Saturday, January 3, 2009

Democrats for Christ - or how I learned everything I need to know about power-coupling from the Clinton's

Criminals infest politics in equal proportion to the legion of selfish cheats who pilfer charitable food banks. All about us we hear the politicians bleating in many tongues... English, Punjabi, Chinese, French... about "public service" and "vision" and the raw horror of their deceit and oily vanity make us wince in pain. When will we be free of their din? Well, human nature is beyond the influence of Christian moralizing and in any case, I'm not a Christian. I need something stronger than religion to keep me sane and flying straight and level, and I urge you to keep searching for your own antidote. The bite of the common liar is painful and often fatal, so be ever vigilant.

Case in point... the vile couple who won control the Illinois State House, were caught out by FBI wiretaps, but who continue to hold on to power using the full battery of legal and media tricks they learned from watching another criminal conspiracy in action - Billy and Hillary Clinton.

The Internet is polluted with commentary on Clinton and Blagojevich crimes, so I won't add my urine to the stream. If you like the Clinton's you'll like the Blago's. They're scales off the same rotting fish. I do though enjoy juxtoposition in imagery. Canadian news editing being what it's become, you probably haven't seen these two images. Who would have thought the darling Blagojevich pair were such family folks... such sanctimonious Bible believers.

Associated Press photo

We all know that Rod is a thug, and nobody but his mama (and Jesse Jackson senior) will mourn if somebody were to put a shotgun under his chin, but Madame Blagojevich is blessed with the same DNA. "The First Lady of Illinois" (says her vanity web page) is no lady. Some of the FBI wiretap transcripts are in U.S. VERSUS ROD. R. BLOGOJEVICH and JOHN HARRIS, filed in a Chicago courthouse on December 7, 2008. Much of Rods foulmouthed ranting has been reported, prefacing each of his demands for cash or favours in exchange for Obama's Senate seat, but no one looks into the business record of the hustling-realtor wife.

Chicago Tribune photo

There was a small sample in the deposition, capturing a day when the Blago's were huddled by their phone to discuss blocking the sale or development of Wrigley Field, home of the Chicago Cubs, unless they could get revenge on their political enemies. "During the call, ROD BLAGOJEVICH's wife can be heard in the background telling ROD BLAGOJEVICH to tell Deputy Governor A "to hold up that fucking Cubs shit... fuck them."

The Blago's were demanding that the Chicago Tribune fire several editorial writers who have consistently challenged the criminal conspiracy of Mr. and Mrs. Governor Blagojevich. Well the prosecutor filed his charges a full month ago, and the Blago's still rule Illinois. If this isn't a carbon copy of the Clinton White House years, then someone name me a better comparable. Yes, yes the "Alaska Hillbilly" "Bible thumping" "White Republican trash" Sarah Palin has been gutted and sent to the freezer, but the political barracudas continue to enjoy the love and support of the majority media.

Rod Blagojevich's lawyer is very confident, and he has reason to be. Clarence Darrow, who was no stranger to Chicago politics, once defended violent anarchists in Illinois. He said "There is no such crime as a crime of thought; there are only crimes of action." Blago's lawyer says the Governor is only guilty of expressing his thoughts, and that does not constitute an unlawful transaction. Blago has known for years that his phones were tapped, but he understands also what the Clinton's demonstrated so well. The media is not intellectually or morally healthy, and so you can where them down with the equivalent of Muhammed Ali's "rope-a-dope". Calling politics a blood sport and it's not just a metaphor.

Governor Blagojevich deleted the contents of his FACEBOOK account (sample above) after he was arrested by the FBI. A history conscious soul copied some choice content before it was obliterated by Blago himself. A whiff of that BLAGO BLATHER can be found HERE.

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