Thursday, October 16, 2008

Michael Ignatieff - Who said he is a "Left"-handed Gun?

Michael Ignatieff, M.P. is now gunning for the Liberal leadership. In a blast from the past we enjoy Ignatieff test firing a Kurdish AK47 assault rifle. The year was 1993 and he was researching a book on the PKK guerrilla war.

Well that was fun! As Federal elections go, that October 14, 2008 romp was quite a success. Except for the annoying bad habit of Mr. Harper who frequently referred to us as "Canadian consumers", I could ignore most of the blather this time out. I am a citizen, not a consumer, although I don't presume to speak for anyone else. I was content with Tuesday's results. Locally and nationally it went rather close to what I expected and since I no longer carry political membership cards in my wallet, I am free to stick pins in any doll I choose. Voodoo does work, and its a great cleanser for the soul.

Stephen Harper, ever the incremental, moved his blue pegs along the board, and that was fine. More important, he achieved one of his unstated goals - that of sticking a silver fork in Mr. Dion's heart. Bury that beast in unconsecrated ground! And now if the teeth-gnashing Grits would finally come to their senses and show some respect for the better man - Michael Ignatieff - they might set themselves on the royal road to recovery. If they chose Ignatieff to lead them even a veteran Runagate like moi, would slip into a red vest and donate to the war chest - and that would be quite a political conversion as I used to be a Reform activist and fund raiser. We could spot a federal phony from a block away. I have long considered Mr. Ignatieff one of the few genuinely compassionate men in Ottawa. In fact I often use an essay he wrote about his ailing mother - "Deficit's", to help high school students improve their reading comprehension.

Michael Ignatieff on the cover of MACLEAN'S, Nov. 20th, 2006. The snotty cover story was a masterful component of a disinformation campaign which succeeded in denying him the leadership. For reasons as old and dusty as Confederation itself, the Liberals walked blindly into the disaster easily labeled "the Dion Doldrums". Will the Grits soil their nappies twice in a row? Let's hope they don't.

May, May... please go away!
What is left to say about that incredible irritant from Nova Scotia? Elizabeth May just might possess the business smarts to run a busy taxi stand but she was little more than the clown princess of the 2008 Election campaign. I'd like to simply laugh her off but what she is still costing Canadian taxpayers, and also the loyal Greenies whom she stabbed in the back, is not a joke. This estimate just off the wire:

"The GREEN party will receive roughly $1.8 million in federal funding for the more than 940,000 votes it obtained in the election -- nearly double the subsidy the Greens received after the 2006 vote."

Lizzie is such a con-artist that while on the stump she was promoting a book she hasn't even finished writing yet. Yesterday, in interview, she told a reporter that her two post-campaign resolutions are to pay off the Green Party debt "by Christmas" and to finish her book "Global Warming for Dummies" Take a gander at the Chapters Indigo website today. "Countess Indigo" did Princess May a big favor by promoting a book which was promised for October 2, 2008 but never delivered. That's May for you.

Screen shot of GLOBAL WARMING FOR DUMMIES on the chapters.indigo. ca website today.

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