Thursday, July 5, 2012

JUXTAPOSE 1 - Bev Oda - the Fall from Grace

My last article was rather lengthy and a tad intense, but I am convinced that Luka Magnotta's theatrics have opened a portal into something very dark and unfortunately, very Canadian. But I must take a breath and step back from Luka for a day or two.  

The expression "One Picture is Worth Ten Thousand Words" is certainly NOT a Chinese proverb. It is usually held to a "thousand" words, and in spite of what Wikipedia will assure you (ARTICLE), buttressed by plenty of Internet contagion,  advertising executive Fred Barnard did not coin the phrase. The "proverb" should be the unofficial MOTTO of the Legion of Lazy Bloggers who scrape and paste pictures, rather than trying to write words.

In the proposition that a little humour is good for one's mental health, I'll be offering a series of Juxtaposed images -  as a break between the longer articles in the Blog.

Canadian MPs waiting for carriages to arrive, circa 1875. It was Ottawa in the age of silk hats, walking sticks and horse drawn transportation.  These dandies were conscious of the presence of the camera  and of their image as members of a political elite. 
[Coll. of the Runagates Club Blog]

Newly resigned M.P. Bev Oda, Minister of the Crown.  In this photo she was caught in a sour mood and needing her nicotine - in front of the House of Commons.  You could almost feel sorry for her IF you were not aware of the millions of dollars of media training Parliamentarian's get at our expense.  Bev just does not give a shit.  She's 68 now and ready to lay it down in the sunny Caribbean.  [Photo taken by Chris Roussakis]

Editorial comment -  While I'm not a Tory, I take no pleasure from Ms. Oda's fall from grace, although the ankle biters have just cause for listing her many excesses - epitomized by the infamous $18 dollar glass of orange juice.   Today's updated burst of outrage is HERE.

Still, how is it that Ms. Oda gets kicked around but the truly odious Adrienne (Pon) Clarkson, the retired Empress of Canada - still gets to burn up our tax money from her elitist eyrie in France?  Grrrrr!  Bev Oda is a penny pincher compared to the wicked queen of the north, Madame Clarkson.

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