Tuesday, March 25, 2008

CTV will help Fascist China Stick-It-To Tibetan Resistance and Smother Foreign Outrage

Fascist China is flipping out. Senior party cadres have been bursting blood vessels, appalled by the audacity of the "Dalai Clique" to resist Chinese authority. The Tibetans were ordered to "surrender" or die. Those who did "surrender" and now they are being tortured for the names of their friends before being shipped off to Chinese labour camps. Their families are unlikely to see them again. Most will join the "disappeared" of previous generations.

Yesterday the Chinese embassy in Canberra offered Australia some Chinese soldiers to protect the Olympic torch from angry Tibetan supporters. The Chinese, ever obsessed with symbolism, are terrified that a protester might manage to seize and be photographed with the Torch. (Beijing would interpret that simple act of protest as a national defeat, equivalent to the Vietnamese landing troops in the Spratly Islands.) The Aussies, politely... declined, noting that Australian citizens have the right to protest unmolested.
The Olympic Torch Run was a state sponsored spectacle created by Nazi sports officials for the 1936 Olympiad. It was intended to promote the image of the Third Reich. The intensity of the P.R.C.'s emotional investment in their 2008 torch run is scary. The "Great China" brand of national fervor is reminscinent of what we saw in Berlin 72 years ago.

Vancouver is off of Beijing's list, completely. No torch run for us... there are too many Falun Gung dogs living in Vancouver for the Chinese political taste. Our cops won't cooperate with Beijing and bust the heads of Falun Gung protesters, as the Olympic hosts are certainly preparing to do this summer, on the vast concrete wastes of Tiananmen Square.

The PLA moves in, Saturday March 15th. These are ZSL92 infantry fighting vehicles, armed with 25 mm cannon. Just the thing for riot suppression. Why China would deploy amphibious AFVs to mountainous Tibet (note the twin outboard props on the rear) is another matter.


CENSORSHIP of course, is not new to "official" Olympics coverage. Our state owned broadcaster, for decades, shamelessly censored Olympics television coverage, and no CBC manager or techie has ever been punished for it. A case in point... hundreds of thousands of Taiwanese Canadians got their collective faces slapped every single time they watched the opening ceremonies via CBC stations. They covered the arrival of teams from every rinky-dink African pest hole, from every sweaty Pacific coconut atoll, but blacked out countries which Ottawa disfavours. I've seen many Taiwanese-Canadian families strain their eyes, hold their collective breath, waiting intently for the briefest glimpse of the Taiwan team in the ceremonial parade of athletes. That tiny privilege has ALWAYS been denied them. At the behest of the Chinese fascists, CBC techies would cut away to an advertisement or some inane announcement.

CTV as the "official" Olympics broadcaster, will be no better. We can expect full, slavish CTV compliance with PRC editorial demands on broadcast feed. Chinese security personnel are assigned to dog every foreign broadcast technician and sports journo, and there will be no mistakes tolerated. Indeed as Canadian "journalism" is represented in China by the likes of meat puppet Brian Williams, we can be certain that Beijing's propaganda triumph will be greater than Hitler's Nazi Olympiad of 1936.

If you can't strike a blow for Tibetan freedom, you can BOYCOTT CTV's coverage of the 2008 Fascist Olympics.

Not convinced that the Olympics are an over massaged, censored, piece of info-tainment? Consider this. When was the last time you enjoyed watching the Olympic shooting events? Shooting events?! Does anyone remember the disgraceful treatment of Linda Thom by the CBC in 1984 at Los Angeles? Her crime was to excel in a sport that the CBC has never considered to be a sport and did not like to cover. Thom was to compete in the Ladies 25 meter pistol match.

How significant was Linda Thom's win? She won Canada’s first gold medal at the 1984 Olympic Games, and did so at 4:30 pm on the first day of competition. It was the first gold medal win by a Canadian since 1968 AND our first female gold medal since 1928. Canadians did not see Thom's moment of triumph. She was on her own, because CBC didn't schedule coverage of shooting events. Most Canadians don't even know that the Olympics includes events like sport pistol and shotgun skills. The CBC doesn't even have video of Linda Thom competing in 1984! Canadian Gold medalist in pistol shooting , Linda Thom and her coach Joe Liota after her win in Los Angeles, 1984.

Contrast if you will, Canadian domestic tastes in competitive sports to those of the Chinese. The Chinese put great emphasis on shooting and plan to gun down all competition. Pun intended.The Beijing 2008 Shooting Venue. Expect the Chinese to sweep all the medals. Many of their "athletes" are serving security personnel.

Chinese gold medalist Tao Luna will win gold again in 2008. CanadiansWILL watch her performance because China will insist. For the first time Canadians will be watching Olympic shooting events. Should Linda Thom be offered a job as a CTV commentator, or will we have to listen to Brian Williams pretend he has been following Olympics shooting all these thirty years? My vote says Lying Brian.

And, oh yeah. In case anyone wants to lecture me about whether China is "fascist" or "communist," all I can say is that the world has changed, but Canadian high school textbooks have not. China has a mixed economy with more millionaires than Canada can boast, and it transitioned to private ownership of real property years ago. [95% of Canada's national territory is state owned, while China is fast approaching a larger proportion of its national territory passing into private hands.] China's inhabitants privately pay for their own health care and education and are permitted foreign travel. They live in a one party state, which is protected by a heavily armed security apparatus. They seized neighboring territory, such as Tibet, and covet further territory like Taiwan. That, boys and girls is fascism. If you can't assimilate those facts and react to it, then the peace loving Tibetan people and their culture are DOOMED.

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