Sunday, June 8, 2008

B.C. Judge throws Bacon to the Dogs

Astonishing. How else can you describe the actions of the B.C. Provincial Court judge who put Jonothan Bacon (age 27) back onto the streets of British Columbia? Bacon was in Abbotsford Court last Friday morning to face charges stemming from his arrest during a 2005 raid on an Abbotsford home. "Police found two machine guns, two handguns, silencers, hard drugs, 40 pounds of marijuana and nearly $100,000 in cash." Judge Donald Gardiner was dismissive of crown evidence and released the accused on a technicality. Two Bacon associates walked at the same time. They are Rayleene Burton and Godwin Cheng. The trio were justifiably jubilant at Gardiner's decision.

I think this is genius at work. I simply have to believe that Judge Gardiner has an ulterior motive. The Court must have decided to defer this travesty to street justice, because by releasing Bacon from custody he is effectively throwing him to the dogs. In September 2006 Bacon was shot in his own driveway, but survived. He's a tough lad but will not survive a second hit, and is he not capable of planning a preemptive strike to save himself? Who dies next? Currently the entire Bacon crime family is under round the clock police surveillance, due to existing underworld contracts on the life of Jonothan's two criminal brothers.

Much of what we know derives from the dogged investigative skills of Kim Bolan, ace reporter at THE VANCOUVER SUN. Last week law enforcement took the unprecedented step of warning the public, through the news media to stay away from James "Jamie" Kyle Bacon (age 22) and Jarrod Wayne Bacon (age 25) because they are certain to be gunned down soon. The younger brothers are temporarily in custody, facing multiple weapons offences stemming from an incident on May 9th involving a Bacon associate who was murdered in an ambush on a Burnaby street. The deceased was driving an armoured Porsche Cayenne registered to one of the Bacon brothers, and had the misfortune to be mistaken for one of them. The parents of the Bacon boys claim they are innocent. Their father David Bacon, an Abbotsford school employee, is now on paid leave and the Mother is Susan Bacon, a manager at Prospera Credit Union. Neither parent showed up at the court house, choosing wisely to protect their anonymity. We are allowed only the photograph of one family member - James.

James Bacon shown disarmed and under arrest in December 2006 at the Castle Fun Park in Abbotsford, B.C. Seven gang members were meeting in the park, four of them wearing kevlar vests and three armed with pistols. The Bacon's and other local gangs have limitless access to assault weapons. Yet legions of fools like Toronto's mayor and Burnaby's council have always targeted law abiding target shooting ranges. One brazen execution murder took place not so long ago on Canada Way in Burnaby, next to RCMP headquarters. L.A. gang bangers are punks compared to our local underworld.


A display of confiscated WW2 Bren guns and Sten guns (all former Canadian Army stock) as well as modern machine pistols and silencers seized in Abbotsford, B.C. in 2005. Other major arsenals have been uncovered in Burnaby (Eight Rinks) and Winnipeg. How long before an Abbotsford neighborhood gets sprayed by a full magazine of .303 rounds from a Bren gun? It's chilling to contemplate.

A small window (albeit a cracked one) offering some street level buzz in the Fraser Valley communities, is found in a discussion string, "Why the Bacon brothers are hated in Abbotsford". Two Bacon associates, one a female who calls herself "Sarah", do their best to stick up for their friends. It's a slice of unedited Canadian culture.

"It's me Bren Gun !" - A zany image of a movie bad guy ripping off a marijauna grow-op, using a Bren gun. It won't be funny if it happens on some farm in the Fraser Valley. [apologies to Guy Ritchie and Ska Films]

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