Thursday, October 10, 2019

THE ART OF PROTEST - Defenders of Hong Kong. 2019

Tear Gas defender - Hong Kong Protest Art 2019
Hong Kong protest-art. This is a character I like to call
"TEAR GAS DEFENDER".  He is equipped to combat
police tear gas volleys. With his badminton racket he can
return some CS rounds, and for those already burning on
the asphalt, he covers with a warming lid from a restaurant.

The young people of Hong Kong are truly amazing.  They are are passionate about life and truly committed to defending the remaining freedoms that have made life tolerable since the Chinese occupation force arrived.  Hong Kong people are well-educated, creative, hard working and fiercely proud of the city and their Cantonese Culture.  What began as a protest months ago is now morphing into a revolution.  It is extremely impressive to witness their bravery and also their inexhaustible capability to innovate protest.  Western sheeple are easily bored, and in Hong Kong art  has become a tool in the competition for attention on the world stage.

Guardians of Hong Kong - protest poster, 2019
Two-colour poster - GUARDIANS OF HONG KONG. Manga style.

"Fight for Freedom - Stand With Hong Kong" -  Hong Kong Protest art 2019
A pyramid of hero figures - and at its apex the Black flag of
Hong Kong' 2019 Revolution.  The battle colours of the
Hong Kong Revolution - Yellow and Black, are a superb
choice and a brilliant contrast to the sickening blood-colour
of the Chinese Communist Revolution.  Each hero figure depicted
is carefully crafted, and has something to the whole image.

Flag of the 2019 Hong Kong Revolution - atop Mount Fuji, Japan
The 8-character flag of the Hong Kong revolution.
It reads (in English) "LIBERATE HONG KONG; 

The students are using distributed-Network system of organization, with no identifiable leaders. Not so much to outfox the Hong Kong Police but to confuse China's secret services. The Chinese fascists are adept at snatching political opponents and taking them into China for interrogation and imprisonment.  Recently the Revolutionary movement issued a Manifesto and declared a "Provisional Government" in Hong Kong. Of course they were not taken seriously because they do not possess a single firearm. As MAO so famously declared in 1968, "Political power grows out of barrel of a gun."  Nevertheless, the banner of the Hong Kong Revolutionary Front does fly all over the city, and one proud Hong Konger recently carried the Freedom Flag to the summit of Mount Fuji in Japan. This is his photograph. (above)

"Global Anti-Totalitarianism Rally".  Protest grafitti in Hong Kong 2019
This photograph of protest posters, inspirational messages,
symbols and graffiti, was taken recently in Hong Kong.
If the PLA is unleashed and Hong Kong falls, the history
of protest will be totally erased.  If you care about Freedom
and you have a heart for these brave people, please search for,
collect and spread the glorious record of their Revolution. 

A subversive Graphic - the Hong Kong "MTR TEAR GAS MAP"

And finally, something very clever, made from the weapons used by police to suppress the will of the Hong Kong people.  James Pomfret shared this photo on his social media page. A creative protester has gathered the base cups of dozens of spent tear gas cartridges, and used them  to outline the open-umbrella symbol of the "2014 Umbrella Revolution".  The handle of the umbrella is fashioned from four larger Federal-type gas cartridges.  A rather excellent sidewalk statement.

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