Friday, June 1, 2007

Global Warming.... our big fat lying polls.

Can you handle the truth! asks Mother Jones magazine.

Do Canadians really give a shit about Global Warming? In a word... NO!
But WAIT ! you cry. Haven't we been buried in poll results and media dumps that claim to document the TRUTH about Canadian guilt over the melting polar ice caps and stinky, sweating polar bears? Haven't we been told again and again and again that Canadians have put saving the environment at the TOP of their personal agendas?

Tonight CBC News dropped a bombshell. It turns out that in May 2007 auto dealers had their all time best month in sales - a new Canadian record. "Car dealers sold 185,471 vehicles in May" There's so much more. "The big surprise was in the light truck category, which includes SUVs, pickups and minivans. Despite gasoline prices that were verging on record highs, sales of these vehicles jumped 15.1 per cent. Car sales rose by a more modest 6.6 per cent."
Haven't we been told again and again and again that Canadians were responding to these god awful gas prices by switching to smaller, more fuel efficient cars? Who in the hell is doing all the lying? Is it the dastardly polling companies, the low-IQ politicians, the Jihadi environmentalists or just the bullshitting Canadian people we should blame for all the hot air on global warming?
Like the "asshole" above I drive an SUV, but my principle motivation is survival. B.C. sells licences in to many very scary new drivers and should one of them elect to plow into me, I plan to walk away from the wreck. I know I will keep driving my van even if gasoline goes to to $5 per litre, because personal mobility is one of the few freedoms we have left in this country. We all seem to value that FREEDOM much more highly than we care about the earth's atmosphere adjusting to higher concentrations of carbon particulates.

Finally, here's a reminder of one gigantic source of atmospheric heat which the Canadian Parliament will never tax or intimidate. Sol abides, and our star will control earth's weather systems long after the last Canadian politician and even little Davie Suzuki have been reduced to dust. And that, boys and girls, is a good thing.

UPDATE June 5, 2007: Notice how Friday's news on record breaking May 2007 auto sales got a biiiig Yaaaawn from the Canadian media? Why are the legion of forecasters and trend spotters falling all over the map on the key economic indicators and evidence of social change? Is it just stupidity? And why do they ignore important information when news doesn't go the way they want to spin it? Always curious, I just Googled the news archives and I want to quote a "blast from the past" - this one is from a story archived on
"March 14 [2007] (Bloomberg) -Canada's dollar may drop following a government report that showed sales of new automobiles declined for a third straight month in January, adding to signs that the economy is not growing fast enough to prompt an increase in interest rates."

The dollar may drop?? Car sales are tanking?? And businesses pay money to subscribe to Bloomberg's priority info services?

Now on the priority subject of the great Global Warming - carbon tax grabbing scam: - A short but worthwhile read, "I WAS ON THE GLOBAL WARMING GRAVY TRAIN" can be found on the website of the Mises Insitutute. The URL for the piece is and it is worth a few minutes of your time.

But if you don't agree with the basic premise - "Unfortunately politics and science have become even more entangled. Climate change has become a partisan political issue, so positions become more entrenched. Politicians and the public prefer simple and less-nuanced messages. At the moment the political climate strongly blames carbon emissions, to the point of silencing critics." ... the article is NOT for you. Ride along with Al Gore.

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