Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Mike Gordon and Clay Roueche

The UN GANG lost its "Armourer" and its "Intelligence Officer" and on Friday we learned that it just lost its Real Estate Broker. What's next? I was going to do a Blog report today on the murder of Mike Gorden, the owner of BEST BET REALTY. The research was done and it would only take an hour to write and paste text and photos to Blogger. But then last night I read Kim Bolan's latest story on the UN Gang and Gordon's connection. I have a pretty good idea that one more realtor is going to be shot, (unless he's already left town) so it might be prudent to wait until the weekend and work that news into a lengthier Blog report.

Ms. Bolan's work was posted to the Vancouver Sun website just after midnight, along with a few pages of documents which confirm Gorden's corporate registrations. The SUN gave Bolan's work prominence but I was sorry to see that by 3PM this afternoon it had been bumped by an interactive piece on Employment Insurance statistics, designed to agitate another target audience.

I knew that Bolan keeps a Blog called The Real Scoop, but I hadn't read it. I did check out today's blog and I see that she discusses her interview with Clay Roueche's father, who we are told makes his living crushing cars. You might want to have a read. I have no interest in listening to her tape of the interview, which the SUN is hosting on its server, but I do agree with her conclusion about parents. Too often the families of gangsters go into deep denial when their offspring are identified as outlaws.

Rupert Roueche's calling Bolan a "cop lover" for the manner in which she covers the UN Gang story is nothing short of galling, and I for one will be incensed if any police officer is shot by these nuts racing around town with loaded guns under their seat. One does sense that the father's hatred for police may have a vintage which predates his son's run in with the law.

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