Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Icelanders refuse to adopt Al Gore's GREEN gospel

Hey, can't a guy take a break? I had decided to give this Blog a rest for a few months and concentrate on other writing commitments. Then today I get an email from some American dude reminding me that I haven't "updated" the Blog for awhile and offering to buy my Blogspot name. "Updated?" Unlike a zillion other bloggers I actually research and write my own material and it does take hours out of my week. I do not have a vast legion of readers, but I enjoy the process of creation and have no reason to quit. So ... no thanks, buddy. Your $$$ I don't need.

Obama Fever. I've got it too.

I love the smell of burnt Clinton in the morning! I couldn't be more thrilled with the Barack Obama's triumph last night than if the man was my own kin. In one sense perhaps he feels like a brother in arms... and if I were an American citizen I would relish the chance to support the "Change" he proposes. I have been following the Clinton file since long before the dastardly duo secured the U.S. Presidency, and suspect I have at hand more reference material on their crimes than any other Canadian. I had long come to accept the dread reality that no man existed who could take them out. But I was wrong, and I will praise that handsome Black hero forever. It is a great public service Obama rendered his nation this week, slaying the Beast called Billary.


As per my blogging habit, I picked up on a news item this evening and let it take me to another land. In Iceland yesterday, police shot a 250-kilo male polar bear which had hitched a ride on pack ice and then swum ashore for some forage. It was the first bear to survive the crossing from Greenland in twenty years. Alas it was slaughtered within hours, all in the name of public safety. You can view the execution on an Icelandic news page, but you must sit through an ad for Icelandic Air. Watch four riflemen get shots on target and then rush to pose with their hapless kill.

If that isn't enough senseless slaughter to provoke disgust for Viking blood lust, consider this: Icelanders have a long history of scoping-out migrant bears and they kill every beast which manages to swim to shore. One British reporter testified that they "take a distinctly unsentimental approach to wildlife". Recall that only a year ago we Canadians were submitted to repeated and hysterical warnings that the polar ice was going to melt off and that polar bears might become extinct.
Well last year unprecedented flows off pack ice choked Icelandic fiords and harbours, putting many residents on polar bear watch. Before yesterday's kill, the last polar bear bagged by the Islanders was in 1993. Previous to that was a bear which swam ashore in 1988. Still further back, a bear made it ashore without a visa in the 1950s and was immediately liquidated. The trophy is now on display in a museum in Husavik. Just four polar bears in a half century and each dispatched without guilt. It seems certain, VANITY FAIR and movie stars aside, that those isolated Icelandic pagans are unwilling to entertain sermons from Green missionaries any time soon. The social gospel of the Reverend Gore has failed to rouse the good old burghers of Reykjavik.

But over in New York, Gore's pronouncements are scripture and Madison Avenue Ad factories are keen to soak up many millions of dollars delivered by acolytes of the handsomely financed Church of Environmental Science. As it happens my favorite magazine, VANITY FAIR, is a major exponent of the Gore movement. I won't hold it against them, as V.F. does far more good than harm, but I can't help bringing up their May 2007 issue. It takes on fresh relevance with yesterday's execution of polar bear number four. I assume that most people remember the silly spectacle of an entire European nation going nuts over a cuddly bear cub. Knut the polar bear is now the icon of the Berlin Zoo, and his fluffy white image was digitally inserted into the cover shot fabricated for use with V.F.'s "2nd Annual GREEN ISSUE". Juxtaposed with the reality of deeply entrenched Icelandic attitude, the arrogance of do good southerner's who are enrolled in a crusade to "save" the North, is truly remarkable.

A faked photo in support of an arrogant cause: In 2007 the image of Knut the Kraut polar bear was Photoshopped to position him at the feet of a mega-celebrity who endorses the Green Philosophy. Leonardo DiCaprio was flown to Iceland for some expensive propaganda work and VANITY FAIR was so proud of its cover they provided a series of production stills on the website.
This shot's not big enough for two celebrities. Knut the cuddly star of the Berlin Zoo couldn't make it. He was too busy with his Blog and TV show.

One of the four great swimmers who have been executed on Icelands shores since World War II. This big fellah guards the lobby of the Hotel Ranga.

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