Wednesday, November 9, 2016


Hillary Clinton's Defeat - Ding, Dong the Witch is Dead !

This is no time to attempt to be wise or witty. Happy tastes real good.

I feel like singing... but I'll let the Munchkins do it for me.
DING, DONG THE WITCH IS DEAD !!,  from that classic musical, The Wizard of Oz.

I used to tell my kids that I wanted to live just long enough to witness human beings walking on MARS.
Recently I came to realize that I could take equal satisfaction from watching Mrs. Hillary Clinton getting her ass kicked in a general election.  Her ruin is just..that... significant.

I have been watching the Clinton duo with distaste since they were Mr. and Mrs. Governor of Arkansas. It is hard to believe but Hillary has been prancing and posing since 1969, when LIFE magazine sent a photographer to do a shoot at her home.

Hillary Rodham Clinton - posing for a LIFE magazine photographer in 1969

Hillary Rodham Clinton learning to pose for the camera - 1969
She also took the glasses off for a few poses.
But this is enough Hillary for today.

LIFE magazine - June 1969.  I was an eleven year old boy. Some of you were not yet alive!   This was here first fawning photo-shoot, and my, my, my didn't she enjoy posing. Of course years later she benefited from professional training by acting coaches -  those who taught her the political Vaudeville routine (her Shtick) - the perfected lies, the constant eye-popping, the finger pointing to fawning acolytes, and that phony southern drawl she could turn to like a radio channel.

Well there were two monsters slain tonight.
One dangerous witch and one arrogant, bloated dragon -  the News Media suffered a crippling blow.  Not fatal, but the editors and the meat puppets will never fully recover this humiliation.His was the first time in my life when I ignored broadcast media during an election campaign. Today I monitored unfolding events through my iMac, and only turned on TV to watch the Trump family accept the verdict of the American people.

Wikileaks - journalists outed as Clinton stooges

President-elect Trump was gracious in his speech tonight.  It was nearly  3AM in New York and his family was exhausted. He forgot to thank someone really essential to his victory - Matt Drudge.  Bravo Mr. Drudge.  Bravo!!

CNN POLITICS and Google Ads

Google, CNN and assorted media swine just don't know when to turn it off.

There's got to be a Morning After
This morning the NEW YORK TIMES, bastion of snot and the cheap shot, dismissed the Trump achievement as the equivalent of scurvy haters pouring out of the garrets of Paris - yes, they used the French Revolution metaphor!  In the graphics department they were equally tart:"Areas with many white voters without a college degree formed the core of Mr. Trump's support."

TRUMP TRIUMPHS- New York Times graphic Nov. 9, 2016

Look what Trump just handed the Republican Party, and the bastards did everything they could to destroy his chances of winning.

Trump - less than $5 per vote

TRUMP - 57 million votes - less than $5 each


Trump and Obama - The Whole Picture - Jonathan Ernst - REUTERS

From here on in,  this is the kind of journalism we demand.  THE WHOLE PICTURE !!

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