Monday, March 26, 2012

Hoodie politics - more tribal symbolism, more Madison Avenue branding

The Presidential Hoodie on display. This woman displays Obama on a protest stick. Nice! The fellow in front of her doesn't even know how to wear his hoodie. It's supposed to cover the face, not the ears. I can still identify him in a lineup.

Trayvon's parents, Ms. Sabrina Fulton and Mr. Tracy Martin plan to lead all the hoodie's they can muster in New York City. American political theatre at its finest.

The Florida boy who posed in a HOODIE. In an era when people photograph themselves on a daily basis, it's not surprising that Trayvon Martin took the photo he will be remembered by. What is culturally significant is that millions of Americans now choose to identify with a garment and are making it symbol of the coming Black on White Presidential Election. I thought hoods went out of fashion with the notorious Ku Klux Klan?! When social equality is just NOT GOOD ENOUGH, revert to totems, costumes and other cheap symbolism. It's all so damned sad and so manipulative. "Let's march, then march some more, and then... let's march again!" For more on the famous garment read HOODIE on Wikipedia.

This is so sickening it beggars belief. Sabrina Fulton has applied for copyright on her dead son's name. "I AM TRAYVON" and "JUSTICE FOR TRAYVON". Is she going to spend the rest of her life feeding off this sad and senseless killing? Is that all she is capable of? Isn't it enough she's helping save a failed Presidency? Isn't that enough history to satisfy an ego?

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