Saturday, August 9, 2008

Vancouver drug gangs - armed and armoured

This is a rather hectic weekend so I will cheap out on my Blog writing. I did spend some profitable hours assembling some fantastic data on the Honduran network - illegal migrants into Canada/U.S., drug selling and also the extremely deadly gangs back in San Pedro Sula ... but it all got to be too much for a humble Blog article.

Instead I have chosen to update a few earlier Runagate articles, so if you check a favorite you may find it supplemented. Also, since I have referred to the use of armoured vehicles by Vancouver drug gangs, I think I should post a few images for reference.

This is an armoured van recently put on display by the Vancouver, B.C. police. The installation is high quality custom work and I assume it was done locally. Photo No. 1 shows the hatchback lifted, revealing an inner steel door which has bullet proof viewing glass. Photo No. 2 shows the front passenger door equipped with bullet proof glass. Photo No. 3 shows a rear surveillance camera mounted inside the hatchback door, to the left of the licence plate.

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