Monday, November 19, 2012

Maria Santos Gorrostetia Salazar - Mexican hero butchered by Demons from HELL

Maria Santos Gorrostetia Salazar

Shock, horror, revulsion.  These are just words I know, but they were my feelings when, on Sunday, I learned that my cherished Mexican Hero - Maria Salazar, had been executed by a Narco hit-squad and her body dumped in a field. Think of it... To contribute so much of yourself, to give all of your energy and spirit to your people, only to end up as an abandoned corpse in a grainy Youtube video! It is the ultimate indignity.

It's a rotten feeling to be left alone with your thoughts after learning such news. Quite frankly I would enjoy the assignment of joining a posse to lynch the perpetrators of this fiendish crime. I am a peaceful man but I've never flinched from touching shit, if shit had to be cleaned up.  Shakespeare would describe them as "the legions of horrid hell," for in MACBETH one murder begat two, and suddenly the devil has fostered massacre upon massacre, until all of the major characters have learned that their wives and children have been slaughtered. The only medicine for it is "our great revenge".  I believe that the demons who murdered this wonderful woman are human filth, and Mexico has become a cesspool of evil that sorely needs cleansing. The scant solace we might take from this murder, is that her killers will ultimately be butchered by their own kind, because narcotics traffickers ultimately turn on each other.

I have written about Maria in an earlier Blog article.  Having just passed our national Remembrance Day, I am mindful that I come from a country which contributed to Victory in two World Wars - a nation from which soldiers wounded in battle received their return-ticket, back to the safety of Canada's shores. Such men had earned the right to stand down. And what of Maria? She was ambushed and very, very grievously wounded.  Skilled medical professionals saved her from certain death.  What did she do?  She suffered through therapy, got her strength back, and returned to her duties -  courageously working to provide a little security and progress to the people of her community.  Ultimately she stepped down from office, but that did not satisfy the demons of the drug trade.  Like Mao Tse Tung, who couldn't enjoy his bloody victory in 1949, but just had to corner and crush every "class enemy" in China no matter how defenceless, the  Narco-thugs of Mexico cannot rest until they have eliminated every decent person who has spoken out against them.  Why then does the United States media ignore this War on the border?  Why did the Obama government not extend a hand and offer this gallant woman a measure of protection?  The White House crows its electoral victory... it scooped up millions of Latino votes with scarcely an effort.  Mr. Obama, don't repay that massive electoral support in token food stamps and and forgivable federal loans. Help Mexicans still at home, living under constant threat from the Drug menace.  Choose to save the lives of innocent Latinas like Maria Salazar. Be a man, not a lawyer.

I realize that Obama's psychological profile doesn't position him in opposition to drug use, but at least he's a husband and a father, so he should accept our common stake in protecting women and children.  He values his "Michelle." Good for him. Well I valued Maria Salazar, and I could give a god-damn about America's political interests in the Middle East.    Maria was a casualty of a new flavour of genocide - the destruction of a free people by Narco-terrorists who seize territory and operate on a military scale. Mexico's war is a North American war and of far greater significance to those of us who share this continent, than the evils of distant continents. My sneaking suspicion is that because the Yanquis are incapable of suppressing illegal immigration from the South,  that many of them take secret pleasure in watching the Mexicans rip each others guts out.  What else could possibly explain the lack of will to unite American combat forces with Mexican troops, and quickly eradicate the drug enclaves?  

This is what the Demons did to her a few years ago, and what they did to Maria Salazar on Saturday.  Remember it.  And below is how she looked in death. A good woman dumped like a piece of garbage. 

And lest the judgemental among you decide that I am some sort of "Christian crank" spouting off about "demons, I hasten to add that I have no religious convictions whatever.  But what I do believe in, is the presence of evil in this world.  Their are criminal offenders, and their are hardened outlaws, and there are certainly DEMONS.  These are the monsters who will cut off a dozen heads and arrange them for a photograph... men who would hang a dozen people from a city overpass... men who would saunter into hospitals and execute patients... men who machine-gun coffee bars ... these are DEMONS.  You don't  arrest Demons. You don't offer them one last cigarette. You take them to the gutter and you bleed them out.  

This photograph shows Maria Salazar working to make her community a little bit safer... here handing out gear to a volunteer policeman.   

It should not be left unsaid that the President of Mexico and the Mexican General staff did make an attempt to protect Maria's small town.  An Army base was built and a garrison established. It was not enough to save Maria, but it is a start.  (Go to Youtube to see the Presidential ceremony)

And below I offer a graphic which attests to the fact that there are other WOMEN WARRIORS in Mexico. They are unnoticed by the New York media, or the Toronto media establishment for that matter, but they exist nonetheless.  (I scraped this graphic from the Internet about two years ago, and I regret not crediting the source. My apologies to the graphic artist.)

Heroines in Mexico's defence against the Narco Gangs

A MURDER TOTALLY IGNORED BY NORTH AMERICAN MEDIA - she was abducted Nov 14, her body found Nov. 15, and identified Nov. 16.  I just did a Google News search (English only) and this is what I find. Nine stories.  What an indictment of criminal neglect.  Oh please tell me what Michelle Obama is wearing today!!   Fracking morons of the media establishment!

And one final thought, if I might.  Here is a clipping from one of my research files.  It is yet one more example of the heroism of Mexican women.... this story from 110 years ago.  What an incredible example such women set for us all.

What this world needs is more heroes and heroines and far fewer celebrities.  History is far more inspiring than Hollywood.