Wednesday, July 30, 2008

"Scarface" is Dead - Third ambush of HUNG VAN BUI Takes him Out

In the early 1980s some Vancouver police officers liked to wear custom printed T-shirts to their private gatherings. One shirt read: "You've seen them drive, now watch them shoot !" The shirts were designed to mock gang-bangers in South Vancouver, the Johal's and others, who were known to flinch or close their eyes when shooting, resulting in a wounding or even missing their targets. Well, nobody is laughing any longer. The body count among gangsters is high and local gunmen are now so determined that they empty whole clips before fleeing the scene.

The face of HUNG VAN BUI graced the front page of THE PROVINCE today. We are told his nickname was "Scarface".

Hung Van (Scarface) Bui, aged 27, had survived two previous ambushes, one in 1999 in Edmonton and the other in 2007 here in Vancouver. In the interim he made his violent living dealing in cocaine, ripping off grow-ops and pulling brutal home invasions. Monday night he was executed in South Vancouver, the "victim" of an extra-judicial contract issued by local Underworld bosses.

The public is now permitted to know something of this outlaw's history:
1999 - a 35-year-old UPS courier, Andrew Allan, was stabbed in an Edmonton parking lot. UPS offered $50,000 cash reward. The police couldn't find the killer. Two months later Hung was arrested in Edmonton when an assassin fired on the car he was in, killing the driver. Hung fled the scene but Police caught up. They charged him with First Degree Murder of Andrew Allan. Why had he killed the UPS Courier? Mr. Allan had offended him in traffic. Hung Van Bui chased, cornered and stabbed Allan. Without an eye-witness the Crown dropped the murder charge.

August 2007 - Gunmen open fire at the FORTUNE HAPPINESS restaurant on East Broadway. Two were killed on the spot. Hung and five others were sent to the hospital. Hung was hit six times but lived to brag about it.

THE PROVINCE located Andrew Allan's mother and informed her of the good news. The mother's comments are worth repeating because her family did what victims are usually instructed to do - Take the pain, and get on with your lives.

"The Edmonton city police told us they were 99.9 per cent sure he was the man. ...They know who did it. But they just couldn't prove it."
"[Our family] figured if this justice system couldn't get him then the one above would. ...There is a higher court than the Supreme Court."
That is quite a compliment to God, or perhaps to the local drug bosses. They who can issue death sentences, while the Crown is limited to sending bad boys to the penalty box.
"I've always felt sorry for that poor young man, that creature's mother. She lost her son a good number of years before I lost mine."
There was a lot of racist blather posted on the Pacific Press web page beneath todays story. I suspect that Hung Van Bui was actually born and raised here. His race has little to do with his taste for violence and his preference for living off our society rather than contributing to it. What is important is that gang violence and our political appeasement of a well armed and motivated outlaw culture, guarantee that another generation of thugs will take over after this one has been decimated.

Constables guard the site of the ambush killing of Hung Van Bui. The shooting was near Fraser and East 65th Avenue, South Vancouver.

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