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Are Americans Literally Going Crazy? The evidence mounts

James Holmes, A.K.A.  THE JOKER

James Holmes, American college student, age 24 (A.K.A. "THE JOKER").  He had parents, money, an education, a car, an apartment and few if any complaints.  Now he is accused of opening fire in a crowded movie theatre, killing twelve and wounding dozens more.  Clearly he's nuts.

Casey James Fury,  arson onboard  submarine  U.S.S. MIAMI

Casey James Fury, American  shipyard employee, age 24.  Casey fancies himself a poet:
"we agreed this city was like a morgue
  you said we should liven things up around here
  this is red when we paint the walls with fire and pools of cream
  this is my mouth with sharp silver teeth and our implausible dream"    Mr. Fury is charged with two counts of arson, having set fire to the nuclear submarine, USS MIAMI, and causing $400,000,000 damage.  His reason? He was feeling anxious about his girlfriend and wanted to leave the job site, so he lit a fire in the subs torpedo room. The US Navy admits it may have to scrap the Los Angeles class sub, if it proves costly to repair.  Clearly Fury is nuts.

It's not just American citizen's who are going nuts.  The Government of the United States has begun to behave in a wholly irrational manner.  Having recently had its balls ripped off in Iraq and its teeth kicked-in by the Afghanis, the U.S. administration is still hellbent on arming and inserting Syrian revolutionaries and with launching a strike on Iran - a nation which is on high alert, and waiting for the American attack.  Clearly they're nuts.

Internment Specialist, U.S. Army careers
This is a U.S. ARMY career advertisement for "INTERNMENT SPECIALISTS"  In Canada  "Internment" is a dirty word.  If the Canadian Army created such a job classification, the Federal Government would fall in the next election and the Liberals restored to power.  America is signalling to the world that Guantanamo type operations do not embarrass them in the least, and this is a permanent feature of U.S. militarism.  The US ARMY ad is  HERE.

While I have been pro-American all of my life, I confess that over the past few years I have found myself less inclined to support America when I hear Canadians bashing their political system and the American way of life. If Americans are misguided enough to allow Homeland Security to remain a permanent fixture, and to militarize the once reasonable system of law and order, then they deserve the Orwellian future they are crafting for themselves.  Certainly the World will not accept American Imperialism to develop.  "The World's Policeman" was an acceptable term as long as America's intentions were benevolent.  American meddling worldwide is by now so instinctive, so predictable and so violent, that it seems nothing short of a mental illness.

Law Enforcement Battalions, U.S. Marine Corps
The United States Marines have now activated and deployed three "Law Enforcement Battalions" which will feed prisoners into the camps run by Army "Internment Specialists".   Not "Military Police," but military law enforcers.  There's a huge difference, but only a fool or a lackey reporter would be drawn into a discussion of what is truly intended with these "innovations".  I recall that three generations of American generals opposed the United Nations as a being a nascent "World Government", and yet U.S. military planners think it entirely appropriate to deploy expeditionary forces to impose the "New World Order" [the U.S. model two-party state] and displace the traditional role of civilian police in fostering democratic principles.   Clearly they are nuts if they think they can afford to stay on this road to economic and political suicide.

UPDATE - July 29 -  O.K., so now we know that James Holmes was being treated by a mental health professional at his university, an expert on schizophrenia.   A reporter for the DAILY MAIL suggests the Holmes consultation is a dodge " one could be sure whether his bizarre behaviour in court earlier this week was drug-addled tiredness, psychosis or simply a cynical attempt by a clever but deeply wicked man to pretend he was mad."  The DAILY MAIL article  is HERE.  I don't quibble with the Reporters' point, but I do note that the sneaky Brit takes this opportunity to link James Holmes to another mass-shooter, Norwegian Anders Breivik.  Now that's a streeeeetch.  Breivik was politically motivated and a militant. His target was the youth camp of a leftist political party, and Breviek has hated leftists all his life.   Holmes showed no evidence of hate prior to his crimes in Aurora, and doesn't belong to a political

Digital billboard - Holmes - Obama, Aurora

Now, just as  the DAILY MAIL reporter wants to get in a cheap shot, there are propagandists in the U.S. who will exploit the JOKER shooting.  This photo of a digital billboard in Aurora,  attempts to make points at President Obama's expense.  It is certainly in bad taste, but it also makes a valid point.  The Democrat did campaign on the lie... "Vote for me and I'll bring home the troops."  He didn't do it, and he won't do it.  In fact the U.S.A. has got as much firepower deployed worldwide as ever, and worse, America is drifting in Orwellian waters.  And oh yes,  Mr. Obama did not "earn" the Nobel Peace Prize.  That too, was a tasteless joke.  

AUGUST 7 -  trickle, trickle, trickle... the facts seep out like molasses from a leaking barrel. 
Now we learn, via an ABC News  EXCLUSIVE REPORT  that Mr. Holmes' campus psychiatrist reported him to the Campus Threat Assessment Committee and to an officer of the campus police.  This tragedy was preventable and now seems to be a carbon copy of the Virginia Tech massacre where the shooter was known to campus cops and where there was legally actionable evidence he was nuts.

Update  June 20, 2013

Matt Drudge points us to an interesting piece on over-medicated Americans, June 20, 2013
The article, "Study - 70 per cent of Americans on Prescription Drugs"  is reporting on work done by the MAYO CLINIC, and it is archived on the CBS - Atlanta website  HERE.

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