Monday, January 29, 2007

Torture as Form of Protest, Washington, DC

There was a huge Anti-War rally in Washington, D.C. on Saturday. Only some Canadians were interested of course. What we got to see on our TV was Jane Fonda waving a clenched fist, I guess in the general direction of the White House. I just popped in to a news website to read one of my favorite news Bloggers, Michelle Malkin. She has much to say on the weekend rally. It's here at and this is her.
Michelle pointed readers to a Blog I have not visited before. It's here: I copy here two photographs without permission (but my request is in) from "Tantor". One is self explanatory. The other needs words. Idiot idealogues had actually set up a torture exhibition on a Washington sidewalk, and were holding down and administering water torture to a middle aged volunteer who wanted to put on a freak show for the television cameras.


I couldn't help recalling my earlier Blog story, "Why is Maher Arar Torturing Us?" I thought this torture business was such repugnant behavior that decent people everywhere abhor it? Not the American Left, apparently. Anything goes when you are in the crowd shouldering someone else aside to hog some media attention.

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Steverino said...

You have my permission to use my photos. Might as well spread them around to let people see them. Besides, I grab too many images off Google images to ever complain without being a hypocrite. Glad you enjoyed them. I certainly hope I get to take more pix of lefties torturing themselves.

One picky point: They weren't waterboarding anyone from the crowd. It was an old skinny guy who looked like he was probably a hippie from the '60s.