Sunday, October 6, 2019

HONG KONG RESISTANCE - student heroism has been unprecedented.

HK Cops arrest a pair of students disobeying the "No Mask" Ordinance
HK police wear balaclavas for the same reason Canadian police 
snipers and SWAT team members conceal identity. If they murder
or maim innocent civilians, it makes it harder to prosecute them.

This morning  I encountered this incredible photograph. (above) I was searching for news about the imposition, on October 6, 2019,  of the no-mask ordinance in Hong Kong and BAM! ... I found this shot of two bare-legged Hong Kong students being taken down by a trio of Hong Kong cops.  

The cops are wearing full-facial balaclavas, helmets and armour. They deploy with pistols, batons, and chemical agents in spray canisters. The students wear T-shirts and shorts, and they offend law enforcement by wearing surgical masks with elastic bands around the ears.  In a totalitarian jurisdiction it doesn't take much to piss off the demons!

I enlarged the arrest photo to full-screen and let it impress me all day.  My wife, who is Taiwan-Chinese, got upset and insisted on showing me "the other side of the story", video clips of HK policemen who were bloodied in one-on-one combat with rioters.  The news videos don't impress me as much as still photographs of kids standing their ground against oppression.  Some of the images of Hong Kong kids organizing themselves, and demonstrating for basic freedoms, are so damn humbling that I am embarrassed to be a mere bystander.

HK police constantly conceal their identity with "panty-masks"
In this photo we see Hong Kong police in "panty-masks".
This is to hide their identity. Masks are used to disrupt the 
efforts of citizen journalists and public evidence gathering.

Hong Kong schoolgirls defy Lam's anti-mask law

I clipped this a few hours ago.
In defiance of the H.K. government ban on demonstrators wearing any kind of masks, high school students formed human chains around their schools, and every student wore a light, disposable mask.
These kids have been witness to terrifying violence for weeks, and yet they are prepared to make this gutsy stand in front of their schools. And their teachers are being coerced into informing on them, no doubt under threat of losing their government employment. (See the clipping that follows.) 

Hong Kong highschool students form human-chain around their school

 And here are a couple of student spokesmen in Hong Kong today. 
"We must protect our home despite our limited strength."  Their parents will be frightened for them, but also extremely proud. No doubt of that.

RTHK interviews masked students who defy  "no mask" ordinance in Hong Kong
The Fascists in Beijing are "mad-as-bastards" that a million or more unarmed civilians in Hong Kong continue to defy them.   Most Canadians don't know that when China was still Communist it fomented revolutions and insurrections all over the globe. In Hong Kong, back in 1967, Red provocateurs  orchestrated a far more violent uprising than we have been witnessing in 2019. Reds terrorized the old British colony by planting thousands of bombs, most of which police and army sappers managed to defuse.  Still, 51 people were killed between May - August 1967.  The rulers of China remember what they did, but they demand we "foreigners" feign amnesia.

Extremely mouthy Beijing propagandists label the 2019 protesters "terrorists" and demand that foreign news media also use their mush-mouth jargon.  Let me instead quote directly from the PEKING REVIEW of  July 28, 1967.  The PEKING REVIEW was an official organ of the Chinese Communist Party.

"An old Chinese saying goes, it is discourteous not to give tit-for-tat. The Chinese people must reply with fitting counter-blows to British imperialist provocations."  It sounds 'made-up' to me, but lets play along and believe the Communist functionary.  Might I then suggest, that if HK Police or even PLA infantrymen beat on these wonderful kids, many tens of thousands of Dads and Uncles are sure to demand "tit-for-tat".  Just as a 'courtesy', mind you.

Hong Kong Protest - Anti-Mask law won't work
The face of a young Freedom-fighter in
Hong Kong, October 2019.  This is the level
of tenacity we saw at Tiennmen Square in 1989.

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