Saturday, September 27, 2008

The McCain - Obama TV debate - what were Vancouverites smoking last night?

I didn't watch the first McCain - Obama Presidential Debate last night. Perhaps you did? My excuse is that TV debates rarely cover anything fresh, because of the risks involved, and I've already read a million words on that pair. I've said before that I like them both and I will be content with either man as U.S. President. It is very apparent that both are intelligent and fair, and that neither man is arrogant toward women. I'm certain that neither McCain or Obama will use executive power to coerce blow jobs from young women in the Oval Office. They both have good women at home.

Still, I know the level of hatred for the Republican party and for American conservatives which exists here in Vancouver. This city is world class when it comes to America haters, and if Osama ever gets tired of cave couture in Pakistan there are plenty of safe houses available to him in Greater Vancouver.

This morning I decided to check out the overnight viewer response to the Presidential televised debate. The first thing I noticed was that the wire services were calling it a draw. Even the BBC called it a draw, and BBC staffers loathe the U.S. Republican Party more than they hated the I.R.A. Don't trust my judgement? Do your own content analysis of articles archived by the BBC. Then get back to me.

Next I went over to Matt Drudge's site and this is what I found at 9:35 AM Vancouver time. Drudge had a clear and honest question. "Who won?" Over 323,000 votes showed McCain by a landslide.

Then I went to the Vancouver SUN website at 9:45 AM our time. I wanted to record the score so I voted "No clear winner" to gain access to the results. This is what I found. Over 71% for Obama and 19% for McCain. What we see at play is not analysis of a formal debate but rather an expression of deep seated dislike.
Now our Canadian Federal election has become a barrel of laughs, but there is precious little to joke about in the U.S. campaign. The Democrats are not funny. Alan Alda has not been hired to "balance" out the panel of pundits on CNN. No Sir! When the Republicans gutted much of their National Convention, in favour of focusing on the hurricane then building in the Gulf of Mexico, Democrats nationwide hooted and cheered, believing it gained them a tactical advantage (remember Michael Moore?) Then last week when Sen. McCain suggested that the Wall Street crisis was of equal importance, so why not delay the debate .... the Democrats in a chorus called the war hero a coward. A schemer. A charlatan. Vancouverites too, were seething.
And finally, cast your baby blue's over this. A Vancouver SUN columnist (and a Class-A hater) spews venom at Sarah Palin and.... surprise! he draws just the angry reaction he was hoping for. Then the little thumbsucker writes a column asking for RCMP protection. "Dear RCMP Officer - In the event of my untimely death..." he writes. The bully is actually the victim, don't you see? If the Canuck gets caught with a hockey bag full of coke in Vegas, he wants to be shipped back to B.C. to do his time in Eden. Sanctuary!
Well Dougie, I never read your stuff and I'm judging you by your phony outrage, but you don't make me angry. You're just another example of why I stopped buying the SUN eight years ago. Yes I still get calls from the Pacific Press subscription department ("65% off, guaranteed for three months, and no contract") and I always make a point of telling the hapless telephone solicitor just why I won't buy the SUN. Next time I get the call I'll be sure to mention your name.

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