Sunday, April 10, 2011

Polygon's CHANCELLOR development in Burnaby, Metrotown - for the record

A reader query asks "Why do you put Polygon's CHANCELLOR Tower at 4860 Bennett St., when their Facebook page says "4880" ? Good question. The truth is that of the three major tower developments marketed this year in Burnaby, Metrotown - Bosa's SOVEREIGN, Intracorp's METROPLACE and Polygon's CHANCELLOR, Polygon has run the stealthiest operation. If you look at the photo I took at 3PM today you will see what is posted at the building site behind Metrotown Mall. . Polygon's proposal got third and final reading - officially termed Reconsideration and Final Adoption, at the Burnaby City Council Meeting on Monday, April 4. It was actually just a formality - one of several document sets which were pushed through in two minutes, with a unanimous vote. [For those who don't know Burnaby politics, we have a single municipal party holding all of the municipal seats. Almost all matters are passed unanimously, with little discussion, unless one of the BCA alderman is having a grouchy day.] . Up until the very last, at Monday nights' Council meeting, Polygon's development project has been identified as "Metrotown Tower - Burnaby B.C." and never as Chancellor. Further, the civic addresses for the building site - on all documents reads "4860 Bennett Street and 6535 Nelson Avenue". No doubt Polygon has applied for and will receive the civic number "4880" (a valuable Chinese lucky number) and they feel entitled to call it theirs, but I can't publish it in this Blog until confirmed.

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Solomon Wan said...

its 4888 now i think