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Boston Bomber - was Tamerlan Tsarnaev executed or just 'finished off' ?

Was Tamerlan Tsarnaev executed or,  to use the euphemism, just 'finished off' in the heat of combat? 
Now of course law enforcement types will not accept the right for this question to even exist. They will bristle and take immediate offence.  Well, my best reply is - You started it.  Or  to be more exact, the Watertown Chief of Police Ed Deveau started it, in a rambling interview he gave to Wolf Blitzer on CNN.    Read edited portions of Chief Ed's long conversation, quoted in a CNN article   HERE.

Watch -  "Watertown police chief gives play-by-play account of Friday manhunt" on SALON  HERE   He said the two  Tsarnaev brothers engaged six of his officers with handguns (although they had a rifle of some sort in one of the escape vehicles).  The older brother, Tamerlan Tsarnaev, he says, ran out of bullets and was heroically tackled by Watertown officers, who proceeded to cuff him.
At some point, either before or after Tamerlan ran out of ammo, he heaved one of the pressure-cooker bombs at Watertown officers. Chief Deveau said the blast left a chunk of metal lodged in a nearby car. Several photos exist of the street pavement scarred by the bomb blast.  Somehow, in the melee, the younger brother escaped, and remained at large for the remainder of the day.
While the brother was on the run in Greater-Boston, someone leaked a photo of Tamerlan Tsarnaev's corpse to Internet news sites.  TMZ posted a 'heads up" at 10:32 AM Thursday. TMZ also confirmed the authenticity. Here is a photo-scrape from the TMZ website:

The photo, (top of page) as you will note, is grisly. I don't like looking at it, but you will notice it shows the body after processing by a hospital team. There are scalpel strokes on the chest and a large section of tissue has been removed for examination. You will also note that he is riddled with bullet holes. The media rushed to the hospital AFTER the photo appeared online and demanded answers. The hospital insists that no staff member took the photo, implying that someone in law enforcement took the photo and leaked it.  I don't really care who leaked it, but I took notice of what the examining physician had to say. There were so many  bullet entrance wound that he didn't bother to count them.
What? But Chief Ed Deveau told CNN that his boys tackled Tamerlan and put him in custody. How did he end up so very, very dead?  Did they tackle a corpse?

I wouldn't have cared enough to comment until the bullshit got deeper.  Last night the media started peddling  Law Enforcement disinformation that Tamerlan's own brother had killed him !  The story was  that he ran over him with a car, in making good his escape.  Does that mean that some trophy hunter cut the tire tread mark off Tamerlan's chest?  Of course not.  But it does indicate that Chief Ed Deveau's six heroes have collaborated on a story to explain how the younger brother got away alive.  Here is a sample of the kind of story such police disinformation generates.

Here's another example, a story from Agence France Presse, A.F.P.

And yet another example:

I hasten to insist, that I am not advocating for these two criminals.  But I do want to know the truth of what happened. Even a cursory inspection of the photograph of Tamerlan Tsarnaev's body shows bullet holes which suggest he was shot from all points of the compass.  Sorry folk's, but if this guy was tackled and cuffed by Watertown cops, the leaked photo indicates he was finished off where he lay.  Perhaps that's gun shot residue - powder burns hacked off the side of his chest, close to where his heart once beat.

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