Monday, July 21, 2008

Don't panic! They say crime is going out of fashion

Convicted by a jury of their peers, and executed. Three more young lives wasted. Left to right, they were - Kurt Atiba Charles, Adrian Inglis Bannerman and Aaron Brendan MacDonald.

Item: Toronto police investigate triple homicide. Three men were executed on Saturday as they sat in a parked Nissan SUV. All have criminal convictions. The driver of the SUV avoided the fusillade and managed to flee the scene. The wire service reports:

"The triple shooting comes two days after a Statistics Canada report concluded Toronto had the second-lowest crime rate among 27 major cities in the country. Yet this case brings the number of homicides in Toronto this week to six. A 64-year-old man was found stabbed to death in his apartment last Monday, a 17-year-old boy was fatally shot in the city's east-end Thursday and a 28-year-old man was shot at a nightclub Saturday. Toronto has had 35 homicides so far this year."

Item: 2 Charged in shooting death of UVic student.

Philbert Troung, age 20, was a Psychology Major at the University of Victoria. His girlfriend claims he planned a career in law enforcement.

Police have charged a man from the Lower Mainland - Somphayanh (Tommy) Chanthabouala, age 22, and a 16 year old male with one count of murder and two counts of attempted murder. Tommy was at a downtown Victoria nightclub on Sunday night, carrying a loaded handgun. Male aggression fueled by booze led to a lethal confrontation. Philbert didn't know that Tommy was concealing a hand gun, and of course he didn't back down. His manhood was at stake and psychology failed him. Now he's dead and two others are recovering from bullet wounds. Chanthabouala’s lawyer told Island media that his client is from the Lower Mainland. Chanthabouala's car is registered to a Surrey, B.C. address.

Troung's girlfriend was a witness to the senseless killing and commented: "I just know that if he was sober, he would have walked away. He may be [a] tough guy — really cocky and stuff, may act all tough — but I know deep down he would have been scared, and he would have walked away."

Well ladies and gents, I live in an area where there have been more than a dozen execution murders in last five years, at least three of them at traffic intersections. (Which explains why many outlaws choose to run the lights.)I don't give a damn what some bean counters at Statistics Canada have to report. Crime is not on the decline where I live. It is just under-reported. Unless of course the victim needs a police Incident Number to use in filing an insurance claim. I couldn't total up how many times in a year friends tell me stories of theft or destruction of their valuable property, which they didn't bother to report to the switchboard at the nearest detachment.

Item: "Canada's spreading cannibis crop" In a report written for the BBC, Misha Glenny (author of McMafia) describes illicit drug production and distribution in B.C. and laying blame at the door of B.C.s urban Middle Class. Mr. Glenny, a Londoner, collected RCMP estimates for the drug sector of our provincial economy, supported by 20,000 urban grow-ops hereabouts. "If Inspector Cantera's estimates are accurate, then British Columbia is probably home to the largest concentration of organised criminal syndicates in the world." - Is there anyone in B.C. reading this Blog who cannot go to a window of their home and point at a nearby grow-op or dealer? Their "lifestyle" only becomes a "crime" when bullets start to fly.

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theguywhocommented said...

murder of Phil Truong. i was there. right there. when this went down. "tommy" was not packing a gun with him that night. He also did not pull the trigger! you need to get your facts straight before you start typing! "Ricki" aka "Tommy" had beef with one of the wounded. not phil. after the night club had closed ricki called the 16 year old. known on "the Streets" as "blitz" he showed up in a cab and brought with him the gun. a .38 ricki walked up to the cab pointed out who to shoot. said " shoot that mother F***er. and because ricki had offered Blitz 600 bucks to do so he opened fire wounding the intended target and killing phil. while a bystander was struck in the arm. his right bicep to be exact. phil was shot in the center of his chest..the 3 suspects ( they aprehended 2. 1 is still at large.) fled and tried to get into a cab to get away but were quickly stopped by police . the 3rd got away on foot... just thought that you should know the real story so that you could continue to blather on about these things even though you have no idea what your tlking about. again "tommy" did not pull the trigger.