Thursday, June 2, 2011

HST FOR DUMMIES - The YOUTUBE video, not the yellow covered book!

I am one of those who is fine with the HST. I didn't sign the petition, and I'm not interested in any referendum unless it guarantee's to lower sales tax by two or three clicks. What has been apparent to me is that a devil's legion of high school and university teachers have been proselytizing on the HST issue. I hear incredible renditions of it when I speak to young people.

Well if you are tired of being lied to, and REALLY want to know what those lies are, the answer is available in an easily digested YOUTUBE video created and narrated by Chris Thompson. Click on FIGHT - FIGHTHST and when it has finished playing you will be better informed than any reporter working in local print or broadcast media.

Chris Thompson puts the Vander Zalm HST lies to rest in a YOUTUBE chalk talk which he brands Fight-FIGHTHST . Try some of Thompson's brain food. It looks good, tastes good, and it's actually quite nutritious.

A tip of the Blogger's cap to film maker Phil Jack, who insisted that I give Thompson's "FightFightHST" a play. I'm glad I did.

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