Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Incredible! - the Aurora Shooting Victims saw the GANGSTER SQUAD theatre massacre ... before THE JOKER executed them

GANGSTER SQUAD - movie massacre scene

In a previous Blog article I mentioned that film goers in Australia had viewed the trailer for the Warner Brothers movie GANGSTER SQUAD, prior to watching the feature -  THE DARK NIGHT RISES.  That was significant because the "grabber" sequence in GANGSTER SQUAD is when four men fire through the movie screen into the faces of the unsuspecting audience.  Well silly me!  I learn this morning that the Warner Brothers teaser trailer ALSO played before the feature was shown in Aurora, Colorado on Friday.  If James Holmes, A.K.A. "The Joker" was watching the screen instead of fumbling with his weapons, his Kevlar vest, and his gas mask... he might have witnessed the Hollywood version of what he was preparing to unleash upon his fellow citizens. How surreal is that!

I know of this because I read an Editorial in THE WASHINGTON TIMES this morning which skewers Hollywood in general, and the Warner Brothers - Sean Penn partnership in particular, for making mega bucks peddling violent moves, and then resorting to crocodile tears when they are caught with human flesh in their teeth.  It will only take you five minutes to read the "Open Letter".  You should, because it's a rare document.  It's here -  "HURT". 


Canadian newspapers and Canadian TV News programs maintain a despicable symbiotic relationship with Hollywood, pretending that the release of movies in Canada, each one carefully scheduled and cunningly promoted is somehow  "News".  Movies and fictional screen characters have replaced real people and real events  in the minds of an entire generation, and what used to be entertainment for the masses is now an integral component of public education.   In Vancouver, B.C. high school students watch a dozen or more Hollywood films in the classroom each.  Even Gym and Chemistry teachers, bored with the tedium of their daily grind,  show DVDs to burn off paid teaching hours. 

GANGSTER SQUAD - movie massacre, screen capture

Some good news to share.  In the aftermath of the "TDKR" murders (yeesh!), Warner Brothers is going to jettison the cinema massacre sequence in GANGSTER SQUAD.  The whole premise was ludicrous to begin with...  a  Squad of  Los Angeles policeman volunteer to form a hit squad to go after and eliminate California mobsters. These policemen walk into a Los Angeles movie theatre, stand behind the screen,  and unload into the faces of a movie audience!!  Sean Penn paid people to write and film that shit!  No wonder The Washington Times decided to "unload" on him.

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