Saturday, June 23, 2007

Cowboy without a gun, PM invites Sikhs to run

Canada's Tory Prime Minister - the unarmed cowpoke.

Earlier this week Canadians watched the Air India Inquiry go into sudden recess because key witnesses had refused to appear and testify. The startling reason they gave was that they were afraid for their lives and for the lives of their families. To many that sounded like nonsense and we were disappointed that they could not trust in the abilities of the RCMP and the Vancouver Police to serve and protect. Today we know that they were smart not to testify, and they must never testify. In fact it seems that someone (a journalist?) must have leaked word to the victim families that the Prime Minister of Canada was about to send a message to Vancouver making peace with the Sikh terrorists. They seem to have had some sort of advanced notice. The evidence is in today's Vancouver SUN.

In a stunning capitulation to criminal violence, Tory politician Stephen Harper yesterday bowed down to his political masters in British Columbia, and informed the Sikh community that there will be no prosecution of the terror bombers who blew up the Air India 747 twenty-two years ago. Yesterday he invited a staffer at the SUN into his healing circle, and sat for a prearranged interview. What a betrayal of the justice system!

Harper said: "The reality is we will probably never see justice truly done in the sense of people being held responsible for
these actions and we may not know everything that we should know, but I think through the inquiry process, we will learn everything that there still is to be learned and that that will hopefully provide not only some measure of comfort

Of course what Harper is really seeking is not a healing process but to build electoral support among the Sikhs of the Lower Mainland, among whom his Tory party is still mocked and disdained. By throwing in the towel and capitulating to political terror, (and to the racist editorial writers in the Punjabi English language newspapers) Harper is signaling that he is actively seeking Sikh candidates for the next federal election, and that he will give them priority status in his government. The "healing process" will of course include a few Sikh cabinet ministers if they deliver the electoral boost the Harperites need in urban B.C.

Harper's government has been holding terrorism in check only because our Intelligence is good and the first wave of Muslim conspirators have been T-shirt terrorists... loud mouths who boast of actions they are largely incapable of committing. When the man-pack claymores start going off in Eaton Centre, the Go-Trains start melting, and the Canadian Forces recruiting centres get shot up, lets see how tough our hapless PM looks wearing an ill fitting pair of six-guns. I for one won't be impressed by the contingency-rhetoric his handlers are already stuffing into his three ring briefing binder.

"Don't bother."

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