Friday, July 6, 2012

Juxtapose 3 - Justin Trudeau and Luka Magnotta

I would not presume to compete with the folks at FRANK magazine, but there is plenty of potential for satire in this country. You would agree that humour is the safe and sane way to deal with  the ugly side of our culture.  The truth is that many of you found this Blog using Google's Picture Search.  You probably don't even know what a Runagate is, huh? Well,  I invite you to enjoy this juxtaposition of two Canadian careers that give me the creeps.

Justin Trudeau playing for the camera.
Hey, it's only posing if it looks like posing.

Justin Trudeau and Luka Magnotta are both into body culture and love to strip for the camera.  Trud's thunderbird tattoo dates from his toking days in B.C.  Luka has no skin art to exhibit.

Luka Magnotta, Cover Boy audition.

Justin Trudeau M.P. , photo opportunity on Parliament Hill

Justin Trudeau and Luka Magnotta both love to stage events for the camera and grew addicted to being photographed every day of their lives.  To keep from boring their audience, each changes his costume, hair style and venue  CONSTANTLY.

Luka uses Photoshop. It's cheaper than aviation kerosene.

Justin Trudeau, a practiced pose in the House of Commons
Do you think Trud's seen one too many Riefenstahl films?

Justin Trudeau and Luka Magnotta rehearse their gestures in front of mirrors and only work with loyal and supportive photographers.

Luka Magnotta kissing Flipper


Justin Trudeau, cover of MACLEAN'S magazine.
The READERS DIGEST cover was a keeper, but Trud should
have flashed his thong for the boppers.  Remember how his mom
bought the cover of HIGH SOCIETY for the price of a
single untrimmed beaver pelt? You just know he wants to do it.

Justin Trudeau and Luka Magnotta have each made a study of Canadian tastes and conceits. They will spare no effort to capture and hold the spotlight. Each, in his own exquisite fashion, was bred for fame

Luka Magnotta, cover of MACLEAN'S magazine
There is of course a BIG difference between the theatrical styles of Justin Trudeau and Luka Magnotta.  Trudeau won't literally give head to get attention, but his brand of politics is pornographic.  There's no love in what he does.   And like another crass political showman I could name, the larcenous Svend Robinson, when Justin Trudeau crashes and burns, crocodile tears will not be sufficient to put out the burning makeup.

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