Friday, July 20, 2012

THE DARK KNIGHT RISES - 12 Dead on a movie house floor - as reel as it gets...pun intended

Can it get any more obvious? The frequency of the bored and disaffected turning to violence to satisfy their craving for attention.  Last  night's massacre in Aurora, Colorado... a "Dark Knight" indeed.   Kill as many people as you can in a highly dramatic setting [mid-night showing of a Summer Blockbuster movie] and then surrender yourself into the spotlight of celebrity.  Not brilliant, but highly effective.  The shooter James Holmes, a medical student who was "pursuing a PhD" in genetics. You can't make this stuff up.  What next? A  Professor of Chemistry, pissed off by some perceived slight, who decides to mix a batch of purple Kool-Aid and serve it to an American entire city?

Gangster Squad - the trailer

Warmer Brothers is currently promoting GANGSTER SQUAD, and this is the sequence that should offend thine eyes.  We witness four men armed with .45 calibre Thompson sub-machine guns fire through a movie screen, emptying their magazines into the faces of unsuspecting movie goers. Mr. Holmes used an equally powerful weapon, an ArmaLight AR15 variant, with a 100 round drum magazine. That's the kind of firepower reserved for the exclusive use of the Police in Canada, but available to private citizens in the U.S.

Aurora Shooting - Gangster Squad
In spite of the lying teaser "Based on a True Story", no such incident ever happened in U.S. history.  This cinema butchery is purely a cinematic creation.  As it happen Warner Brothers is the producer and distributor of the movie DARK KNIGHT RISES, which just had its premiere.  A movie which will last in infamy.  Would you take my fifty cent bet that the shooter last night in Colorado, had seen the trailer for GANGSTER SQUAD?  The irony is so thick you could lay it down with a trowel.  [Update - it turns out that the baby faced Mr. Holmes, "the accused," has been planning this bit of violent theatre for a couple of months.  He patterned his grotesque performance of violence after the character "The Joker" - Batman's nemesis.]

GANGSTER SQUAD - life imitates "art"

GANGSTER SQUAD - Tommy Gun bullets into unsuspecting faces

Aurora Shooting - GANGSTER SQUAD trailer
If you wish to view the trailer of GANGSTER SQUAD from which these screen shots were made, it  here at HEADLINE HOLLYWOOD -  GANGSTER SQUAD TRAILER.

Update: at 2:50 PMT the GANGSTER SQUAD  cinema massacre link is still 'hot," but I imagine that it will be cut before long.
UPDATE, July 24 - the head honchos at WARNER BROTHERS met this morning and discussed Gangster Squad. The news is that the cinema massacre sequence will now hit the cutting room floor, and a new scene produced for insertion.  It was an appallingly stupid scene to begin with.  No such incident ever happened in Grauman's Chinese Theatre, nor in any other American movie house.  The Joker Attack in Colorado three days ago is an entirely new category of mass-shooting.
Another odd twist - we learn that the Gangster Squad movie trailer ran in a few Australian cinemas, as folks waited to see the feature - THE DARK KNIGHT RISES.  Nobody appreciated it.

GANGSTER SQUAD - cinema massacre trailer screens in Australia

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