Friday, August 5, 2016

Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson - a Hound Dog and his Tale

Vancouver Mayor Robertson - and young Chinese girlfriend Wanting Qu

I don't often use the Blog to point readers directly to a news story, unless it contains something of strength to alter our perspective, or information that is certain to be suppressed by the media elites.   This one is important.  Vancouver has a mayor who, like many con-men who become pubic office holders, is adept at the art of misdirection.  A paragon of feigned virtue, he is a royal figure among Vancouver's political elite, and so the media never, ever digs.   More to the point, "his worship" controls the disbursement of millions of dollars in annual advertising and promotion fees,  and no media outlet will risk his revenge.

So when he started promoting his phone campaign against "Chinese Dirty Money" that was supposedly corruptly the virtuous Vancouverites, the media was in lock-step.  And when the B.C. Provincial Government  recently resuscitated that old racist measure known as the CHINESE HEAD TAX,  (imposing a 15 percent tax on "offshore" property buyers), the local White media was still in lockstep with the political class.

Christy Clark and "British Columbians First"
"British Columbians First"  - Just harmless wording?

So how is that different from "Americans Come First" ?

Americans Come First - Donald J. Trump

How interesting to learn that Gregor Robertson is dipping his dick in one of the deepest pools of illicit Chinese wealth that any White boy ever gained access to. Soon... because he's bedding a young Chinese, Gregor is no racist, right?  There is no racial dimension to the 2016 Chinese Head Tax, right?  Decide for yourself. We Canadians are carefully bred (schooled) to be politically correct, but we still maintain emergency statutes that will allow Ottawa to re-establish Internment Camps for any group that begins to frighten us, or threaten economic security.

The Toronto news magazine  MACLEAN'S has the story - Gregor Robertson, his pop-star girlfriend and a corruption trial.   The teaser line boasts: "The Vancouver mayor's relationship with Wanting Qu has largely escaped media scrutiny. Until now." The editors at Maclean's are deluded.  The story will gain no traction, and in fact after 24 hours it's already dead. And speaking of dead things, even if the Chinese Court did sentence Gregor's future Ma-in-law to death, and a Chinese rifleman actually put a bullet through her head, that profoundly ironic news will NOT be reported here.  The Chinese government is quite effective lately in investigating the professional money launderers and property fraudsters on their side of the Pacific, but Beijing has no brief for dealing with White-people's petty jealousies in the City of Vancouver.

LATER:   "Christy Trump"  -  That didn't take long.  Since Canadian's have adopted Donald Trump as their new pet hate, they will now label everything they hate as being "Trump" this or "Trump" that. Aaaah.  It's so, so soothing to relax and enjoy letting others do your thinking for you.  

Christy Trump - Trump the new Canadian epithet

Christy shouldn't have done it, but the racist property purchase tax has nothing to do with Donald Trump.  (And of course Terence Corcoran ignore the Canadian metaphor. We don't build walls, we build internment camps. All our government initiatives must create sustainable employment.) Christy takes the flak while Gregor Robertson continues to fuck-over Vancouver taxpayers, unscathed by a narcissistic local media that is content to bury us in info-tainment.