Wednesday, December 15, 2010

JULIAN ASSANGE - sex charges unique to Sweden, ANNA ARDIN -a character assassin unique to our era, and NAOMI WOLF puts the boots to blonde policemen

Wow, it's so very appropriate that the decade is ending with this whole WIKILEAKS fiasco. For nine years, ever since the 9/11 Attack on New York and Washington, we have witnessed the construction of Fortress America, which has turned every U.S. city into a para-military bastion, and every airport into a neo-Checkpoint Charlie. How appropriate that a stereotypical "90 pound weakling," who's job title is "Editor-in-Chief", should put the Fear of God into the super-secret puppet masters of the world capitals. Well Assange is an Australian, so for all the salacious details of the sex smear, how about letting the Sydney Morning News explain? Guy Rundle's article "DID HE OR DIDN'T HE " is here. If you are as sick as I am of the TV networks hashing the story, you will give Rundle a few minutes of your time.

And what of Mr. Assange's brief bed partner and principle accuser, the political activist and tragi-feminist ANNA ARDIN ? She turns out to be an incredibly complex 21st century mutant, and very likely the prototype character assassin of our era. If there is a Wiki page for her (and I haven't bothered to look) she probably wrote it herself.

Sweden.... the rape capital of the world, has the gall to accuse Julian Assange of ... what? "Sex by surprise"!? Naomi Wolf, in a scathing essay kicks the Swedish legal system in the balls. It's only a five minute read. Treat yourself to some potent prose. It's posted here.

"...I knew this position taken by the male dominated U.S. British and Swedish media was, basically, horseshit. But none of the media outlets hyperventilate now about how this global-manhunt/Bourne-identity-chase-scene-level treatment of a sex crime allegation originating in Sweden must be 'normative' has bothered to do any actual reporting of how rape -- let alone the far more ambiguous charges of Assange's accusers, which are not charges of rape but of a category called 'sex by surprise,' which has no analog elsewhere -- is actually prosecuted in Sweden."

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