Friday, August 29, 2008

Sarah Palin - the Alaska Advantage

Do you hear that horrible gagging sound? It's the choking rattle of the Democratic Party Machine swallowing their collective tongues! Inside of 24 hours they went from a "sure thing" to a "maybe" ...and it stings like hell. If an election can be equated to a chess game then McCain just put Obama in "Check".

Like a few million other Canadians I was stamping my feet and hooting for Senator Obama. He's thrilling to watch and I will love him forever for slaying the dragon of Whitewater cave. While I'm proud to be a life-long small "c" conservative I do want to see substantive social change and a retooling of America's national strategy to compete with Europe and Asia, so I was fervently hoping to see Obama become President. More as an inspiration to the entire world than anything else.

It would be thrilling to see a Black man or a woman hold Executive power. I was content. And then this morning we wake up to our first introduction to "Sarah" and it's an entirely new ball game. Incredible! I would switch to the McCain - Palin ticket if I had a vote and I am certain that McCain just retrieved several million votes that had walked away from him. Good gawd almighty, this is going to be one ferocious campaign and unfortunately Governor Palin will be the principle target of the Democrats, not Senator McCain. Gov. Palin is everything, absolutely everything that Hillary Rodham was not, and never could be. For the first time in my life I will be content with either ticket taking the Big Job. It's a wonderful feeling!

What an extraordinary democratic contest we Canadians are privileged to witness from the sidelines - we get to watch millions of our lucky American cousins actually choosing their national leaders. Was there a single Canadian Prime Minister since Trudeau who could have won an American style contest? Not a chance! Why do we settle for cardboard caricatures instead of leaders who have some depth? It says more about us than it does about our rusted and busted political practices.

Gov. Sarah Palin on the cover of ALASKA magazine, the February 2008 issue. The photograph credit belongs to a studio called Chugach Peaks Photography.
Governor Sarah Palin tries on a .50 caliber machinegun at Fort Wainwright, Alaska. Fort Wainwright is the principle forward position for defence of the Arctic Circle, and it is about to deploy a Stryker combat team to Iraq. Governor Palin has a son in the U.S. Army and she has already visited the troops in Iraq.

Hell if millions of Latinos can sneak across the U.S. border with total impunity, and many of them get registered as Democrats, perhaps a few hundred thousand conservative Canadians should stealthily enter from the north, use some of those infamous "Sanctuary" churches as our mailing address to register for the vote, and then give the Republicans a little bit of Canuck goosing. It's a fun thought. Wouldn't you enjoy participating in a direct ballot just once in my life.

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