Friday, December 3, 2010

CBC News traffics in illicit U.S. documents, and not a peep from the U.S. Embassy

Well, well.... Tom Flanagan has apologized for his outburst on a CBC News panel discussion. He admits he's still pissed off at Julian Assange, but he doesn't really want him dead. It sounds like the mea culpa hastily offered by the Muslim clerics who put out a hit on film director Theo van Gogh in 2004, when he ended up literally butchered in downtown Amsterdam. Of course all Flanagan really wants is Assange muzzled for good. That way we get to listen to Flanagan shovel shit on CBC till the cows come home, but are denied knowledge of how the elites of this world con and manipulate the taxpayers who fund their vapid careers and plush retirements. WIKILEAKS style anarchy doesn't threaten our economic stability or U.S. national security. It destabilizes confident careerists.

Julian Assange as he appears on the banner of WIKILEAKS. Not one of the unflattering photos his detractors enjoy distributing. The site and its mirrors are under constant attack. As of today it can be accessed here: (Read Wikileaks)

Of course the majority of Canadians have never heard of WIKILEAKS and have no interest in Hilary Clinton's confidential email. What frightens the puppet masters this week is easy to see. If Mr. Assange is not turned into road kill fast, really fast, there is every likelihood that other disaffected drones with access to data-links, will dump juicier files onto the Internet.

I am not the only Canadian who has noticed that Mothercorp is having it both ways on this WIKILEAKS. Prior to last Sundays bulk release by WIKILEAKS , CBC News decided to traffic in illicit U.S. government documents. CBC set up a handy search widget so dummies like me (and Professor Tom Flanagan) could search and download U.S. State Department cables. I did and he did, but I am grateful for the free lunch from WIKILEAKS and Tommy is not.

This search widget has been featured on the main CBC News website for over a week. Many Canadians, including Tom Flanagan used it to access and download WIKILEAKS files. Why is that CBC traffics in illicit data provided by WIKILEAKS, but doesn't go to Julian Assanges defence? Why should he be in the crosshairs of public opinion while all of the pundits get to play it safe?

Wow... the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation even has the brass to claim copyright on "stolen" WIKILEAKS content. Has the American Embassy nothing to say on this matter? So what type of con is the U.S. government and the media establishment really trying to pull here?

Here are questions from a CBC viewer named DAMON which I read on the CBC News WIKILEAKS search page. He comments on what is bloody obvious - Mothercorp traffics in WIKILEAKS content, and yet one of its less inhibited panelists calls for Assange's assassination. He asks "How crazy is that?"

The point I made in an earlier Blog article is that Assange is an anarchist, but he is doing us a valuable service. For example he is helping us understand what the Chinese government is up to, and he champions the potential for China's citizens to reach out to us in spite of the firewall erected by the Communist Party. TIME magazine conducted an interview with Assange on that very subject. It's (here).

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