Sunday, August 5, 2012

How Crazy are Americans? Start with the "Liberals" and work your way to the Conservative "Hawks" - remember "LET'S CREATE KOREAN NO MAN'S LAND - USING ATOMIC WASTE PRODUCTS"

In case you believe that the wackiest thing that ever happened in Tennessee was the 1925 Scopes Monkey Trial, I'm here to challenge that thought.  When I think Tennessee, I think "Gore"... as in Albert Gore, senior and "Al" Gore junior...  stalwarts of the U.S. Democratic Party... "big thinkers".  

At this very minute U.S. forces are deployed in attack positions bracketing Iran. U.S. Special Forces and spies are on the ground inside Iran and will assist the strike, when and if Obama signs off on the mission. Whenever I listen to politicians pondering U.S. "options" in Iran  I am reminded of crackpots like Albert Gore, Sr.   Read below his "big idea" for ending the stalemate in the Korean War.  Gore wanted to protect Korea by by creating a modern version of HADRIAN'S WALL,  using tons of atomic waste products.

Korea Atom Poison Zone Urged - Al Gore Sr., 1951
In 1951 the Democrats had the White House.  Rep. Albert Gore of Tennessee wrote to President Harry Truman with an urgent plea. Use "cataclysmic" radiation to "dehumanize" a belt across the Korean Peninsula,  and repeat the process periodically so that the enemy (Communists) can never again harm Americans.

Urges U.S. Dehumanize Koean Belt - Al Gore Sr.,  1951
"Something cataclysmic, it seems to me, is called for. We have it.  ... Please consider using it." And here we are again. The U.S. is supremely frustrated by the antics and maneuverings of the Iranian regime.  Israel says it will strike if Obama has no stomach to deal with the Persians.  And don't forget the super deep penetrating bunker busters are already deployed and ready for dropping by B2s.  Wait... it's time to call Al Gore, Jr for some sage advice. 

Radiological Warfare for Koea, FBI,  Al Gore 1951

President Harry Truman did not heed General Douglas MacArthur. He did not "Nuke" the Red Chinese as he was advised.  Truman also ignored Albert Gore, Sr  in 1951.  He did not order the deliberate contamination of Korean soil, and though North Koreans live in extreme poverty, at least its farmers are not producing hideously deformed children. That would have been the Gore legacy if Truman was weak minded.

Albert Gore Sr., wife and Al Gore Jr., - an American Nuclear family

The Gore's - a typical American nuclear family. [sorry, an irresistible pun]  Al Gore junior was a baby boomer, destined to invent exploit the Internet.

The Gore's... one of America's governing families. A sad by-product of a mutant Democracy where only two political parties are allowed to live, and where all other parties are euthanized at birth. The Gore's are a "Mad Bad Line" but they're  also just what the American people have grown accustomed to.  
According to all credible sources - the U.S. will strike Iran in a matter of day, not months. ... "Last week alone, two intelligence insiders, Major-General Danny Yatom and Efraim Halevy, both former Directors of the Mossad, Israel’s main external intelligence agency, said a military attack on Iran was imminent." [news from Israel Aug. 6/12]  USAF B2 bombers will strike at Iran's deepest bunkers and the USN will salvo  launch hundreds of Tomahawk cruise missiles at Iranian military assets.     Let's hope that President Obama is not listening to the most rabid war-nuts in Washington.  Busting open Iran's nuclear storage facilities is a great way to spread radioactive contaminants, and some of the Iranians are just crazy enough to store dangerous nuclear waste products inside the known target areas. That will ensure that explosions and fires loft contaminants into the atmosphere and the White House will be forced to deal with the international political fallout certain to result from unnecessary attacks which irradiate the Iranian countryside. 

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