good zingers at the expense of the current Republican candidate.  Even though I knew Vidal was also mocking my budding political values, I enjoyed every witty word.  I often wondered if Vidal knew he was poking fun at the Canadian hinterland as much as to middle-America. Times change, people change, politics change - but I still admire Vidal's work.

I don't claim to have read many of his books. The man was so prolific that he wrote more in a lifetime than the average Canadian reads in a lifetime. Late in life he became a conspiracy theorist although he called himself a "conspiracy analyst".  One of lesser known books is a collection of essays entitled PERPETUAL WAR FOR PERPETUAL PEACE. I don't have it but I've heard him speak on the issues and I certainly agree with his thesis that much of America's problem is that it antagonizes the World, and it doesn't know how to stop.  I also agree that America's commitment to a state of perpetual war, ("Defending Democracy" is the euphemism),  has become an ideological constant  very much akin to what the Communists call "permanent revolution" and which is fictionalized in Orwell's Nineteen-Eightyfour.  Vidal was an "isolationist Democrat" -  a very rare creature indeed.

PERPETUAL WAR FOR PERPETUAL PEACE - if you want to check out what's covered in this book, the search page is at AMAZON.CA  - HERE

Obama - this is a man you all know and may even love. He also wrote a book. Have you read it?  As an antidote to carefully constructed autobiography might I recommend something a bit more honest? Try CONFRONT AND CONCEAL - Obama's Secret Wars And Surprising Use of American Power.  You can use the "Look Inside" feature at AMAZON.CA -  HERE.

Returning to todays subject... my favorite Gore Vidal novel has nothing to do with American culture.  It is JULIAN, published in 1964, which I found  time to read in 2003. Though dazzled by the story and the power of the prose, I felt I owed it to myself to compare fiction to conventional biography.  A week later I bought a copy of JULIAN the APOSTATE, by Giuseppe Ricciotti and also petitioned Uncle Google.  For too long I had carried in my head a simple construct of the reasons for the Fall of Rome -  a decadent society with an economy dependant on slave labour and fielding mercenary armies to protect its porous frontiers. I now understand the insidious role of organized Christianity which laboured to destroy Rome from within,  and then build the first Christian Empire atop and astride the ruins of what was Rome.  JULIAN was raised a Christian but later rejected its doctrines and devoted the remainder of his life to an attempt to restore the pagan gods to their rightful place at the centre of national culture.  

I can't help wondering about parallels in history. If we are truly, as some critics suggest, witnessing the  "Fall of the American Empire," then it stands to reason that we may also be witnessing the fall of the American God.   I grew up in a Canada where America's traditional values were freely mocked by opinion leaders - high school teachers, politicians, media celebrities and the like.  It took only one drawling reference to "Godless Communists" or "My Lord and Savior" to make a roomful of urban Canadians roll their eyes and groan in disdain. Be patient Canada... American Christianity is a shadow of what it was. Be also prepared for the Shock of the New. We are perhaps only a decade or two away from a legal requirement for NPR to broadcast the Islamic Muezzim's Call to Prayer, I hope I am still around, just to  witness Canadians who dare roll their eyes.

Vidal believed that the American government reaction to 9/11 did far more harm to his Nation than did the attack on New York by Bin Laden's assault team.  That is a just and reasoned verdict and it will stand the test of time. It matters not whether the American President is Christian or Muslim because it is not religion which is dividing their country. It matters a great deal that the U.S.A. is polarized politically, and that it's people fixate on the two-party system as if it were Democracy Perfected. To rely on the ideas and base motives of only two parties... (or two "brands") for another hundred years, is madness.  Some of Gore Vidal's ideas represent a heart felt slice of the alternative viewpoint which is derided by an arrogant media establishment, which has a vested interest in a two pony race.  A country which professes peace but constantly practices war is already Godless, and far more pagan than it realizes.
"BOMB The Hell Out of ..." somebody.  This was America in 1969. So what's changed?  Last week we read the news about America's new  SUPER - SUPER HEAVY bomb, now being readied to penetrate deeply buried nuclear bunkers in Iran... and to what end? How will they prevent the spread clouds of radioactive dust through the region?  read "Mega-Buster-Bunker-Bomb" on Wired.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Incredible! - the Aurora Shooting Victims saw the GANGSTER SQUAD theatre massacre ... before THE JOKER executed them

GANGSTER SQUAD - movie massacre scene

In a previous Blog article I mentioned that film goers in Australia had viewed the trailer for the Warner Brothers movie GANGSTER SQUAD, prior to watching the feature -  THE DARK NIGHT RISES.  That was significant because the "grabber" sequence in GANGSTER SQUAD is when four men fire through the movie screen into the faces of the unsuspecting audience.  Well silly me!  I learn this morning that the Warner Brothers teaser trailer ALSO played before the feature was shown in Aurora, Colorado on Friday.  If James Holmes, A.K.A. "The Joker" was watching the screen instead of fumbling with his weapons, his Kevlar vest, and his gas mask... he might have witnessed the Hollywood version of what he was preparing to unleash upon his fellow citizens. How surreal is that!

I know of this because I read an Editorial in THE WASHINGTON TIMES this morning which skewers Hollywood in general, and the Warner Brothers - Sean Penn partnership in particular, for making mega bucks peddling violent moves, and then resorting to crocodile tears when they are caught with human flesh in their teeth.  It will only take you five minutes to read the "Open Letter".  You should, because it's a rare document.  It's here -  "HURT". 


Canadian newspapers and Canadian TV News programs maintain a despicable symbiotic relationship with Hollywood, pretending that the release of movies in Canada, each one carefully scheduled and cunningly promoted is somehow  "News".  Movies and fictional screen characters have replaced real people and real events  in the minds of an entire generation, and what used to be entertainment for the masses is now an integral component of public education.   In Vancouver, B.C. high school students watch a dozen or more Hollywood films in the classroom each.  Even Gym and Chemistry teachers, bored with the tedium of their daily grind,  show DVDs to burn off paid teaching hours. 

GANGSTER SQUAD - movie massacre, screen capture

Some good news to share.  In the aftermath of the "TDKR" murders (yeesh!), Warner Brothers is going to jettison the cinema massacre sequence in GANGSTER SQUAD.  The whole premise was ludicrous to begin with...  a  Squad of  Los Angeles policeman volunteer to form a hit squad to go after and eliminate California mobsters. These policemen walk into a Los Angeles movie theatre, stand behind the screen,  and unload into the faces of a movie audience!!  Sean Penn paid people to write and film that shit!  No wonder The Washington Times decided to "unload" on him.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Are Americans Literally Going Crazy? The evidence mounts

James Holmes, A.K.A.  THE JOKER

James Holmes, American college student, age 24 (A.K.A. "THE JOKER").  He had parents, money, an education, a car, an apartment and few if any complaints.  Now he is accused of opening fire in a crowded movie theatre, killing twelve and wounding dozens more.  Clearly he's nuts.

Casey James Fury,  arson onboard  submarine  U.S.S. MIAMI

Casey James Fury, American  shipyard employee, age 24.  Casey fancies himself a poet:
"we agreed this city was like a morgue
  you said we should liven things up around here
  this is red when we paint the walls with fire and pools of cream
  this is my mouth with sharp silver teeth and our implausible dream"    Mr. Fury is charged with two counts of arson, having set fire to the nuclear submarine, USS MIAMI, and causing $400,000,000 damage.  His reason? He was feeling anxious about his girlfriend and wanted to leave the job site, so he lit a fire in the subs torpedo room. The US Navy admits it may have to scrap the Los Angeles class sub, if it proves costly to repair.  Clearly Fury is nuts.

It's not just American citizen's who are going nuts.  The Government of the United States has begun to behave in a wholly irrational manner.  Having recently had its balls ripped off in Iraq and its teeth kicked-in by the Afghanis, the U.S. administration is still hellbent on arming and inserting Syrian revolutionaries and with launching a strike on Iran - a nation which is on high alert, and waiting for the American attack.  Clearly they're nuts.

Internment Specialist, U.S. Army careers
This is a U.S. ARMY career advertisement for "INTERNMENT SPECIALISTS"  In Canada  "Internment" is a dirty word.  If the Canadian Army created such a job classification, the Federal Government would fall in the next election and the Liberals restored to power.  America is signalling to the world that Guantanamo type operations do not embarrass them in the least, and this is a permanent feature of U.S. militarism.  The US ARMY ad is  HERE.

While I have been pro-American all of my life, I confess that over the past few years I have found myself less inclined to support America when I hear Canadians bashing their political system and the American way of life. If Americans are misguided enough to allow Homeland Security to remain a permanent fixture, and to militarize the once reasonable system of law and order, then they deserve the Orwellian future they are crafting for themselves.  Certainly the World will not accept American Imperialism to develop.  "The World's Policeman" was an acceptable term as long as America's intentions were benevolent.  American meddling worldwide is by now so instinctive, so predictable and so violent, that it seems nothing short of a mental illness.

Law Enforcement Battalions, U.S. Marine Corps
The United States Marines have now activated and deployed three "Law Enforcement Battalions" which will feed prisoners into the camps run by Army "Internment Specialists".   Not "Military Police," but military law enforcers.  There's a huge difference, but only a fool or a lackey reporter would be drawn into a discussion of what is truly intended with these "innovations".  I recall that three generations of American generals opposed the United Nations as a being a nascent "World Government", and yet U.S. military planners think it entirely appropriate to deploy expeditionary forces to impose the "New World Order" [the U.S. model two-party state] and displace the traditional role of civilian police in fostering democratic principles.   Clearly they are nuts if they think they can afford to stay on this road to economic and political suicide.

UPDATE - July 29 -  O.K., so now we know that James Holmes was being treated by a mental health professional at his university, an expert on schizophrenia.   A reporter for the DAILY MAIL suggests the Holmes consultation is a dodge " one could be sure whether his bizarre behaviour in court earlier this week was drug-addled tiredness, psychosis or simply a cynical attempt by a clever but deeply wicked man to pretend he was mad."  The DAILY MAIL article  is HERE.  I don't quibble with the Reporters' point, but I do note that the sneaky Brit takes this opportunity to link James Holmes to another mass-shooter, Norwegian Anders Breivik.  Now that's a streeeeetch.  Breivik was politically motivated and a militant. His target was the youth camp of a leftist political party, and Breviek has hated leftists all his life.   Holmes showed no evidence of hate prior to his crimes in Aurora, and doesn't belong to a political

Digital billboard - Holmes - Obama, Aurora

Now, just as  the DAILY MAIL reporter wants to get in a cheap shot, there are propagandists in the U.S. who will exploit the JOKER shooting.  This photo of a digital billboard in Aurora,  attempts to make points at President Obama's expense.  It is certainly in bad taste, but it also makes a valid point.  The Democrat did campaign on the lie... "Vote for me and I'll bring home the troops."  He didn't do it, and he won't do it.  In fact the U.S.A. has got as much firepower deployed worldwide as ever, and worse, America is drifting in Orwellian waters.  And oh yes,  Mr. Obama did not "earn" the Nobel Peace Prize.  That too, was a tasteless joke.  

AUGUST 7 -  trickle, trickle, trickle... the facts seep out like molasses from a leaking barrel. 
Now we learn, via an ABC News  EXCLUSIVE REPORT  that Mr. Holmes' campus psychiatrist reported him to the Campus Threat Assessment Committee and to an officer of the campus police.  This tragedy was preventable and now seems to be a carbon copy of the Virginia Tech massacre where the shooter was known to campus cops and where there was legally actionable evidence he was nuts.

Update  June 20, 2013

Matt Drudge points us to an interesting piece on over-medicated Americans, June 20, 2013
The article, "Study - 70 per cent of Americans on Prescription Drugs"  is reporting on work done by the MAYO CLINIC, and it is archived on the CBS - Atlanta website  HERE.

Friday, July 20, 2012

THE DARK KNIGHT RISES - 12 Dead on a movie house floor - as reel as it gets...pun intended

Can it get any more obvious? The frequency of the bored and disaffected turning to violence to satisfy their craving for attention.  Last  night's massacre in Aurora, Colorado... a "Dark Knight" indeed.   Kill as many people as you can in a highly dramatic setting [mid-night showing of a Summer Blockbuster movie] and then surrender yourself into the spotlight of celebrity.  Not brilliant, but highly effective.  The shooter James Holmes, a medical student who was "pursuing a PhD" in genetics. You can't make this stuff up.  What next? A  Professor of Chemistry, pissed off by some perceived slight, who decides to mix a batch of purple Kool-Aid and serve it to an American entire city?

Gangster Squad - the trailer

Warmer Brothers is currently promoting GANGSTER SQUAD, and this is the sequence that should offend thine eyes.  We witness four men armed with .45 calibre Thompson sub-machine guns fire through a movie screen, emptying their magazines into the faces of unsuspecting movie goers. Mr. Holmes used an equally powerful weapon, an ArmaLight AR15 variant, with a 100 round drum magazine. That's the kind of firepower reserved for the exclusive use of the Police in Canada, but available to private citizens in the U.S.

Aurora Shooting - Gangster Squad
In spite of the lying teaser "Based on a True Story", no such incident ever happened in U.S. history.  This cinema butchery is purely a cinematic creation.  As it happen Warner Brothers is the producer and distributor of the movie DARK KNIGHT RISES, which just had its premiere.  A movie which will last in infamy.  Would you take my fifty cent bet that the shooter last night in Colorado, had seen the trailer for GANGSTER SQUAD?  The irony is so thick you could lay it down with a trowel.  [Update - it turns out that the baby faced Mr. Holmes, "the accused," has been planning this bit of violent theatre for a couple of months.  He patterned his grotesque performance of violence after the character "The Joker" - Batman's nemesis.]

GANGSTER SQUAD - life imitates "art"

GANGSTER SQUAD - Tommy Gun bullets into unsuspecting faces

Aurora Shooting - GANGSTER SQUAD trailer
If you wish to view the trailer of GANGSTER SQUAD from which these screen shots were made, it  here at HEADLINE HOLLYWOOD -  GANGSTER SQUAD TRAILER.

Update: at 2:50 PMT the GANGSTER SQUAD  cinema massacre link is still 'hot," but I imagine that it will be cut before long.
UPDATE, July 24 - the head honchos at WARNER BROTHERS met this morning and discussed Gangster Squad. The news is that the cinema massacre sequence will now hit the cutting room floor, and a new scene produced for insertion.  It was an appallingly stupid scene to begin with.  No such incident ever happened in Grauman's Chinese Theatre, nor in any other American movie house.  The Joker Attack in Colorado three days ago is an entirely new category of mass-shooting.
Another odd twist - we learn that the Gangster Squad movie trailer ran in a few Australian cinemas, as folks waited to see the feature - THE DARK KNIGHT RISES.  Nobody appreciated it.

GANGSTER SQUAD - cinema massacre trailer screens in Australia

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Danzig Street Shootout - minute by minute on Twitter

I was made aware of the Danzig Street shooting by a YAHOO News headline, as I accessed my email. Toronto news is of no particular interest to a Vancouverite so the shooting didn't really catch my attention until I gave the CTV News Channel ten minutes of my time, over the lunch hour Tuesday.  The TV reporting was of the typical "I'm standing on the sidewalk where it all happened," variety.  Ten minutes Googling the story gave me a far clearer picture, and resulted in my posting last night's Blog article.  Scroll down for more on "The City, By Homicide" and NATIONAL POST graphic artists.

When I Googled the names of the four people listed as creators the NATIONAL POST  graphic, this is what I found.
Ian Vandaelle describes himself as "Morally, socially & financially bankrupt."  Does that make him dangerous? or just cute?

Samina Esha is a "shopaholic and bookie".   It's starting to look like the POST team has "street cred".

Jonathon Rivait is the punster in the pack. "My rock is cock hard."

Richard Johnson is all about "Sarcasm, cynicism, skepticism - in monster proportions."

What an interesting posse of crime reporters!  To be accurate, it is Jonathan Rivait and Richard Johnson who must take the lion's share of credit for the wonderful graphics the NATIONAL POST publishes on a fairly regular basis. Others contribute only research.

TWITTER REPORTING - the Danzig Street Shootout
The really significant thing about this shooting in Toronto is not the bombast and baloney spouted by the Mayor and Chief of Police. Rather it was the level of involvement by citizens participating in the mass crime, or reporting on it via their Twitter Accounts. An article written by Joshua Errett, editor at NOW Magazine in Toronto, is a good place to start.

Joshua's article is HERE.

Even now, two days after the shooting, you can get a far better sense of what went done on Danzig Street, by reading Twitter archives, than you can by reading commercial news accounts.  There is a lesson in this.  Should you ever be caught up in a big event... a natural disaster, a major crime, etc... task someone with downloading the Twitter chatter before it gets edited or truncated by deletions. It will later be a valuable resource for reconstructing chain of events.
DANZIG STREET TWEETS - The shooters "touched the wrong people".  .."there is gonna be a war".   On that point at least, the Street and the Mayor's Office agree.