Sunday, March 20, 2011

Canadian Dogs of War - would the Tories lie about Libya ?

As war's go, this new one in Libya is not so unique. The preamble involved the usual pattern of lying and doubletalk. While Gaddafi's opponents were winning they were "revolutionaries" and "freedom fighters". When they started losing they became "innocent civilians" who were, according to Stephen Harper, about to be "massacred". By Sunday the British Defense Secretary Liam Fox was boldly talking about a "decapitation strike". He means the assassination of Gaddafi using precision guided munitions. Will a Canadian CF-18 pilot do the dirty work? Probably not, because according to a report by Tom Blackwell in the NATIONAL POST : Canadian "military lawyers will screen all possible targets to lessen civilian deaths and try to ensure international law is obeyed." How surreal is that!? Our lawyers sign off on the strike targets! You can't make this stuff up. Read more in Canada may take on large share of Libya MissionOn Saturday Peter Mackay, Canada's Defence Minister, was interviewed on the street in his Nova Scotia riding. Canada's JTF2 commandos have been made available to the coalition, and he was asked if they would join the British S.A.S. which is already on the ground in Libya calling in air strikes on Gaddafi's tanks and missilie launchers. Mackay never answers questions about our Special Forces of course. He did though mention HMCS CHARLOTTETOWN, which he claimed was holding station off Gibralter, far from Libyan waters.

According to this graphic prepared by the U.S. Military, and available a few days ago, HMCS Charlottetown is just off the coast of Tripoli. [Of course the Yanks managed to misspell her name.] On Sunday Peter Mackay re-asserted the idea that our warship was holding a non-hostile position near Gibraltar. He was being interviewed on CTV's QUESTION PERIOD. Our frigate has a giant Canadian flag painted on each side of its superstructure, making it the easiest ship for Libyan's to identify from a distance.

I don't trust what Canada is doing in Libya, any more than I trust what they are telling us about present and future military operations in Afghanistan.

Russian An-124 landing at McChord field, near Tacoma, Washington on March 20, 2011. Three of the giant transports flew in during the weekend to load cargo for the "Allied" assault on Libya.

It's interesting that Russia didn't use its Security Council veto at the United Nations to stop the "so-called "NO FLY ZONE", but Moscow has now condemned the massive air and sea bombardment. Early Monday media followed Vladimir Putin to a ballistic missile factory where he gave a speech. He said the UN Resolution on Libya is licence for the Allies to do as much as they please... "It allows everything. It resembles medieval calls for crusades."

On that first night three U.S. submarines and a half dozen surface vessels fired 120 Tomahawk cruise missiles into Gaddafi's country. Wow. That's $750,000 Barack bucks per missile! I find Russia to be super-hypocritical in all of this. Moscow condemns America's every military move and yet is a war profiteer, of critical importance to moving vital equipment directly from America to the war zones. American taxpayers are footing an enormous bill for the purchase of Russian machine guns and helicopters being delivered to Kabul, and also to charter huge Russian Antonov transport aircraft which regularly fly into neighboring Washington State. Previous An-124 flights out of McChord AFB carried loads of military helicopters, including UH60s, OH58s and CH47s. The Antonovs regularly fly to the US Superbase at Kandahar, Afghanistan. There are websites where (if interested) you can follow aircraft movements worldwide, and I note that two Antonov's which loaded at McChord today flew directly to an airbase in the U.K. No doubt they were carrying ordnance to be dropped on Libya later this week.

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Jeff Fan said...

Russian is not the only hypocrite, China joined the role too. a foreign ministry spokeswoman has said "the Chinese government regrets foreign military action on Libya ".