Saturday, August 30, 2008

Sarah Palin - the Brits and Canadians already Hate Her

It didn't take long. No grudging congratulations for Sarah Palin. No acknowledgement of her achievement as a women and a mother. The Canadian and British newspapers are already sending out signals to the urban self satisfieds. It's O.K. to hate her. She's a "jumped up" beauty queen. She's a gun nut. She's a heretic who doesn't believe that Global Warming is the result of "man's wasteful lust for the planet's resources". She's a Republican for Christ sake! Let's show her "whott for".

THE TIMES told Londoner's what to think this morning. "Gun-toting beauty queen aiming to be the Veep". And in Vancouver, B.C. online readers of THE SUN are also alerted "Republican VP pick, Gov. Sarah Palin: little-known beauty queen, gun advocate". Are the media of these self-styled "Olympics cities" now in such lockstep that they coordinate their daily news headlines? Not at all. This is just more evidence of shrill, knee jerk reaction to anyone who threatens Liberal hegemony in the world of political ideas.

So what did Sarah do wrong? She learned civic management by serving on the council of a small Alaskan town, and then when she felt she was ready, moved on to become its mayor. Next she took on a well-entrenched political machine in her state (very similar to the corrupt, influence peddling system we have in British Columbia) and she was elected state governor. In fact polls show she is currently the most popular Governor in the United States. She juggles a commitment to public service with her loyalty to a husband and five children. She chose to love and raise a child with Downs Syndrome rather than to abort her. What did she do wrong? Well for one, she chose to build her character from values which these tired old daily newspapers encourage their readers to despise. So let's all agree to ignore the Sarah hating media. The truth is that these newspapers hate us too, and they prove it by attacking our champions.

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