Friday, February 16, 2007

2007 The Year of the Pig

2007 is the Year of the Pig, and it is only hours away. I thought I would assemble a fun gallery of images which convey the spirit of our times.

Ah wealth! Who doesn't covet gold? From Australia, a gold pig.

To get rich is glorious! In upscale China, pigs tattooed by Louis Vuitton.

A tattoo for that dumb butcher, who cannot remember his cuts of pork. How's that for having cheat notes up your sleeve?

In military occupied Tibet where they just want to see the last of China's "People's Liberation Army," this calendar will get you arrested.

This is BLUE PIG. Isn't she lovely? Just $375. and she's yours.

Pig with a really bad attitude. Perhaps his former owner was the infamous Robert Pickton, the Coquitlam pig farmer?

After a hard night of drinking, this porker just stopped for a massage. What will his wife say when he gets home with some other pig's name tattood on his ass?

Wow. This makes me want to lick my monitor. I've got saliva on my board.

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