Saturday, January 6, 2007

The Three Monkeys Metaphor

I am unable to post to the Blog today, so how about a little "Political Humour" from my deep bag of comedy? To set this up, let's recall that
Bill Clinton enjoyed two full terms as President, reigning from 1993 -2001.
The Republican's managed to take control of the White House with their candidate, George W. Bush, and he was inaugurated on January 20, 2001.

L. to R. : Sec. of Defence Cohen, Pres. W.J. Clinton, Sec. of State Albright and National Security Advisor Sandy (Socks) Berger.

In the photo we observe Billy Clinton's National Security Team (NST) mugging for the camera as they sit waiting to participate in a briefing on U.S. National Security. The date is April 25, 1999.

Osama's advance teams are already in the U.S. In 28 months the Twin Towers fall. Their choice of metaphor is chilling and appropriate.

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