Friday, March 23, 2012

OBAMA - "If he had a son..." Two killings in Florida

Damn... the trash in the news today is so painful. The media, especially the American broadcast media, is shovelling shit like there is no tomorrow. I couldn't begin to pick the creepiest, slimiest chunk of info-tainment oozing from from my computer this morning... but I guess it is a tossup between "The Hunger Games" becoming the latest box office smash (shades of TWILIGHT vampire dross!!!) or the news that schools in England are now banning elementary school students from declaring each other "best friends". SCHOOLS BAN CHILDREN MAKING BEST FRIENDS Being best-buds is now deemed elitist and marginalizing. Ouch! England is after all the country which invented the perfected dystopian future... BRAVE NEW WORLD and NINETEENEIGHTY-FOUR. The Brits are rapidly achieving double-plus newness, but the Yanks are only just behind them.

Likewise I thought we had already seen the label sewn to the bottom of the bag we know as media-sycophancy ... but this guy Barack Obama can do and say virtually anything he pleases and the media kiss his ass on both cheeks. It's astounding to witness. Worse, the Americans claim to reject the concept of Monarchy and yet the Presidential family has become nothing else but a Royal Family. All monarchs have Praetorian guards... our Queen does, and her successor surely must, because it is inevitable that one day a Muslim party will seize control of Britain's Parliament...

The Americans understand the concept of a dystopian future because THEY are creating one for themselves ... it's a highly militarized future... a shoot first - explain later future, when every killing will have a clearly defined purpose and also be as legal as a Presidential Decree. So the White House, which once made do with a Praetorian guard at Battalion strength, has now been reinforced to Regimental strength. Obama's security detail is now more than capable of defending his excellency from even a rogue U.S. military unit or the deranged pilot of a U.S. military aircraft. Nobody outguns the Presidency. Sad and sick.
Just last week one of Obama's daughters went off on an urban-safari to Mexico City... did the media carp about the White House dispatching a full platoon of Secret Service to provide defensive cover? Not a bit of it. (Nor did they carp with the Obama's recently took a full Battalion of Secret Service as escort on their Hawaiian vacation.) A sickening, Gucci wallet spectacle indeed. To my tired eyes the metaphor was a troop of U.S. cavalry heading out from Fort Apache for a sortie deep into hostile territory.

I always check out Drudge in the morning and the headline today is a direct quote from His Royal Highness Barack the First, the Lion of Chicago... who declared yesterday "If I had a son, he's look like Trayvon." He was talking skin colour... he was talking about good looks, talent and aspiration. But he also knows full well, that is NOT how it is going to play out.

This is politics, not parenting. Obama's staff has urged him to wade into the latest Florida killing of .... (to quote Michael Moore (Bowling for Columbine) "a young black male... a young Afro-American...". If you are an American you already know every itty-bitty detail about Trayvon's life, or at least as much as you are ever going to know. So now the White House, in the run-up to the November national election, has embraced the Michael Moore image of the victimized young black male as its poster boy. Bad move slick! Trying to turn this into a race-thing is not something the Democratic Party is capable of handling with finesse and it's guaranteed to deep-six all those Republican cross-over voters who were willing to give a demo-crat a chance. The Demo-thugs are hogging the camera already and it makes butt-ugly politics.

I see something of interest in an outburst yesterday by Geraldo Rivera, who like everyone else, is seeking to explain the sad Trayvon Martin shooting . He pegged Trayvon Martin as a 'posture boy' NOT a political 'poster boy' as the Democrats will spin him. Millions of young people, including Canadian youth, choose to use fashion as a statement - too often the hoodie. Trayvon used a hoodie to frame his baby face, and it worked. He WAS perceived as threatening. Listen to what Geraldo had to say... LEAVE THE HOODIE AT HOME. Bear in mind that Rivera has already been FORCED to disavow his comments, or risk putting his own career in the crosshairs.

Now for a little juxtaposition - another story of a black youth in Florida. This is also from today's news, but it's unlikely you will encounter the tale, because Mr. Obama has NOT embraced Shawn Martin. If you are a Canadian Snowbird you may have read a little of the story of Shawn Tyson, the good looking 16 year old who executed two British tourists, but not before humiliating them them a little before pulling the trigger. Read the original story for yourself HERE. It takes just two minutes.

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