Friday, September 5, 2008

Anti-Gang Spooks get wake-up call from the Vancouver Sun

"GANGSTERS, COPS MIX AT SURREY WEDDING"- I think this SUN piece is the most interesting news story published in Canada today, and I did make the effort to compare. I urge you to read Kim Bolan's investigation for yourself and ponder its significance. If you are trying to follow news of gang activity and the best attempts of law enforcement to put a small dent in the "Industry", you will understand what this article is saying.
Hat's off to Ms. Bolan. She has done more to identify the player's and the trends in Vancouver's anarchic sub-culture than have the entire West Coast news media combined. Her production is hard to keep up with.

I remember an anecdote a Vancouver detective once told me. "What if you were sitting in a restaurant and you recognized two men in the corner - the Mayor of Vancouver and a high ranking Gangster. Who are you going to tell?" The answer was "Nobody, if you want to have a career." Fortunately a few dedicated men and women have Kim Bolan to work with. Show them that we appreciate their courage. Keep up with your reading.

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