Sunday, November 28, 2010

A BROAD STRATA OF SOCIETY - We're all terrorists!

Mohamed O. Mohamud - Allahu Akbar I love this. We are all now so sensitive to Muslim sensitivities, that journos even strain to get the spelling correct when quoting the terrorist war cry - "Allahu akbar!" Back in the day it was rendered simply "Allah akbar". He's got a catchy name too - Mohamed O. Mohamud.

In response to yesterday's bulletins about Mohamed O. Mohamud, the so-called "Christmas Tree bomber" in Portland, Oregon, MICHELLE MALKIN today offers a pungent assemblage of something we in Vancouver rarely get to see... the mug shots of the Bad Boys and Bad Girls who commit heinous acts. In the criminal matter at hand, the perfunctory profile of those who seem committed to perpetrating large scale acts of terror in the U.S.A., Michelle plays with the irony of it all. EVERYBODY is surveilled, EVERYBODY is body scanned, EVERYBODY is a suspect until the real Muhammad or Muhammadine detonates, or impacts or immolates.

Way back in June of 2006 Ms. Malkin picked up on the squeamishness of Canada's RCMP who used the term BROAD STRATA OF SOCIETY to describe the composition of a terror cell. The Mounties always talk funny. They often call the criminal under arrest a "gentleman" and often refer to themselves as "members"... as in "The gentleman had his girlfriend's severed head in his hands when he was confronted and taken into custody by one of our members."
...9/11 Terror Cells - A Broad Strata of Society A gallery of members of the 9/11 strike team who knocked out New York's Twin Towers + 1, levelled a wing of the Pentagon, but failed to destroy Mr. Bush's White House. This is NOT an official Law Enforcement poster. It is satire, and credit for this display of wry humour goes to Photoshop artiste David Lunde.

Ms. Malkin offers some interesting commentary on the now infamous "Broad Strata of Society", who are persistently trying to defeat U.S. Homeland Security. Check out her Nov. 27th article and updated rogue's gallery.

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